A Hard Place
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My body is agony. The only sensations are pain, and misery. Even now I struggle to find the will to persevere for even a single step, but I can not stop.

To my left and right, there is only a pit of the hottest hell fire I have ever seen. Every inching step closer to my goal is swiftly followed by the destruction of the route behind.

There is no left, no right, no up, no down. There is merely forward, so through that I will persevere. There is one thought that drives me and buoys my fragile sense of self.

I need to be a good husband for them!


******Keaser Rudolph (Human King)*******

The report in my hands...it had to be false. I had sent one of my spawn out to murder some stupid druid, and he died? This was not possible! How could a prince of the kingdom fall to the hands of some lowly trickster!

I elegantly lift a goblet of wine. The subtle motions of my wrist and hand, allowing the blood red win to swirl and churn in the goblet.

I read through the report a second time. Sadly they weren't able to recover the body, so the official cause of death can't be determined.

"Damn brat. At the least your death could have been useful! Just like that sow mother of his, completely useless. Hmph!"

'Without knowing a cause of death, I guess we can only assume that he's a real druid then.'

I stroke my beard as I think on the problem. There are no easy answers to this little thorn in my side, unfortunately.

'Just how did he get caught though. That knife ear should have had him completely pinned down. Even used his slut daughter to keep him in town. He he he, those little elves always think they're so clever. They should have known that it was folly to try and play mind games against a human. After all humans are the obviously superior race, even the church agreed with that fact.

The lower life forms all stemmed from the same root; monsters. After several thousands of years, the terrifying and deadly Naga, eventually mutated and become nicer and made communities. The terrifying Wood Nymphs that would lay down a hail of arrows? Became dumb little fuck toys...I mean elves.

It's only humans that were always pure. "Those animals should be grateful that we even let em live. I mean, we feed them and give them jobs! Hell, they should be grateful we don't make them sleep in a barn like the rest of the animals."

According to the information his spies were able to get, the druid was most certainly real. Additionally the spies are 90% sure that the cause of death was the druid himself. That being the case....

"Mary, get your useless ass in here!" I yell out into the room. Like a moving shadow, an incarnation of the night itself, a completely average humanoid shape takes form in my sight. Slowly adding in the fine details, what was once a perfect shadow is now a shapely older woman. Though her body is halfway decent, those disgusting eyes and ears of hers showed her for what she was. A monster.

"Go to the druid, see if you can't get him caught up in your 'looks'." I emphasis it heavily. For some reason, humans feel compelled to put their love and attention into these filthy animals. I can understand it to some degree, I mean we had plenty of relief slaves while I was campaigning. That's not the same as condoning it.

Just because a man will eat the flesh of another during times of great strife, doesn't make that action acceptable! It's exactly the same with those filthy animals, but this Masamune...

"He already has two monsters as his fuck toys, I doubt he'd mind another. Just do what you animals do best and fuck him. I'm sure he'll spill what we need after you share a bed with him."

I barely acknowledge the curt nod Mary gives me. Animals like her are to be used for jobs, and then eliminated. Pass or fail, Mary would not be an annoyance any longer.

I crinkle my nose, the soft hint of Eucalyptus filling it. My visage curls into rage. "That stinky fucking bitch!" I yell harshly. "The second that bitch gets back I'm sending her to the soldiers. They can play with her till she breaks. I can't believe she'd leave my room reeking like that!"

Sitting back down at my desk, I quickly sign more orders, all of them focused on that little druid. "Let's remove your power base, as well son. See how you can manage when the rest of us humans all call you out as the degenerate you are! Firstly a letter for Cardinal Timmy. "

I quickly scroll out the information for Jimmy. The Church may not be good for much, but spreading rumors are their forte! Because of them I was able to topple two Barons without lifting a lance.

I make certain to include his touches of magic, and his two current wives. Everything that young man has done is directly against the scripture. My lips curl up into a small smile. "It's like that boy was tailor made to piss off the church."

I chuckle to myself, "Now we can simply wait. Thankfully I made sure to tell Gavin about the true nature of that druid, else he may have helped him."

"Well Masamune, it's your move. How will you jump when you're pressed on all sides." A grim smile crosses my face. "Let the games begin."


His Majesty Keaser Rudolph: A mountain of man, with blonde hair and a long blonde beard. His clear blue eyes always seem to be quite cold, but I know the truth. He is far crueler than what they think. I shrug my shoulders and simply move down the road to where I need to go. "I'm coming Masamune, I hope you won't struggle to much." I pull up the hood of my cloak to attempt to hid my ears. They most decisive thing marking me as a Rabbit.