Chapter 39 – Technology
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Blue light particles which represent lightning elemental particles were continuously accelerated within a contained ring construct. As lightning elemental particles collides with each other, they combined, morphed, mutate, or destroy each other, decreasing the quantity while increasing the overall quality.

In an hour, this process continued, allowing vast reserve of lightning-path resources to disintegrate into lightning elemental particles.

If other refinement-path masters were to see this, they would be dumbfounded simply because this was very unmagical.

The process of magic possessed high similarity with science, but the systematic education of this world is not that developed. Mages loves to conceal their research result, allowing them to reign supreme above others but does little contribution to Morgen World’s overall civilization. That being the case, in this world, magic is magic and science is science.

However, the one who did this is not a mage but a Magus.

Magus is a pursuer of truths to the truest senses. Be it technology, psychic, magic, martial, soul, faith… everything was broken down systematically so that they can use their power for their own. There are no limits that they wouldn’t want to cross. Compared to mages, they are far more superior simply because that mindset.

For example, faith is the domain of the gods. Although all mages are, up to a certain point, could be considered as heretics, they still revere divine powers. As long as gods reigned supreme in this world, mages wouldn’t want to cross that thin fine line in case of attracting ire of the gods. But for any full-fledged Magus, faith or magic is simply a system of power that has yet to be understood.

In fact, Shion’s former self, Mordred, have categorized divine spells into faith-path for this very reason.

Of course, Shion wasn’t just a ‘full-fledged’ Magus. She was the cream of the crop of Holy Terra, one of the few rank 6 Sovereign in a civilization of Magus. After infiltrating this unfamiliar world, ‘she’ had decoded the system of magic to highest point in her previous life. One of her accomplishment was becoming the Great Archmage which was capable of using nine elemental methods easily while publicly known as a mere refinement-path expert.

Melting lightning-path resources into lightning elemental particles are actually an advanced refinement-path method, it can only be used by those who understood both refinement-path and lightning-path laws. In other words, one need to have [Exemplar]-level attainment in both paths. After all, only those whom have undergone a Protogenic Ascension and reached rank 4 Paragon are privileged to touch upon ‘Dimensional Laws’.   

The basic building blocks of Morgen World are not atoms, but the nine elemental particles.

Fire would be pure congregation of fire elemental particles and water would the physical manifestation of water elemental particles combined into water molecules. This logic extends to anything that exists in Morgen World. Everything can be traced back into the nine elements, even mountain, thunderstorms, the sun, human or dragons.

For example, a rank 0 metal-path material known as Mortal Iron is the same with the rank 1 metal-path material called Cold Steel. They were both purely consist of metal elemental particles. Yet, they are not an identical object.

It was like hydrogen and oxygen, although they consist out of proton and electron, both has different properties due to various reasons. Although there are so many scientific errors within that statement, it can at least represent the idea. After all, this is magic, not quantum science.

Compared to Mortal Iron, Cold Steel possessed higher density of metal elemental particles, and those particles will have slightly different property like that of Mercury compared to Ferron, or Cobalt to Nickle. And so, Cold Steel has greater durability and other special properties.

That being the case, what Shion and Kasumi tried to do here is similar to cheating. In Holy Terra, there’s a process known as Nuclear Transmutation.

Simply, it was an effort to forcefully alter a chemical composition of a material into another through the use of a particle accelerator. Lead can be transmuted into gold by colliding certain particles to ‘edit’ the amount of electron or protons within a certain atom.

Of course, more advance techniques exist after Intelligent Metal, a Sovereign Magus of information-path, rose to power. Refining adamantium superalloy from a star (which consist of mostly hydrogen and other constituents) is not impossible. The real question is whether the resource expenditure to achieve it is efficient or not.

That being said, Shion is currently not strong enough to use Nuclear Transmutation which is considered as rank 4 refinement-path method. However, there are certain materials which can be used in this fashion: Liquid Lightning Solvent. It is a rank 0 lightning-path material which are the primary material for [Bouncing Lightning], [Piercing Sparks] or many other lightning-path spell catalysts.

