Shh It’s a Secret to Everybody!
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*This story takes place shortly following the steamy events of Chaper 39. The following content is NSFW so read at your own risk*

"Hey you two, I'm getting out of the bath. When I next pay attention I expect to see at least one furry tail in the air ready to be taken." I order it casually but all of this master talk, and power seems to have kind of triggered something in me.

'I wonder if I might be a bit of a dom?'

I try to shrug off the slightly unusual thought, but it does linger. I can hear some barely restrained giggles behind as my Puppy and Kitten ready themselves. Given that my cock dragon is still standing tall and proud I can barely stop myself from leaping out of the tub. But I do manage to restrain myself and I calmly exit the tub, it wouldn't do to kill the awesome atmosphere we have going right now I think with a grin.

I close my eyes and turn around. After a few calming breaths I open them and the sight before me is outstanding.

My Kitten and Puppy apparently couldn't choose who to go first, and so I'm greated by two lovely behinds to feast my eyes on. I focus first on my pink kitten. The downy pink hair gently flows around her long tail like a pink halo. My eyes follow down the long sinuous trail to her wide hips and to the amazing pink folds below. Her sex is already glistening softly in the light of the bath. Her soft pink hair is neatlly trimmed around her sex.

While the sight of her nearly makes me go wild instantly I train my eyes to my Doberman puppy. Her short black tail is incredibly thin, but the way it moves. Her tail seems to be out of her control as it furiously flashes back and forth. The silky smooth black hair a blur in the air. Right below her wagging tail I can see her dripping wet sex. She keeps her hair a bit longer down here. Not long enough to hinder the view, but long enough to be prominent. Her ass is wide and round, making a near perfect heart as it completely sets off her dripping wet sex and ass.

I can't help my mouth go slightly dry.

I reach forward and grab onto my Puppy and pull her fiercely towards me.

She yips slightly at the sudden contact, but is putty in my hands as firmly spank her ass. A loud crack resounds throughout the bath as she gasps deeply in pleasure.

"Yes, harder!" She cries, and I'm more than happy the oblige. With three more resounding cracks I leave two bright red hand prints on each cheek. They stand out starkly against her alabaster skin, and I can no longer contain my aching organ.

I grip her tightly and firmly ram her onto my tool piercing her deeply. She gasps, and all I can feel is the silky vicelike feeling of her. Being inside her is like being inside of a fire, but I can't seem to get enough. I struggle to pull out of her as her lips grip onto me tightly.

I moan deep in my chest. How can she be a pro and grip like that!

I spank her again firmly and force her off my cock with sheer force of arms before ramming her back down on it.

"Fuck!" we cry in unison. I keep fucking her harshly gripping onto her hips and ramming her back and forth onto my aching cock.

As we go faster and our breathing gets deeper. I keep slapping her ass between thrusts.

"Yip" She cries as I spank her firmly again. With every firm slap to her round rear her inner walls clench against me. It makes my dragon twitch with pleasure slowing drawing me closer and closer.

I firmly place my hand against the base of her tail bone, right below her tail. The flying whip that was her silky smooth tail comes to screeching halt. I press my finger against the base of it rubbing it softly.

She screams in pleasure. I can feel her body twitch and write every time my finger strokes her smooth tail. I grin and spank her.

"You're such a good Puppy."

She whines, "Yes, Yes!" Panting deeply with every word.

I slide my thumb further down. I gently press against her rear entrance. Still wet from the tub it slies in effortlessly.

"Hmm" She moans as I violate both of her tight twitching holes.

I lean forward and grab her chest firmly in my hands.

Buried deeply inside of her and fondling her chest I can feel myself getting close. Her inner walls are twitching against me.

"Please I'm so close." She whines.

Overcome with the urge to breed her I pull back one last time, slamming into her again reaching her deepest place.

I moan loudly, and bending down bite her on the neck. "You're mine now." I moan and she trembles in my grasp. I can feel a flood of water as she climaxes and I follow her shooting my essence deep inside of her.

I pant deeply as my rod twitches in her inner place.

"Oh wow, that was ruff." She giggles.

From the side my silky soft pink kitten wraps her arms around me. "Wow!!! That was intense! I hope you aren't to spent to play with me too. Are ya?" She looks at me eyes shining like she's on the verge of tears.

"Well I could never leave a beautiful kitten like you in distress now could I?"