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Days come and go rather easily in my way of life. Spending the majority of every day handling lordly matters, my evenings I spend with my wives.

Then there is the true night time. While I had been hiding this from my wives I had found a much more efficient way of learning about my magical abilities recently.

The method was actually quite simple once I had thought of it.

Three days ago, I had entered into the mystical realm of my forest. Since the latest 'update' to it, I had Marriot and my two other contract beasts explore. During their venturing they were able to discover that the very basis of animal life and and plant life now exist. The ecosystem is very well balanced with prey and predators making a sustainable pattern of consumption.

Marriot, being the best at talking, was the one that decided to relay this information to me. That being the case I left Esmerelda and Xia to keep investigating.

Seeing him fly so effortlessly in the air made me wonder, just how exactly did they themselves release their power?

Marriot instructed me that he was able to draw forth his power naturally without any need for spell craft. He would hold the wind magic around himself and direct it using only his emotions. The wind simply obeyed what he wanted, and that made me wonder. If that is how it worked for them, why couldn't it work the same for me?

While the information I had received in my head said that I had to follow specific patterns to use my magic, I hadn't gotten anything else even when I added my third contract beast. So, with nothing that says I CAN'T do magic that way, I attempted it.

When I first held the wind around myself I had very little control, even making it obey simple orders was a pipe dream. So I asked Marriot again, how did he first use his magic?

"Well, mama said I was too old so she kicked me out of our nest...I just sorta figured it out I guess?"

That is when I knew. Desire is the key. "Okay Marriot, let's do that."

"What, but master!" I shook off any complaints and had my little friend help me with a litany of experiments, all the while forcing myself into further and further 'danger'.

Make no mistake, if I didn't learn to control my power, while I certainly can't die, the rebound from hurting myself in my forest could even cripple me.

Still night after night, I trained with my Marriot. My control over wind only grew as I had Marriot put me in the same situations he faced to use his power.

Sinking down into my forest I eagerly await my furry friend, tonight is the night I fly! I'm sure of it!

*******************************Gazin POV************************

"Ugh, this guy." I can't help but shake my head as I toss the letter into a fire place. While on our way to meet....someone...My Councillor and I unfortunately ran into a most queer man. While he seemed friendly, and possibly a bit dim, when we first encountered each other. The breath taking violence and domination he showed to those that crossed him left me weak.

Somehow that madman managed to find me again! I was so happy when he left, I thought that maybe he would leave us alone forever, but sadly that could not be. The devil even managed to somehow ensnare my Gavin! All the old guy ever talked about was that stupid druid!

I shake my head to try and get rid of the weariness behind my eyes. The lordly affairs in my kingdom were easily handled. Few people wanted for much, and trade flowed easily.

"So why do I need to help you then?!" I cry to the air. The paper was essentially a list of demands, but the most irritating one was a trade caravan.

Normally? No problem! However, that little shithole that he lives in has nothing! They were never a huge trading center, and with all the merchants gone?!

I feel a firm hand grip my shoulder. My councilor Gavin looks me in the eyes his countenance happy and free. "Just give Masamune what he wants. What's the worst thing that can happen? You lose some money, and make the ONLY druid a bit happier."

I sigh deeply, "That's not the point! How can we let ourselves be bullied like this?! I should march my army down there right now!"

I turn to issue the order, but I'm stopped by the wall that is Gavin. "What is it? Are you that in love with your new friend that you forget your place!"

I scream at him my face turning red. The rage making my entire body flush. Gavin gives me a strange look before shaking his head.

"My lord." He stops but my attention is locked on him. Gavin is rarely serious, but when he is the advice he gives is second to none.

"If you attack that druid, I can personally guarantee not a single solider of ours will survive."

My heart goes cold, how could a man be so powerful?

"Even IF we manage to kill him, do you know who his wives are?" I can only shake my head. Living in the forest I had assumed he was probably single. I mean he even went with us to a....moving on.

"What could they possible be, that I would have an issue? We are by far the strongest Barony in the kingdom."

Gavin nods his head and whispers, "The Snake Princess, and the Elf Princess. Both he captured."

My knees go weak and I fall into a chair. 'That's not possible. Those two, are both notorious man haters! Wait what am I thinking? That's not the damn problem here!'

"So both the Snakes...and the Elves factions are...."

Gavin nods curtly, "Yes, they are both firmly in his pocket."

My spine shivers and quakes inside of my body. "Contact Marty, have him spend a dispatch out to Masamune. We can not afford a delay, no matter the reason!"

Gavin hurries out to carry out my will.

"Now what am I gonna do about you?" I ask casually holding a piece of crisp white paper. The outstanding quality aside, what draws the eye is the crest of the king emblazoned on it.