The Old Man
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Luke woke up to the sound of crackling flames and that dreadful hunger that had plagued him since he woke up in this new body, though surprisingly the thirst was gone.

He quickly realized he was no longer on the beach of that island, instead, he was in a slightly dilapidated wooden cabin that had two wooden chairs and a table as well as a bed that used feathers inside bags as pillows and cushions.

It wasn't very comfortable but compared to sand Luke preferred this, except from the furniture there was a hole in the ground that was surrounded by stones in the middle and it had a fire crackling bellow a closed pot that was hanging on some sticks.

Looking around he pressed his forehead with his hand and muttered "Did I die again" but this idea left him pretty quickly since he noticed the same skinny hand

"Where am I then?" as he asked himself this the only door creaked open letting in some sunlight revealing the figure entering inside.

It was a scrawny old man that seemed to be at least 80 years old with a head full of gray hair and a back that was slightly bent forward while he leaned on a simple wooden cane.

He wore simple clothes that seemed rather old, as he entered Luke rose in a sitting position while inspecting the old man before looking him in the eyes which were blue like the sky.

After a moment Luke stood up and did a little bow while saying "Thank you" in a rather raspy voice as he did this his stomach growled.

The old man let out a breath as he walked over towards the pot while pointing to the table "Sit down, let's eat first."

Luke did as the old man said and sat down on a chair and silently waited as he looked at the table which had two wooden bowls and spoons.

"What's your name kid?" The old man asked while opening up the clay pot, Luke looked at him and answered "Luke"

"Why were you on that boat? Where are you from?" the old man continued to ask questions.

Luke thought for a moment before he shrugged "I don't know" there was no need to lie in his opinion, the old man stopped and looked at him for a moment before he poured the fish soup from the pot into a large wooden bowl.

He then silently brought it to the table and poured some soup and meat in the two bowls and putting it in front of Luke and saying "Eat"

Luke did not say anything except thanks before he quickly started eating with the spoon "The name is Will by the way" Will said while sitting down on his chair while Luke simply nodded while quickly stuffing the soup in his mouth.

Luke quickly downed two full bowls before leaning against the back of the chair feeling satisfied even if the taste wasn't good.

The old man seemed like he was about to say something but both heard something fall in front of the cabin door it sounded like a stack of paper.

Will looked at the door and said, "Its the newspaper can you go get it?" Luke nodded but was slightly confused, he quickly got to the door and opened it as the sight of a green forest entered his eyes.

Looking down he could see a roll of newspaper on the wooden doorstep, 'Where did it come from? Where is the person who delivered this?' he thought as he looked around before picking up the newspaper and looking at it.

'It's in English' he thought as he read what was written on the newspaper with the biggest letters

-A new emperor rises...

-Red Hair Shanks!-

Luke looked stunned as he read the title while he almost shouted 'Red Hair Shanks? Shanks from One Piece!?'

He stared at it for a moment before he heard "What's wrong kid?" he quickly turned around and said "Nothing, Sorry" as he walked inside and gave the newspaper to the old man.

The old man looked at the newspaper for a moment before he stopped and looked at the title and the displayed picture of Shanks which Luke did not see beforehand.

The old man just muttered "Oh my" before moving on to the next page, Luke was surprised by his lack of care, but it was understandable as the news wouldn't change anything for him and he was an old man he was probably there when the other Yonko rose to power and when Roger was executed.

On the other hand, Luke had a smile creep up on his face while he realized where he was as he barely held in the desire to shout 'I am in inside the One Piece world!!'

While the old man was flipping through the newspaper Luke thought he might have a system as he began saying a bunch of words in his mind trying to call out the system. 'System, Open, Window, Menu...'

The old man quickly finished flipping through the news before he set it down on the table and looked at Luke before he spoke interrupting Luke's hope-filled thoughts.

"Listen, kid, since you don't seem to have anywhere to go and since there is no one else around I can take care of you, but you have to realize I can't do that forever sooner or later you'll have to rely on your self"

Luke nodded while thanking the old man who offered him help without asking for anything in return, though he knew in what world he was and even some of its secrets he was now 12 years old and he knew nothing of his immediate vicinity nor how to truly protect himself since he clearly had no op system to help him.

The old man silently looked at Luke before he spoke to him "Hey kid is there something you want to do? In the future I mean, when you grow up"

Luke looked at him before smiling "Of course! I want to explore the world!" hearing this the old man couldn't help but smile as the kid reminded him of his young self as he thought 'Ai I really have grown old'

The old man once more looked at the kid and said with a serious face "The world isn't safe kid if you wanna do that you are going to need to be strong, way stronger"

Luke nodded knowing full well of how dangerous the world was, but after wishing for a fun life before he died how could he let a little danger hold him back? Of course, he couldn't! Thus he answered with a confident smile "Then I'll get stronger!"

The man smirked and said, "And how are you going to do that?" Luke thought for a moment of course he could do basic physical training but what about fighting? Without a devil fruit or haki he stood no chance against a sword or a gun, this made him slightly depressed and it clearly showed on his face.

Seeing this the old man laughed "Hah! Don't worry kid" He said as he got up from the chair and walked and crouched down next to some chipped wooden planks "After all..."

He put his fingers through the chips on the planks and pulled them up revealing a wooden box, taking it out he finished his sentence as he opened the box that was over a meter long. "...I used to be a pirate you know"

As he said this he took out a brown leather scabbard that had a silver rapier handle sticking out of it, he took the handle and pulled out the beautiful thin silver-colored blade with ease.