It has the form of viscous blue liquid like a deep blue-colored asphalt or a molten sapphire. It isn’t a rare resource, in fact, it was very common. This Liquid Lightning Solvent has been added various other supporting materials and undergone a process similar to evaporation, it is now in gaseous form.

This gas was extracted little by little and accelerated in a ring-shaped particle accelerator which was Kasumi’s body. “Lightning elemental particle (Lightning-EP) saturation reached… 3999%. Pausing particle acceleration process. Experimental Lightning-EP half-life is lower than expected, must proceed to the next step.” Kasumi reported the progress.

“Good thing we are using rank 0 lightning-path material.” Shion muttered to herself. If higher-ranked materials are used, the elemental undulation would be detected by those rank 1s and 2s professors. “Then, activate the last step.” But, where there are merits, there will be demerits as well. The sheer quantity required to reach this stage is too heavy to be paid by herself.

Thankfully, Sumire is a kind philanthropist.          

“Affirmative.” Kasumi’s small ring-shaped particle accelerator body slowly transformed into a dodecahedron. Within the construct, her slime core is oversaturated with the new type of Lightning-EP. Since it is an experimental material with short half-life, Kasumi didn’t waste any time. She immediately used the prepared lightning-path method to merge her core with the new material.     

Half an hour later, her slime core expanded twice of the original size. The blue hue also turned darker, evidence of the rich lightning elemental particles content. It is now a true Lightning Core, which allows her to store and attract lightning elemental particles directly from the environment. Her [Mana Regenration Rate] will increase as well as her cultivation speed due to this reason.

“Main soul, the upgrade is successful. Now… I can fulfill the role of a +4 Soul Armament.”

“Perfect.” Shion sighed in relief. To support Kasumi in upgrading her slime core into a true Lightning Core, she was forced to use her soul arts multiple times. If not for the crystal processor producing copious amount of telepathic thoughts and her electrochemical reactor for providing the energy, it would’ve been impossible.

At this moment, Shion’s breast opened, revealing two slightly molten eyeball sized cubic fuel cells. She ejected the depleted fuel cells while her back exhaust streams of extremely hot air to cool her reactors down. The reactors were overclocked to provide electric power for the particle accelerator; it was infinitely close to melting point. After a while, she inserted a new set of fuel cells before her chest closed up.

“Main soul, I am now capable of affecting Terrestrial Magnetism.” Kasumi reported as she took Shion’s form to nibble a depleted fuel cell. The depleted fuel cells already formed a small pile; these wastes are clues for wisdom-path experts, it’s best if she disposes of them permanently. It wouldn’t be a problem for Kasumi to eat them since it’s still considered as lightning-path material and thus allow her to increase her slime mass by extremely small amount.

“This soon?” Shion smiled in surprise. Pre-elementary influence towards terrestrial magnetism for lightning-path mages can only be achieved if one is close to reach rank 1. She must’ve reached 7 transparent stars (late-stage) of rank 0 thanks to the large amount of resources poured towards her recently.

Although cultivating spiritual force nonstop played a role, it’s still an extremely fast rate of cultivation. If not for being Shion’s split soul who had experience in cultivation multiple times, it wouldn’t be possible for Kasumi to reach this stage so quickly.  

Other mages would need to spend at least several months with unlimited cultivation resources to reach the same height, but mages are not only about single-minded pursuit of spiritual force but also learning spell models, spell resource refinement, mana pool condensation, path attainment and the understanding the principle of various magical phenomenon. For combat mages, they will also require to learn how to properly fight with their spells.

After all, having high cultivation base isn’t automatically translated to high combat ability.

That being said, Shion was also capable of reaching late-stage rank 0 in a short amount of time. Her 4 transparent star soul cultivation base restricts her options by a great deal. She merely needs a large amount of souls, but there’s no rush. What will come will eventually arrive. Haste make waste, excessive soul harvesting is risky.

“Then, glide-type transformation is now possible.” Shion pondered for a moment, “Let’s change the plan. We’ll use all the resources we have including the leftover lightning-path materials to increase your slime mass. A secondary weapon set is not that important, I’ll think of a way to get Murasaki Ayame’s Omni-Gear as back up.”

