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Oh...a kid...right...

My heart was pounding in chest harder than I could have imagined. This wasn't the first time I had been told that I was going to be getting a child, but...

I was married only once in my previous life, but she was by no means my only girlfriend. Before I had found the woman I made my wife I had dated quite a few women. Some relationships ended well, others poor, but one in particular was truly heart wrenching.

Before I could stop myself the words I hated to say flew from my lips, "Is it mine?"

I winced slightly at my question. Looking into Ariths eyes I can see hurt, and shock. "Wh..Wh..What, who else could it be?" She questions me in a soft whisper, almost inaudible.

I can feel my heart slowly breaking. As much as I hated what I was asking...there was one woman who claimed to have my child. I thought she loved me, and I truly did love her in return, but the child she spawned was a lie. Turns out she had been hooking up with most of my former friends behind my back for years.

So, I cut them all out of my life. While I may have not been a perfect boyfriend, I can at least say with confidence I didn't get another girl pregnant. Heck I didn't even sleep with a woman aside from here while we dated.

I clench my fist as tightly as I can my own heartache and pain feeling as fresh as it ever did. As much as this is going to hurt her, and me to talk about it needs to be done. I refuse to have what happened before happen again.

Some might think I'm quite the hypocrite. I have multiple women in this world, so who cares if there was a dalliance? While I do certainly see that opinion there is one immutable feeling in my chest that I can not deny.

No matter how petty it makes me. No matter what others say, or think. And no matter how much of a hypocrite it makes me. I will NEVER be betrayed like that again.

"Are you sleeping with other men?" Staring into her beautiful blue eyes I ask that question with no hesitation. She winces at my words and I can see her face flush with rage.

Arith winds back her arm and slaps me across the face. The strike stings me, and I can already feel a hot red patch forming on my face, however I do not back down.

"This is important Arith. If you claim this child is mine, and you lie to me....I can't promise to be anywhere near as kind as I was to the last woman who did the same." My tone is cold and icy, making the girls look at me in curiosity, and a touch of pity. For the entire time they've known this incarnation of myself, they would have never seen me be in this blackest of rages.

I look down not wanting to stare at them any longer. The pity in their eyes is akin to salt in my bleeding heart. A soft warm pressure on my hand. Ariths long lovely fingers are gently placed on my own. "I swear to you husband! This is our baby!"

The confidence in her voice moves me. As scared as I am of this all being some great lie, I can no longer push down my hearts desire. I pull Arith into my embrace, I hold her gently and I can even feel tears roll down my cheek. "Then this is amazing news!"

******Several minutes of crying and laughing later*****

"Oh yeah, do you think people would want to buy these rocks?" Now that we finally got past the baby talk, we need to start working on getting this place better.

"Yes, be able to draw people in, but where are you going to get that many?" Maya asked a bit concerned.

I think Maya got a bit jealous of all the attention Arith was getting, since her favorite chair currently seems to be my lap.

I shrug, "Nah, don't worry bout that. I got this....OH SHIT!" I hang my head once and call for a maid. "Hey you, there's a girl outside the gates with bear ears. Go get her." I command and the maid zips off like a gust of wind.

"Oh, and who is this now husband?" I receive twin glares from my wives and I can only laugh and push the problem aside. "She's the forest queen apparently."

Arith gasps softly. Maya turns to her, "What do you know who that is Sis?" Arith nods her head and extends one finger outwards pointing at me. " did you get her to come here? The only thing harder to find would be the king!"

'Oh, I should probably...' I cough, "Well about that...I did find the forest king!" The girls look at me in shock.

"Wow, you're so amazing husband!" Arith coos planting a big sloppy kiss on my cheek. Blushing slightly in happiness, I can't help but go on. "Oh, it gets better! I beat the crap out of him, so now I'm the forest king!"

My smug feeling of self satisfaction is somewhat diminished by the angry looks from my wives, "What...What did I do wrong this time?" I ask feeling somewhat attacked here. I mean seriously! It's like they think I'm an idiot or something.

Maya is frozen on my lap and as she turns her big purple eyes at me I can feel the icy hands of winter gripping firmly on my heart. "Husband, did you do a lot of fighting when you were gone." I nod once. "Ohhh~~~ that's good to know. Did you almost die?" While I'm sure that this question is a trap, I have a feeling they might already know the truth. I nod once more. "Ah! Why are you so!" Maya trails off fuming at me.

Hopefully she calms down here in a few hours. Just a little risk of death I don't see what the big deal is.

I decide to try getting them on a different subject, "I also made three new friends!" I announce proudly. Both the girls just look at me, clearly unimpressed, "One of them was a Baron!" I announce proudly. My wives still seem to be hung up on....oh..

"The three friends I made were all men." I mutter quietly.

"Oh that's fantastic news Masamune I knew you could make friends if you wanted them!"
"Great job Husband! It's always good to get a connection in high places."