Changes in the Household
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Walking down a fine hallway of well polished wood the mood was tense. Very few words crossed the party of two men, two women, and two pets. The occasional sound could be heard from the latter two, but judging by the raised hackles that the two sport, it was not a happy conversation.

Their footsteps echoed on the floor with each step. The hustle and bustle of the maids, seemed nonexistent in this corridor. Save for the six, this entire wing of the manor was devoid of life. This had already been carefully orchestrated by Maya. She head noticed something quite interesting about her husband. Well, more infuriating than interesting.

Her husband seemed to have a knack for getting important conversations interrupted. There was always a huge change of fate, or a deep revelation by someone. The core issues never seemed to get touched during their conversations. For a time Maya even thought that her husband was carefully orchestrating these events, but just spending time with Masamune made that notion patently false. Dear as he was to her, Masamune lacked the mental depth to formulate plans like that.

So to avoid that very problem from arising once more she forced all the maids, attendants, spies, and even plants complete vacate this area. Finally widening from a simple hallway to a large gathering room, Masamune was able to spy what he assumed to be, quite rightly, his chair. Surrounded on all sides, sat a lone wooden chair. His heart pounded against the back of his eyes. His panic was beginning to well up.

Masamune knew instinctively looking at that semicircle of chairs. He had rightly and truly fucked up.

Hanging his head low, he walked towards his destined seat and quietly sat. He made no other moves, nor did he fight this. "There's no fighting this. Their clearly very upset about...." He thought about his actions, but nothing in recent memory really called out to him. His actions, to him, seemed completely calm and rational. They were 'normal' reactions to the events that had occurred to him. "Granted, I did go a little crazy their in the middle...I really shouldn't have gone with Gavin and Gazin. Could that be why?"

His two wives calmly took their own seats. Maya was seated directly across from him, while Arith had chosen to sit immediately to Maya's left. Masamune examined left to right, the faces of his new little family. From the left was Asmodeus, Esmerelda, Arith, Maya, and finally Marriot.

Taking a deep breath Masamune focused on Maya, "So, what's this all about." He asked. Breaking the heavy silence in the room.

Maya shoots a look to Arith, a flash of irritation crossing her face. "Well...Masamune the issue really is...." Maya looks down seeming to lose confidence. A loving pat from Arith along with the encouraging gaze of those around her gives Maya the strength she needs. She takes a deep shuddering breath. While Masamune was certainly feeling nervous, that was nothing compared to the fear that Maya felt in this moment. Masamune's reactions had already be erratic, the possibility that he reacts to this news badly, is far from zero. The fear that Maya had, was shared equally with Arith. After all if he simply up and left, what could they realistically do? He had more than enough capabilities to hide in the wilderness indefinitely.

"Masamune, your behavior since we got married has been patently unacceptable!" She finally says in a quiet voice. Masamune raises his eyes in surprise quite shocked by the sudden announcement.

"Oh, um...I'm sorry but..What do you m." Before Masamune can finish his sentence he is firmly silenced by the scathing look he gets from Arith.

Maya grits her teeth and continues again, "Your actions so far have shown....a severe lack of...maturity on your part recently. Arith, and I are very worried about your....mental state."

Masamune cocks his head in confusion, much like a dog, as much as he trys...."What um...What are you exactly referring to.."

With the descending scent of Ozone the curtain was drawn on Ariths fury. "Oh! You want to know exactly what we're referring to huh? Of course Darling!" The wide grin on her face, only enhances the rage and hurt in her voice.

"Well! Why don't we start with the very intelligent choice of talking to Baron Gazin, you know, ONE OF THE MOST LOYAL BARONS!" She shrieks the last few words at the top of her lungs. "Then! Not only do you not come home immediately you even have the nerve to dabble with poor Asmodeus' heart!"

With every word Masamunes head hangs lower and lower with every instance of his inability to even remotely think about the situation. His pulse pounds harshly, his breathing harder and harder, like he ran a marathon.

Masamune can only see Ariths hands. Her hands are smooth and delicate like porcelain are shaking in a virulent rage.

"Well! What do you have to say for yourself?! That's right nothing! There's no excuse for any of that! In fact there's no excuse for anything you've done! I mean for the love of the Trees! You didn't even TELL us about the visit to the Brothel!"

Masamunes vision is going blurry from the tears that are beginning to form. "My god they're right." He thinks. The guilt weighs on him, like an elephant on his chest. "My god, what the hell has been wrong with me." Shaking his head softly he attempts to meet his wives eyes and answer they're accusations.

He struggles to glimpse their eyes, but as much as he would love to look at them, he knows already that he doesn't deserve to. He had completely, and utterly, destroyed their trust. They already had ample reason to think his judgement is flawed, they've already seen the monster that he can be. The only thought in Masamunes mind, "Just how could I have done this to them! My god I'm lower than anything, and I even had the nerve to ask Arith about the gods!"

Every word, every sin falls like a hammer blow to the soul. Each word, dipped in the most vicious venom, love.

And it hurts.

Forcing himself to meet there eyes is like looking into the sun. The glaring bright guilt, that he feels stabbing at his soul. "Please, let How can I do better my loves?" He asks in a small voice.


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