And a new beggining
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A tall weird 12-year-old boy on a small boat in the middle of the ocean jerked awake as he sat up breathing heavily while cold sweat formed on his forehead.

With heavy breaths, his eyes stared at the wide glistening ocean in front of himself as he questioned himself.

"I am alive? But... Where am I? Is this the afterlife?" Luke muttered but he quickly swallowed his words.

The glistening ocean, the loud sea bird calls, the painful hunger inside his roaring stomach, his dried throat, and his beating heart all indicated his state and cleared his doubts.

He was alive!

He was shot dead and yet here he was! Living! Breathing! Suffering! He couldn't help but smile... Then laugh, his eyes would have released a river of tears if he wasn't so dehydrated.

With the laughter came a loud shout towards the clear skies above "I am alive!!!" He did not care why or where he was only that he was alive, and it stayed like that for at least five minutes.

After the laughter died down only exhausted breathing could be heard and still Luke had a smile plastered on his face.

After a moment he decided it was time to assess his situation starting with his smaller body.

He raised his hand and looked at it, even though he was in the sun his skin was pale as if he was a ghost or wore some sort of makeup.

His skin was sunken and clinging tight to his bones and he had no muscles to speak of, and lastly, it wasn't his hand as it was as small as a child's.

Looking down at the rest of his body he realized he indeed was in the body of a very skinny and deathly pale child that wore an oversized white shirt and brown pants that were pulled up just so it wouldn't drag against the floor when he walked.

He pushed himself off the floor and held onto the edge of the small boat and looked over to see the reflection in the water.

He could see his new sunken in face and the dark bags under his dark brown eyes, what surprised him though was the fact that his soft arched eyebrows and windswept hair were completely white.

He touched his oily hair and pulled a few strands in front of his eyes confirming that they were indeed pure white like starlight.

He sat back down and hugged his legs to think "Where am I? Why do I have white hair? Why am I here?"

After a moment Luke realized he had no way to answer those questions and pushed them away and instead looked around him on the small boat.

It was empty except a long broken stick that seemed to have been a paddle and a deflated slightly torn and battered bag there was nothing else.

After a moment of contemplation, he picked up the bag to see if there was anything inside just in case.

And indeed there was a pretty moldy loaf of bread, Luke took it showed it in his mouth and chewed it up before swallowing it doing his best to ignore the hardness and disgusting taste while muttering "Better something than nothing" to convince himself.

Then he laid back down on the hard wooden floor "I should try to conserve energy maybe someone will find me" and with that, he shut his eyes.

*Small ocean waves hitting against the boards of the boat* *Seagull squawking*

After a moment Luke once more opened his eyes "Seagulls? Doesn't that mean..." Luke jumped up onto his feet and looked above.

He could see two shadows of birds flying above his boat "If there are birds...shouldn't there be land nearby?"

Luke stood on one of the sitting boards and looked around " his eyes shone and a smile broke on his sunken face.

In the distance he could see a shadowy outline, he got to the front of the boat and leaned forward squinting with his eyes.

After a moment he had confirmed "Indeed! No doubt that grassy green color its no doubt land!"

Luke looked around once more assessing the boat this time he noticed something else, one of the sitting boards was quite damaged.

His mind quickly formed a plan as he stood on the sitting board and begun to jump up and down on it as it creaked and cracked.

And after an audible crack it broke on one end, Luke the started twisting it for a while he broke it on the other side as well.

He then took the bag that was made out of some white string-like material and ripped it up, he then used it to tie the broken sitting board and the long paddle rod together as tight as he could after breaking it up on one side to make it thinner on one side so it would be easier to tie it together.

This took around 30-40 minutes but now he had a paddle and he began paddling with it immediately slowly but surely drawing closer to the island.

The paddle would constantly fall apart but Luke was always able to grab the plank and tie it with more string from the bag and he would sometimes be able to pull back some of the string after the makeshift paddle fell apart.

After 2-3 hours of this repeated action he was finally very close to the island, but his paddle fell apart and he failed to take it back, but it didn't matter after putting away the long pole he began paddling away with his hands soon coming up on a row of large rocks which he used to pull himself towards the beach of the island.

And finally, after four laboring hours, his boat reached the sand as he jumped off and collapsed onto the sand completely and utterly exhausted as he slowly began to blackout.