“Affirmative.” Kasumi immediately agreed to her Main Soul’s proposal as they continued to refine materials to increase her slime mass.

The night before departure, in Murasaki Ayame’s room.

“Sorry for the intrusion.” Shion excused herself as she entered Ayame’s room. She saw Ayame without her blue camo-pattern military outfit, her body was more petite than expected. She looks very fragile, arousing men’s desire to protect or for those who prefer smaller girls, to fuck her.

“Make yourself at home. So what can I help you with, big sis?” Ayame raised a question as her sight locked at a holographic screen.

Of course, they are not a real pair of blood related sister. Thanks to the geographical location of Galatreon bordered with Fuyuhiro permafrost mountain range, the relationship between Galatreon’s Four Clans and Yukikaze clan is actually very good. After Murasaki Ayame joined Twin Helix, they have been spending time together multiple times, allowing them to get closer with each other.

At first, Murasaki Ayame was reluctant to get close to this ‘transfer student’ because she’s a reserved person. However, as they began sharing cultivation insights, she found out that although Shion does not cultivate lightning-path, her knowledge regarding it was not shallow at all. Soon, she found out that one of the inheritance Shion inherited contain some level of lightning-path profundity, but unfortunately, she does not cultivate in it.

It was such a waste, considering the Great Archmage’s primary elemental path was lightning.

After Ayame expresses her regrets, Shion ‘unrestrictedly’ shared her understanding of lightning-path. There are various gaps in Shion’s knowledge, it was perfectly understandable since the one who cultivate it was her Soul Armament, but her insight allows Ayame to break through various bottlenecks in her own understanding, allowing her comprehension of lightning-path to soar rapidly!

Thus, she immediately got close to Shion, to the point of considering her as an older sister. Ever since, she was invited to her room multiple times, but this was the first time Shion entered her room while she wasn’t wearing her military uniform.

Ayame wore a pink-purple sport bra that highlighted her bust to the fullest while wearing a tight legging. Although she is small and petite, Ayame has a great body proportions: healthy pale skin, round and supple buttocks, slim waist, and d-cup breast. On her midriff, Shion could see electric circuit-like body runes that spread to all corner of her torso and limbs which extend to her neck. The design has a great similarity with Shion’s with the exception of color.

Hers was faintly glowing purple, while Shion’s was dull grey.

To those who knew about body rune design, there’s a common rule that usually fits all body runes: the brighter the glow, the more powerful it is. Although Ayame’s body rune’s glow seems faint, it was extremely bright compared to other body runes. Meaning, they are supreme-grade body runes, the types that couldn’t be bought with money, resources and connection alone.

Compared to Shion’s dull grey body runes… Well, Shion’s are fakes. Refining a mechanical body in a cave already took a significant amount of resources, how can she use those precious materials for augmentations if the core mechanical organs are still lacking? Thus, her body runes were fakes to give the impression that they are augmenting her stealth-type bloodline power.

It made perfect sense because most stealth-type body runes are focused on concealment, and thus would decrease their presence as much as possible.

Ayame is currently lying flat on her back, watching some sort of computer-generated animation produced by information-path expert from Galatreon through a holographic screen. Her shoulder-length purple hair is spread, wet. She’s very adorable no matter how many times Shion see it.    

Shion really wanted to tease her descendant but she mentally shook her head. As the ancestor of Murasaki clan, Shion was aware of the strange situation that plagued her descendant.

Of the four clans of Galatreon, Murasaki combat prowess was higher than Delcroix, Richtofen, or Al-Arsy clans yet possessed the lowest amount of clansmen. This wasn’t because their rate of death while guarding the Extreme South was very high, but simply because… most of Murasaki female clansmen are sexual deviants.

Perhaps they set the bar too high as they use their progenitor, the Great Archmage, as standard, but the result was most of the female clansmen have all sorts of sexual fetish. Having interest on the same gender is one of the mildest one as a defense mechanism because they couldn’t find someone that fulfil their abnormal standard.

While it was strange to others why they have incestuous sexual interest for their ancestor, Shion was aware why they were like that.

