An end
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Luke was leaving his shower after a lengthy shower followed by a quick shave of his messy beard turning him from a messy unkempt man to a handsome young man.

He took a bit of time to fan dry his rather lengthy black hair that was grown after 2 or so months, he honestly forgot when was the last time he had a haircut.

After drying his hair he simply combed it back, he didn't care how it looked and he would get a haircut soon anyway so he didn't bother for more than 3 seconds, after having done so he took his clothes from the hanger one by one and put them on.

Unlike the indoor life, his pale skin suggested his body was in shape though he didn't have abbs or anything like that, the reason for this is because he tried to stay in shape rather than being skinny like he used to or become fat.

He put on a simple white shirt and black pants that he felt comfortable in before he left his home or better said the apartment he lived in.

After all, why would a single man need a house? He was single his whole life, not only did he not know any girl all that well he did not even have any friends to introduce him to one.

What about classmates you ask? Back then he did have a few friends but he had not spoken to them for... well... a year? two? maybe three?

Why? Well, they didn't have a falling out or anything just that they were never close as they would not approach or talk to him unless these three reasons:

1. he initiated the conversation

2. they or he needed something

3. they had nothing or no one else to talk too

After he realized this his teenager confidence (non-existent) was hurt and he had stopped trying to socialize, since at the start of high school he tried his best to make friends, and never fought or argued with anyone instead he simply laughed it off.

But after he saw the picture he would simply listen to the teacher write everything down till the class ends then take out his phone and read novels that he had saved before coming to school and listen to music on one ear.

After that, no one had talked to him unless they needed something or were simply trying to be annoying and make fun of him which before he would respond with a laugh but now he would glance at them with an uncaring and cold face before he returned his gaze to the phone ignoring the person.

He would leave as soon as the last bell rang or sometimes before because he asked the teachers to leave early to catch the bus.

While he was sitting on the bus he would do the same listening to music while reading novels or writing his own which had now become his job.

While he was reminiscing about his past he was walking through the slightly populated streets as it was already dusk so there weren't many people around.

He walked quite fast almost as if he was in a hurry which he technically was since he wanted to get home as soon as he can.

He got off from the sidewalk of the main street and went through an alleyway as a shortcut.

But a man in a brown jacket with a hood that was shorter than him and was leaning against a wall walked out in front of him and stopped blocking his way.

The man got close to Luke and pulled out a knife and pointed it at his chest and said "Give me everything you have or I'll kill you"

Luke emotionlessly looked at him in the eyes and simply said "No" after hearing this the man seemed pissed off as he started to get loud.

"HUH?? No? What do you take me for? A donkey? Or are you just that brain dead!?" The man started shouting at his face but Luke remained unfazed.

Luke looked behind the man as if looking at someone or something behind him while muttering a questioning 'hmm' sound as if he saw something interesting or surprising.

The thug without thinking looked back to see what it was but before he could even realize he was tricked his wrist was grabbed and he received a punch to the face that knocked him down as he was disarmed.

Luke who now had the knife threw it in the trashbin that was a few meters away and simply walked by the thug who was on the ground with a broken nose as he was unwilling to waste any more time.

The thug now completely enraged from the pain and embarrassment shoved a hand in his jacket and pulled out a pistol while cursing under his breath "I'll show you, you as*hole"


The thug shot the pistol hitting Luke in the back who now felt a scorching pain rise through his body.

Out of reflex, he pressed his hand against the bullet wound in his back as he looked back at the smirking thug on the ground with a glare right before he fired another three bullets while yelling "That is what you get for being a smarta*s!" *pang* *bang* *pang*

Luke cursed for a moment 'What kind of idiot has a gun and threatens with a knife?' and in the next moment, Luke with four bullet wounds rushed over to the bandit pinned him to the floor and begun slugging him in the face for at least two minutes straight.

After which he got up and started to walk onto the main street in the hope someone would help him out.

But as he reached the street he looked around and saw no one "Dammit did everyone run away because of the gunshots?" after all even if it was dusk there should still be someone around.

He walked out onto the street right before his legs gave out and he fell to the floor as he breathed heavily while he could feel his heartbeat slower and slower as darkness covered his vision.

"Ah damn... I guess I am dead... I just wish my life wasn't so boring and lonely"