Fly You Fool!
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Masamune breaks the kiss quickly enough, but the clinging arms of Asmodeus remain firmly attached to him. "Okay Asmo, now what I need you to do is super easy I promise."

Asmodeus looks up at his master Masamune and nods hurriedly, a crimson blush still firmly painting his cheeks. "Sure, it is. Just tell me Masa."

With demon still attached Masamune turns back to his desk. Shuffling through the massive stack of papers he takes out a small sheet of yellowed papers. The writing on this sheet looks strange, even when compared against the swirling texts of the elves.

Elven writing was always done in a series of concentric circles reaching towards a core of text. While this writing was very different, the letters were big and angular. It didn't seem to have any bearing on the languages of this world, mainly due to it being English from Earth.

Carefully pouring over the document to make sure there are no mistakes in his steps Masamune lowers his voice to a low whisper. Even the close clinging Asmodeus has to strain his hearing to make out the words.

"Okay Asmodeus I need you to get the girls, all of em, and meet me in my grove. I have a small Magic Experiment for you."

Asmodeus seems to freeze where he is. Out of all the insane and dangerous things Masamune had asked him to do, there was never an element of Magic. He had been little more than a gopher, so why would Masamune suddenly change that fact. What part of this terrifying druids power was so dangerous that he didn't even test it on himself first?!

"Um...are you...are you really proper sure that's a good idea Masa? I mean...I do trust ya mate but..." Staring into the hopeful eyes of Masamune, Asmodeus can feel drive to argue. "What good would even come of it? I'd probably be doing it in a few hours regardless." Is what he reasoned.

"Yeah...okay ya blighter." With a resigned shrug Asmodeus stiffly walks out of the room to gather Maya and Arith for the big reveal.


Making his way throughout the manor was a matter of practiced ease for Masamune by this point. The weeks he's spent in his study and grove have led to him learning the confusing layout by necessity. After Maya's latest purge of the staff, there really aren't many maids left. So even getting directions can take a bit of doing.

The warm wooden floors of the hallways always make the manor look so bright and airy. Masamune thought as a small smile crept up his face. He was incredibly happy to finally be out from under the burden of lordly duties. Having caught back up on everything, the only outstanding problem would be his coronation.

Traditionally this would be held in the Kings court, but given the recent...developments Masamune was very hesitant about moving forward on those particular plans. Instead he had something different in mind. Just ignore the idiot and prepare for war.

While Masamune thought this was a great plan, there were thankfully two very intelligent women behind Masamune who were facilitating this stroke of...genius.

Masamune burst through the backdoor of the manor, his back completely hidden by a big cloth sack. The sack was nearly filled to bursting, and Arith and Maya both took notice of it.

They had both been quite worried about the severe amount of work their husband was suddenly interested in doing. In fact they had been concerned more, and more the more they spent time with him. His personality and emotions seemed to fluctuate greatly, far more than they would have expected. One day completely fine, the next manically running around the house, and then asleep for the entire next day!

This behavior was crazy, hopefully this was just a sign that the crazy times were far behind them all.

Three sets of eyes focused on Masamune, as he slowly brought out his equipment. From first glance it looked like a pair of giant birds wings, but made out of wood and leather. In Earth terminology it looked a fair bit like a hang-glider.

"Come here Asmo." Masamune calls. Begrudgingly following his masters order Asmodeus trudges over to him. A thick leather belt goes around his waist, and his hands wrest on either side of each wing. He tests the durability moving his arms slightly to make sure it won't crack apart at the first twitch of a muscle. "Okay, so what's this do Masa." He asks, but Masamune seems to be deaf at this moment.

As his worry begins to increase exponentially he looks towards Arith. She's always good at making Masamune stop being crazy...for a few minutes.

"Honey...What's um...What's all this." Arith asks hesitantly, but much like before she gets no answer. Masamune stares avidly at his creation, rechecking all the joints, and leather stitching to make sure that there absolutely won't be any mistakes.

"Okay, all set you ready Asmo?" He asks, Asmodeus merely blinks at him. "What do you."

"Okay, great up you go!" Masamune says suddenly, as Asmodeus feels the earth leave his feet. He soars up into the heavens a heavy gale buoying his body in the air. He looks out in front of himself and the view is breath taking. The mountains far the north with the frosted black ice tips, and the quiet city that they live in. The entirety of the landscape is unfolding underneath him. He truly has a birds eye view.

Lost in the moment he merely gazes in wonder at the vast world himself. Despite living as long as he has, and doing all the things he has done. This is a real sense of wonder.

"HA HA I knew it would fucking work!" Masamune yells into air. He jumps up with joy raising his fists in the air. Yes! The culmination of so many sleepless nights is finally here! With this Masamune has finally secured a real advantage over the king! The King has everything more than we do. More troops, more money, more spies, and more weapons.

What do we have? We have air superiority, and hopefully that can be enough for now.

"What do you think girls?" He asks proudly, but unlike the happy faces he expected both Arith and Mayas faces have gone pail.

"How." Is all Maya can say as her eyes train on Asmodeus bouncing body in the air. Moving a long lock of purple hair out her face she looks at the her husband in front of her. It's only at times like this that he seems so utterly alien to her.

He was...a druid...druids don't use least not magic like this...So what is he?



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