Demons or other special lifeforms have a method to use their descendant as a backup body or a clone should their true body got destroyed. That being the case, the Great Archmage Mordred also have the same method. He altered the soul of Murasaki Xion, which was his own daughter, as a vessel for his Truesoul.

Since Murasaki Xion was the progenitor of Murasaki Clan, her descendant’s soul was affected. They instinctively desire to get close to Mordred to fulfil an indescribable and insatiable soul hunger.

This unknown soul hunger was caused by a blank space in their truesoul, which was passed down from Mordred’s methods by Xion. Unfortunately, nobody in Galatreon truly understood soul-path, therefore the soul corruption slowly affects their truesouls. The side effect was, as stated before, having an interest in Mordred, their ancestor.

At first, the soul corruption was innocent. It was merely love towards their ancestor, or the simple desire to have Mordred in their proximity because Mordred’s soul presence radiates energy that was like a drug that completes the blank space in their truesoul. As time progresses, these pure feelings were mixed with biological instinct, which was translated to sexual desire.

Xion’s male descendant’s truesouls are capable of resisting this soul corruption as their feelings towards Mordred was that of reverent and respect. However, the female one are extremely vulnerable towards his charms. After all, it is biological instinct for female to have interest in strong male partner, especially in this dog-eat-dog world where strength matters a lot. Being at the top of the world radiates an irresistible charm towards women.

Therefore, the corruption continues until what it is today.

Actually, Mordred was capable of solving the soul corruption during his lifetime. However, the mutation in his descendant’s truesouls also granted Murasaki clan with great soul-path and lightning-path talent, thanks to their parents.

Also, Mordred’s research focus at that time was the creation of Armored Soul Tribe.

Since his descendant can serve as experimental subjects, why would he fix a problem which wasn’t a problem to begin with? Throwing away lab rats because they are sexual deviants? That would be beyond retarded. Thus, further decrease of Murasaki clansmen are caused by the continuous immoral experimentation at that time.

 Thus, every Murasaki clansmen have an extremely powerful soul growth rate thanks to the various secret experiments and other factors, but Mordred leaves a backdoor for this so that can use them as he sees fits.

That being the case, Shion is completely aware regarding Ayame’s vulnerability towards her soul presence. She doesn’t want her prized descendant to have thoughts about her own greatn grandfather… at least not yet.

It need to be said that Mordred, or in this case, Shion, lacked moral bottom line since that is a detrimental trait as an otherworldly invader. 

Shion has no qualms in venting her desire to Ayame, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t!

At least not now!

Shion’s physical body lacks various core mechanical organs, getting intimate with others would be giving a large amount of clues to wisdom-path cultivators!

Despite having a mechanical body in the shape of a female humanoid, Shion is essentially still Mordred, a male. It would be impossible for a person of her caliber to discard several lifetimes of habits. Shion still have certain desire that came from the depth of her soul.

She retracted her gaze which was hooked at her nubile descendant’s attractive body. Murasaki Ayame was extremely close to the appearance of Murasaki Shizuku (Murasaki Xion’s mother and Mordred’s wife) when she was young.

“Can I borrow your sniper-type heavy railgun for a bit?” Shion asked while exerting a bit of her soul presence. It affects Ayame like a wisdom-path method, but Ayame’s defenses against wisdom-path method didn’t activate against it because it’s actually a soul-path method.

That’s right… All this while, Ayame’s familiarity with Shion was influenced by soul-path method through the backdoor in her soul defenses. Though, it was mostly used to subtlety push and lower Ayame’s guard against Shion.

“Sure.” Ayame ‘trust’ Shion enough to let her try it. In her perspective, since Shion already received the Great Archmage’s inheritance, it wouldn’t matter much if she touched her railgun. As long as her weapon isn’t tinkered with (which was impossible unless Shion is a rank 1), it would be fine.

Ayame closed the animation she’s watching as she navigated the holographic screen. Soon, bright pixels materialize in the shape of a large sniper.

Shion whistled in amazement, “This is the first time I saw the information-path storage method, [Cloud Storage], in person.” She offered a lip service. “It’s very convenient, are all your artifacts stored digitally?”

