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Shockingly the most effective method to deal with an angry wife is quite easy. Just tell her the truth, well a carefully edited version of the truth. In this particular version of the truth I simply found it unnecessary to mention the excessive teasing and flirting I had done while under the impression that this Incubus was a Succubus. However, those are ancillary details anyways.

After I told her about my epic battle with Aaron, Maya wasn't pleased, and how I got back his Broach Maya was far more understanding of Asmodeus'.....affection towards me.

If I'm honest I think she accepted him more to torment me than anything.

Recently I had been spending the majority of my days simply catching up on the busy work with that comes with being a lord of the land. Approving shops and houses, settling disputes between neighbors, and setting tax were all under my purview.

While there is a yearly tithe to the crown, the poverty and lack of luxury in the area means that the tithe is affordable. Dissimilar to what you would often see portrayed in historical dramas. The King of this country, not that fucking human cunt, was aware that his power was dependent on his people.

In an effort to avoid a revolt the king was more than happy to adjust his yearly tithes to be a more lax on the people. Giving them the benefit of wealth allowed people a chance to improve their own lives. So while they fought each other in the rat race of life, he could sit back and rule in moderate comfort.

I had noticed a pretty intense lack of social services in the area. This makes sense given the time period, but I have plans. I plan to make a way to live securely, and that will take some careful negotiations.

I am many things, but an idiot is not one of them. If a king is already sending kidnappers then others will as well.

So I need to make my town a fortress, but without invoking martial law. Scaring the commoners will do nothing, but make it easier to siege us. So, how do I improve the town, get military allies, and make the commoners stay no matter how bloody it gets?

Give them a reason.

I simply need to make my land so amazing that people will fight to the bitter end to keep it. To that end I signed off on building the first lord supported orphanage in this town. There isn't a problem with the homeless in this city, or even beggars.

While the orphanage is empty, I have no issues maintaining the upkeep, I have feeling that will be needed.

I chuckle at myself, "I'm not sure if this is a kindness in the end or not. I wonder if I'm just serving my own selfish desires. Not like a building is going to bring their parents back."

I try and force down the dark mood, but it lingers. I was never a soldier, so I never saw the true gritty blood bath that is war, I think that's a blessing. One I desperately wish I could extend to every single person living here.

I can not.

Therefore, I muddle on further. The only solace I can think of is that, I can at least try to finish the battle quickly. Minimizing the loss of life is all I can do.

The other big news is Gizzi.

Given who he worked for I expected a tall fearsome slab of orc meat. Just imagine my surprise when Gizzi, worked for a god damn orc king Gizzi, is a very petite half-ling. Gizzi stands at most 2 feet tall, and otherwise looks entirely human. He has wild untamed bushy brown hair. I almost thought he was a bush that grew feet!

Gizzi is a quiet half-ling, he much prefers to stay in his workshop and churn out weapons. In that respect Gizzi is approaching the level of a god!

Mere days after I set him up in his workshop two full sets of plate mail were neatly delivered to my doorstep. I was a little shocked that they were both for my wives, but whatever. I can make my own armor anyway.

Arith has firmly gripped control of her spy network now. I had her discretely slip a message to Lord Gazin. Given his character I thought he might not appreciate a direct visit from me. "Probably not good to have the local lord get picked on in front of his followers." I can't help but smile at the thought slightly.

Gazin had made no response as of now, but I'm hopeful that he will in the end. I click my tongue in the quiet of the room. The papers in front of me seemed endless. In truth, I could probably delegate a good chunk of this work to my council, but I have none at the moment. Generally if someone is going to "Ascend" to being a lord they will already have followers of their own. If they don't? Well usually the local council would attempt to curry favor with the new ruler and it would work out fine. Sadly due to Lord Dickhead I don't have access to those two options.

I quickly write down on a note,

"Ask Carthi, for nerds."

"There we go, next time I see that spongy weirdo I can use him." I think to myself with a smile. The Carthi may be creepy as hell, but my god are they effective.

Asmodeus aside, Gizzi has to be the most excellent option I could have ever dreamed of to fill the slot of my first blacksmith. I needed a work horse, and the Carthi delivered.

I can faintly hear a clock chime in the front room, "Ah, so it's time already huh." I say quietly to myself.

My life had been good, but there were still the occasional issues. The biggest being Arith. While I do trust that woman with everything, even my spies, I can't help but feel fear in my heart whenever I look at her.

Her growing belly always fills me with a sense of dread and nervousness.

"I know she wouldn't but...." I shake my head clearing the thought away. This is my demon to fight, avoiding Arith because of what happened to me in the past is a cruelty, and I know that. All I can muster in my defense is that the human heart is a fragile, and weak thing. After it's been trampled the after shocks can be felt for decades.

I curl my fists tightly, "Call Arith in."

'Cowardice is wrong, always. In the end, I would rather be hurt than to allow myself to hurt any of my delicate flowers. '

With a big smile on my face I try to tune out the dark nagging whispers in the back of my head and enjoy the moment, "Evening Arith, I hope you're feeling well." With every word I close the distance between us, and finally gently hold her against me. Her soft warmth is all I need to know I've made a good choice.