A Change of Perspective
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The room was in a complete state of disarray. What was once a usable desk, and coffee table are coated in books and parchments, stretching towards the very ceiling. Masamune was bent over said desk scribbling away at a long roll of parchment. The parchment was far more than a simple correspondence piece. It was the first missive that Masamune had received directly from the King.

"God damn it I don't have time for this shit!" He muttered quietly to himself. The king, for reasons known only to himself, was desperate to have him in court. The latest letter even bore the kings personal seal on it, at this point attendance wasn't really optional.

'Thankfully my real training won't get interrupted if nothing else.' He thinks to himself, but it does little to alleviate the nervous feeling he has in his heart. Masamune carefully lifts his quill from the parchment. His ability to read the language was never in question, but reading a persons untidy scrawl is very different story. Even on earth Masamune hated reading hand written letters. The script was always disorganized and hard to read. With the inferior paper, and ink of this world, those problems were only expanded upon.

Stroking his chin softly he reaches for a small silver bell in his desk drawer. The soft ringing sound hangs in the air briefly before a slim, tanned maid with white hair makes her entrance. She makes a graceful bow. "You called for me sire?"

"Yes, make me some tea." Masamune muses for a few seconds before adding, "Oh, and find me Asmodeus, I need him."

The maid excuses herself with a silent curtsy.

Masamune smiles softly to myself, "Took em long enough to hire a good maid. The last two maids wouldn't ever leave me alone. This is much better!"

The soft scratching noises in the room remain uninterrupted for a time. A scene of golden tranquility, and peace.

With a bang and a pitiful whine, Asmodeus has made his...grand entrance.

Sitting on the coach, it's easy to tell that there are a plethora of bruises on the gorgeous little incubus. His soft white hair for once laying flat against his skull, held down by sweat and dirt.

"So Mayas training is going well then?" Masamune asks with a small smirk. Asmodeus merely glares at his employer, choosing to remain silent.

The humor dies quickly, the Masamune that could laugh and joke freely has not been seen for quite some time.

"Asmodeus, I need...a favor from you."

The mood is tense and heavy. The claustrophobic room feeling even smaller with the tense and oppressive atmosphere.

"What is it Masa?" Asmodeus asks with some trepidation. Whenever Masamune has made a request of him the past few weeks they always seemed easy...

Like when Masamune had asked him to go water the flowers in the garden, that seemed very easy to do. However, after being sent out six different times by Masamune the difficulty became apparent. Easy jobs stop being easy when your boss is an anal retentive ass hole.

Or when is glorious master had asked him to pick some 'rocks' from his 'friend'. That quickly turned into Asmodeus having to run throughout half the damn forest avoiding bears! All because Masamune asked him a favor.

Even something easy like telling the wives that dinner was ready turned into a gigantic chore with Masamune's involvement! Last week Maya and nearly stabbed him for interrupting her work, and Masa knew she was working! He KNEW! Said he wanted to surprise her! My ass!

"I'm just glad I planned ahead this time!" Asmodeus thought sneakily. He carefully re-arranges his hair to try and give it some semblance of decorum.

"Well Masamune, if this is a favor then I expect some compensation." Masamune's eyes shot open at that. He did not expect his little demon to make demands of himself. He had done everything else...but he was just an employee. In Masamunes mind he could clearly see how an employee would rightfully demand more compensation for an increased payload. So while shocking it wasn't completely out of expectations for Masamune.

"Okay, what do you want Asmo? Long as I can afford it, I don't mind giving you more for some of my...side projects." 'After all your testing has been paramount already'. Masamune had been carefully experimenting on Asmodeus' body for a while already. For every task, Masamune always had an ulterior motive in mind.

With his wife, he was checking to see if water magic could affect the mood of someone in another room. It had turned out it worked rather well.

When Asmodeus went to the forest, Masamune was using wind magic the entire time to try and diffuse the scent of the wandering demon and confuse pursuers.

Cruel actions? Perhaps. However, the knowledge was needed and Asmodeus was quite sturdy.

With a confident smile, the demon Asmodeus seems to grow a few inches in his chair. His small diminutive form takes on more presence, seeming to be more dazzling by the second.

"Oh good! I was hoping that's what you'd say Masa! Now then," Asmodeus coughs looking away slightly. "Then, if you want my help this time Masamune I want a kiss".

The silence stretches into the room. Masamune simply staring at Asmodeus, as the latter beams at Masamune beatifically.

While frantically searching for a way out, the long list of bad decisions that led to this point are on full display for Masamune. Not only did I openly flirt with him, I also solved all of his problems, and somehow made him move in with me! Ugh, I can't really....But he's a good helper too ugh!

The only thought that existed in Asmodeus' mind, was victory. Either way he wins, the smile on his face nearly hurting.

Sighing softly to himself, Masamune closes the space between them. Coming from behind his desk to kneeling in front of Asmodeus staring into his onyx black eyes. "Fine, but only one!"

Asmodeus' eyes go wide as a set of lips he didn't truly expect firmly covers his own mouth. He eagerly accepts the kiss, and even goes so far as to wrap his arms around Masamune thin, yet strong body.