Ayame smirked. Flattery from someone she respected and liked very much scores a lot of vanity points. “Yes, it’s simpler this way. Big sis, do you want to try an Omni-Gear? I have a spare.” As soon as she finished her words, a flash of prismatic pixel lights materialized a metallic silver wrist watch-like computer.

“Omni-Gear?” Shion raised her eyebrows, feigning ignorance.

“I saw you use the standard tablet given by the academy a lot. It can’t be taken out of the academy grounds since it’s technically the Academy’s property. However, I have a better alternative. This is an Omni-Gear, a standard tool for us Galatreon’s Four Clans…” Ayame slowly explained. “Although it is small, Omni-Gear is a very useful information-path artifact. It can do much more than that tablet…” She added.

Shion took the Omni-Gear and put it on her wrist. The moment she equipped it on her wrist, a feminine mechanical voice spoke, “Activating rank 0 Omni-Gear version 7.4… processing data… Scanning user biometrics… Warning, unrecognizable user… Please remove the Omni-Gear and return it to the nearest Hunter Association office within 3 days… Deadline: 71:59:58…71:59:57…”

Ayame activated her own as a holographic screen appeared in front of her, “Overriding user biometrics. Log in username: Murasaki Ayame, Password: Qn71GoPqzXv*********… Register user biometrics under my secondary account.”

The omni-gear on Shion’s wrist briefly glow in prismatic light, “Secondary account login information received. Please input current user’s data for hardware sharing…” A holographic screen appeared with a keyboard beneath it. Shion gazed at Ayame inquisitively.

“It’s asking for your personal information like name, age, et cetera. You don’t have to answer fully, but at least give your basic information. This is for identification purposes only; you’ll be having an easier time in the future when you ordered something online.” Ayame helped filling up the blanks.

After all the troublesome procedure was done, she began explaining its uses. “As an information-path artifact, its most useful feature is the ability to connect with the [World Wide Weave]. Since we’re in a Hunter’s Academy, the connection is very strong. The further we travel away from civilization, the less signal there is…”

Ayame began explaining the function of Omni-gear.

As an information-path artifact, its primary uses is for exchanging information, which was augmented greatly since it can connect to the global information-path network known as the [World Wide Weave] or simply the Weave. Since it’s an all-purpose artifact, it can also fulfil the basic function of offense, defense, investigation, communication, refinement, stealth, storage, enslavement (by controlling certain types of battle puppets) and several others.

However, it was very basic to the point of merely better than nothing. If the user wanted to have a better coverage of an aspect, the Omni-gear will have to be specialized, sacrificing one aspect for another.

For example, the Omni-gear can use an information-path magic spell [Hardlight Construct: Dagger], which will refine a dagger of solid light as an offensive method, though it would be very weak. The dagger’s durability will be merely as strong as a dagger made out of mortal iron, but it’s most useful function is it can be melted again into data resources and re-summoned easily as long as the dagger does not suffer certain degree of damage.

It is the same with defensive method, it can deploy [Hardlight Construct: Shield], a floating tower shield of physical light that blocks most attack. Again, the shield is extremely weak, it might be able to defend the user from one or two attacks of a rank 0 martial artist, depending on how many data resources are used. 

Therefore, if Shion wanted to use it as a primary weapon, she will have to sacrifice other aspect to augment one and vice versa.

“Omni-gear can be considered as half lightning-path and half information-path artifact because it uses an obscene amount of electric power to function properly. Thus, it became extremely useful in the hands of lightning-path mages like me. Although this is my spare Omni-gear, it is still one of the newest model with 1 Terabyte memory space…” Ayame continue elaborating the Omni-gear’s metrics such as the RAM, Operating System, et cetera.

Shion mentally smiled as she paid attention at Ayame’s effort in showing off the superior technology of Galatreon. 

Showing off the technology to Shion who personally invented them was… a bit cute.





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The 'Ruined Wood Palace' where the Combat Exosuit Minor Inheritance located is an irradiated wasteland caused by nuclear explosion during the war against Demon King Maximilian 200 years ago