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While it was perhaps not the most warm of a welcome, I can't deny that I'm happy to back. Just looking at Arith and Maya is enough to make me feel light and happy.

With a big grin on my face I stare at my two wives with love, "I guess it's true. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder."

Arith turns to me suddenly her eyes slightly misty, "We...We missed you too Master." Her voice is quiet and withdrawn like a mouse. I want to reach out and hold her, but a sharp glare from Maya quickly makes me withdraw my hand.

Maya quickly leads us to the room she took over as her study. Touchingly in the corner of the room is her perfect Lilac. The flower who's beauty can almost reach Mayas own.

With the firm thunk the room is locked leaving just me and my wives alone. I quickly take a seat, "So...."

"DON'T YOU TALK YET!" Maya shouts at me. The hurt and anger in her voice does more to admonish me than the words. I can tell that they were truly worried for me.

I silently bow to her and begin removing things from my cloak. Due to my..well...hoarding habit. It was quite full, even getting some of the tiny items in it is a great relief to me. While Maya massages her forehead, presumably waiting to get something from a maid before we talk, Ariths focus is entirely on the growing pile of knick-knacks in front of me.

A few of my pretty rocks, a couple of other rocks I found that I liked. This weird bit of metal, and other random things I decided looked interesting and took.

By the time I've mostly finished releasing my horde a maid has come and gone. Leaving three full wineglasses and a bottle.

I take a small sip, and wait for Maya to break the silence.

"Masamune...Where were you?!" Maya looks at me expectantly. Her eyes show anger and worry in equal parts.

" know that big forest just north east of here?" I ask them. Maya nods her head fractionally.

"Well...I was kind of....concerned about how you guys are stronger than me....and I just...." I trail off under the intense gaze my wives give me.

"So, you left our home." (Maya)
"You went god knows where." (Arith)
"Didn't even leave us a note!" (Maya)
"All to just get stronger!" (Both)

I scratch my neck, but I can't seem to think of any other way to get out of my compromising position. "Well...yeah."

*Crack* *Crack*. They each land a firm slap on my face. I let the blows land, and they nearly rock me off the chair. If I hadn't gotten stronger I think I'd be dead!

I smile at them patiently, "We good now?" I ask them.

Mayas eyes dilate and she inhales a huge amount of air.

I cut her off before the yelling can even begin, "Good, because I have some questions of my own. For instance, WHY THE HELL DID ESMERELDA THINK I WAS LEAVING HER!" I yell at them.

Arith at least has the decency to look mildly ashamed of what she did, but Maya looks at me with a frosty gaze. "Oh, please. As if you weren't out getting a new first wife!" She's still mad, but in her words I can see the line of her worry. I hadn't really ironed out the positioning of the wives, it would be normal for her to worry about being left behind.

I shake my head softly and turn to Arith. "Arith, do you feel the same way?" I ask her gently. She nods her head once, and I could swear she's about to cry again.

I sigh deeply. "Maya." I bark at her. She jumps slightly and narrows her cold gaze at me. "You are the first wife. Forever." I say plainly.

She looks at me, a bit of joy attempting to leak out from her angry demeanor. "Would it help if I told you two that I mainly hung out with guys while I was gone." I ask them.

Maya and Arith both give me a curious look. "What...what do you mean by mostly." While her tone sounds light, Arith has a very strange look on her face.

"Well, it was more a business deal, but we can talk more about that later. Firstly." I get out of my chair and kneel on the floor. I had seen other people do this to me a few times, so I thought it might be good to try it here. "I am so sorry for leaving like that. This was important to me as a man, I regret that my actions hurt you two. Is there any way I can make it up to you."

With heartfelt sincerity I beg for their forgiveness.

I leave my head down and wait in silence for a few minutes. "Fine, I...okay Masamune.." Maya finally caves. I lift my head and stand up slowly. I open my arms and turn towards Maya. While she definitely seems a bit reluctant, she allows me to pull her into my arms.

I kiss her cheek softly and hold her against my chest.

Once our hug is over I quickly turn to Arith. She's far more honest and readily jumps into my arms planting a kiss directly on my lips.

I can't help but laugh as I hold her, her ample chest making the worlds softest cushioning.

"So girls, did anything happen here while I was gone."

The two exchange a glance before Maya asks, "Do you want the good news, the bad news, or the really really big news?"

Interesting question..."Well, let's go bad, good, then big."

"Okay husband well the good news is that you've been allowed to officially take over for Lord Ravvin. The evidence we were able to present to the court officials, along with a hefty donation and the process was handled well."

"OH! That's fantastic. I guess money won't be much of a problem."

Maya winces slightly, "The bad news is that Lord Ravvin fled here a few days after you had gone. He got some help from one of the maids. When he fled he also took most of his merchant contacts with him, so the local economy took a nose dive. You also need to prepare the funds for your coronation at the castle."

I shook my head gravely. Fucking Ravvin. Even when you flee you fuck me over, at least your daughter is a good person. "Oh, money! Right!" I exclaim before presenting the two platinum coins I have in my possession to Maya. "I made this from selling some rocks I found. I'm not sure if it'll help much. How much is a platinum coin worth anyway?"

I probably should have asked that earlier...oh well.

Maya is trembling again, oh god please tell me I didn't get swindled and this has no value!

"Husband...One Plat...One Platinum coin is worth a thousand gold coins." I stare at her blankly.

"You don't...." Maya gives and exasperated sigh. "Arith, can you help here at all?!"

Arith smiles at me and delicately places her hand on top of mine. "Well, honey for some context this manor would have cost about 500 gold to build.""So this like...a lot of money...right?"

The looks on my wives faces are...strange...It's like their looking at a completely foreign creature. "YES YOU MORON!"


I blink at them, but I decide to just let it go. "So... what's the big news?"

Maya turns towards Arith, "Do you wanna..."

Arith nods her head quickly and grabs my hand. "I'm pregnant!"