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In a clearing somewhere in the middle of the island covered in trees, two figures repeated the same movements one swinging a beautiful double-bladed silver-colored sword and the other swinging a stick the same size as the sword.

It was Luke and Will, Will was showing Luke the basics of how to fight using the rapier as Luke repeated his every move to the best of his ability as he quickly got a hang of it though he was still very clumsy, unlike Will whose every move was filled with grace and expertise.

Before Will started teaching Luke how to use the sword he first taught him how to properly wear it, draw it, and clean it as well as how important it was to take care of the sword, Will soon finished showing Luke all of the movements. "Did you remember everything?"

Luke who was eager to learn swordsmanship, of course, remembered as much as he could, doing his best to not even miss a small detail thus he nodded confidently, seeing this the old man smirked "Alright then repeat everything" Luke nodded and began doing each movement one by one.
But after the 4th movement, he felt a slight pang in his leg as he heard 

"Wrong! Do it again! From the beginning!" though the old man kicked him in the leg Luke didn't complain as it wasn't that strong and it showed him what mistake he made with minimal time required and thus began Luke's training for the rest of the day as he failed to complete the whole set even when the sunset.

But still, Luke did not give up and continued to try and repeat the movements that were still carved into his memory as he kept moving and swinging the sword even though he was dripping with sweat, though Will had left not that long ago to catch some fish, still Luke did his best to make sure to spot any mistake and fix it.

After 10 or so minutes Will had come back and he had four fish all tied to a rope, when he was coming back he was surprised to see Luke still training but looking at the sun he came up to Luke and said "Its still wrong but it's going to be night soon let's go eat" Luke did not notice when Will came but he nodded and lowered his stick before following Will back to the wooden cabin.

Will put the four fish on the stick but unlike what Luke expected Will put some wood in the middle and put his palm on the wood as it lit up into a raging flame that quickly calmed down, Luke stood wide-eyed as he looked at what he just saw.

Will noticed Luke's expression and smiled "Suprised kid?" Will said as he looked back at Luke who quickly nodded "It's called a devil fruit" Will said as he showed his arm and clenched it as it became bulky and turned into a black and red arm with red claws at the end it also had some flames attached to it as Will continued and Luke got more wide-eyed. "It's a fruit that gives you special powers but takes away your ability to swim."

Luke nodded as he already knew what a devil fruit was but what surprised him was the fact that it was clearly a zoan but it had flames attached to it meaning 'its a mythical zoan' as he thought this Will continued "Well forget about it, for now, they are very rare unless you go to the Grand line"

Luke nodded as he knew this fact as well though he would like to know in which sea he was in but it didn't matter much since unless he was in East Blue he wouldn't know much about the sea, while he was thinking Will spoke "Kid, When you are out there make sure you are nice even if you are a pirate, burning and pillaging villages for gold isn't worth it" Will spoke with some regret in his eyes.

Luke once again nodded he never planned to raid and pilage to earn money except of course raid other pirates and the marines but he had no reason to do it to innocent people, Will smiled and looked away as he got up and prepared the table as Luke helped him out.

And just like that days, weeks, months, and years passed, 3 years 8 months and 4 days later Luke had mastered the basics of Will's swordsmanship as Luke who was now taller than Will and had much better-developed muscles held the silver blade as he clashed with Will who used the scabbard of the rapier.

Luke swung the blade slashing and cutting but yet the scabbard received no damage as it was clear to him that it was coated in armament haki even though he couldn't see it, their weapons kept exchanging hits but only Will's scabbard would land on Luke's body as it would create an audible sound as it hit him.

Still Luke would quickly recollect himself as he continued sparing the smile on his face and his sharp focused eyes clearly showing his zeal from the past that did not disappear, nay it was even stronger now, but all that was useless before Will who disarmed Luke with ease.

Luke released his breath as he saw the scabbard pointing at his neck, in the past four years or so he had grown and learned a lot and yet he still couldn't even land a hit on Will "You are still not good enough, but at least you can take care of a few people, It's time to teach you about Haki"

As Luke heard this his eyes lit up as he silently listened to Will who began to introduce him to Haki slowly explaining to him about Armament and Observation Haki in detail and only slightly mentioning Conqueror's since he did not have it, though look already knew a lot about haki he still listened closely since he did not know how to use it even though he had tried.

After Will had finished explaining to Luke "Let me show you first swing your sword at me" he said as he closed his eyes, Luke nodded and he slashed with his sword aiming for Will's arm who dodged with ease, Luke continued to slash away as Will dodged every attack before Luke stopped.

"That is Observation Haki, now attack me again," Will said as he held up his arms blocking Luke's quick and agile slashes with his bare arms creating a vibrating sound, after a few more swings Luke stopped as Will once more started speaking.

"Though this is very useful be careful when you use it as there is a limit to how much you can use it, of course, the more you train the more you can use but just remember it's not endless," Will told Luke as he looked at him waiting for Luke to confirm what he heard with his usual silent nod, which he did.

"Alright then for Armament Haki you want to try and feel a form of energy flowing through your body and redirect it to where you want it to go to protect that part of your body," Will said as he held out his fist and seemingly used Armament Haki on it.

Luke attempted to do it but he could not feel the energy Will was talking about "Don't expect to learn it instantly, just try punching a tree or something while trying to feel and use the energy" Luke nodded and quickly begun doing so.

Though he was punching a tree quite hard, his skin was tough and except from a slight pain, there was nothing else as he did his best to find and control the armament haki, from now on his sword training was only a morning exercise as he would spend the rest of the day punching away at a tree that slowly lost all of its bark due to his strong punches.

And after another two months, Luke was able to use Armament Haki in some form though it wasn't perfect it would still give him some protection, Will who noticed this nodded as he said "Alright its time to learn Observation Haki"

Luke frowned as he heard this as he saw a cloth in Will's hand but he still clenched his teeth and nodded and in the next few seconds Luke was sitting on the ground attempting to dodge the scabbard that Will swung at his head as loud sounds of impact were made for the rest of the day.