Sailing Away
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Almost two months later and exactly 4 years since Luke had met Will and had learned from him and started training Luke was finally able to match Will in a fight even though he clearly held back.

The now very familiar rapier in Luke's hands clashed with its scabbard that was coated with Will's Armament Haki which Luke could now see thanks to his Observation Haki.

He had learned to use Observation Haki way faster then he had learned Armament thanks to a slightly better training method, his Armament Haki had also developed over this time from all the spars he had with Will, as well as when he used it to protect himself from Will's strike while he was training Observation Haki.

He was now able to parry or dodge all of Will's attacks, and every move he made was graceful though he still could not compare to Will.

Their weapons met in the middle causing a slightly vibrating sound as their armament clashed, Luke, couldn't make a 'Dark Blade' but he believed he wasn't very far off as he could make his arm and blade sometimes become 'blackened' which was a bit worse then Luffy's before he had fought World the user of the More More fruit or Moa Moa no mi.

Their blades separated as both took a step back as they locked their eyes and kept their blades ready to attack or counter-attack by holding it in front of them in the same way, both of them had their other arms on their hips which seemed ready to strike at any moment like a hidden dagger.

They circled around for a moment before Luke thrust with his rapier, Will reacted quickly swinging the scabbard and knocking down the sword before swinging the scabbard back up at Luke's chin.

Luke dodged it with ease by bending his back before he also made a slash towards Will who made a small step back to dodge the swipe before he dashed forward as he let go of his hip with his other arm as he reached out and grabbed Luke's hand who failed to pull it back in time.

Luke tried to force Will back with a kick but failed as his other leg was swept by Will who twisted him in the air turning his back towards the ground and was about to slam him into it.

But unlike what he expected Luke was able to catch himself with his legs and then with his strength lift Will while standing up straight and reverse their roles, showing his inhumane strength.

However, Will twisted in the air escaping Luke's grip as he spun in the air and sent a kick at Luke's head who crossed his arms above his head and coated it with his Haki blocking the kick though it still made him squint from the pain.

Will jumped back dodging a slash from Luke who then attempted another slash which Will ducked under before he closed in and thrust his scabbard towards Luke's stomach which was blocked by his hand which had been 'blackened'.

Luke smiled seeing this but did not miss the chance to attempt to hit Will as he swung down his elbow to hit Will but he had already sidestepped to the side and quickly stood straight up as he sent a powerful fist coated in armament straight at his face breaking his nose and making it bleed as he dropped to the ground hard.

He recollected himself as he got up and sat on the ground as he touched his nose that was very numb, slightly bent, and bleeding then he heard Will "Let me get that for you" as he said this he grabbed Luke's nose and just... pulled it back in place.


"AARGH!" And Luke was once more back laying on the ground rolling as he yelled out in pain while Will coldly said "Oh come on you big baby"

Luke gave him a little glare as the old man turned around, of course, Luke wouldn't stay mad at him just for feeling some momentary pain thus he silently he got up but if he could see Will's face at this moment he would definitely attempt to drop kick the old man as Will was smirking at him clearly finding his pain amusing.

Will started to walk towards the cabin as he said "Come on, Lunch break" Luke nodded and picked up the scabbard and the rapier and easily put the scabbard on his waist while he pulled out a cloth from one of his pockets and cleaned the rapier on his way back.

The wooden cabin did not change much except a hammock that Will made for Luke to sleep in so that someone didn't have to sleep on the ground, that someone being Luke since no way Will was going to be that nice to give up his comfortable bed.

They once more sat around the wooden table and ate while Will read the newspaper before passing it to Luke who also gave it a quick look throughout this time Luke had found out that he was curently in South Blue since he once saw the newspapers mention Karate Island and Centaurea island which he remembered hearing about once though he couldn't remember much only that Karate island had a collection of martial artist and Centaurea had something to do with the revolutionary army.

While he was thinking about this Will had finished his food got up and left, he went out to 'patrol' the island though Luke was a bit curious as to why he did so he did not ask as he believed it had to do something with his past as a pirate and Luke did not want to be rude by asking about it since that was also the reason why Will had found and saved Luke, thus he silently waited inside.

Ten or so minutes later Will was on the beach where he had found Luke, he was now standing at the edge of the forest as he was looking over the horizon where you could see five small shadows.

It usually took Will about 40-50 minutes to come back but today was different as he was back within thirty minutes and he seemed to be in a rush. "Kid, grab your clothes and meet me by the sailboat" after saying this he grabbed some stuff and quickly left leaving Luke inside who now realized what the old man said as he grabbed the sword as well as his clothes and stuffed them in a large brown bag.

He quickly left towards the sailboat which he had been to a few times before when Will used it to go to a nearby island to buy him some clothes which were just two basic black pants two white t-shirts and a brown trench coat, and after that day Will had also taken some time to teach him the basics of sailing and navigating so he could go from one island to the next.

He quickly reached it and saw Will preparing the boat for it to set sail as well as leaving some bags in there. "You have some water and fried fish in there should sustain you for a few days, there is also some beli in there though not much you'll have to earn more by yourself"

Luke who had realized what was going on for a while now nodded with a frown as he saw Will get out "Get on, leave, and don't come back" Will said with a serious face leaving no room for objections as he turned around and started to leave.

Seeing this Luke took a deep breath as he gave Will a final thank you, "Thanks Will" hearing this the old man stopped and looked back and said "It's William"

Hearing this Luke gave William a questioning look as he spoke one more "William D. Blank" this had surprised Luke as he did not expect William to have D as a middle name but before he could think further about it Will spoke once more "Luke, do me a favor kid, If you ever become an infamous pirate I want you too use my last name as yours and announce it to the world"

Hearing this Luke smiled and nodded after all this old man had taken care of him for four years as if he was his own son or grandson, both of them turned around and went their own way as Luke did his best not to turn around and go back.

Though out of curiosity he looked back at the island once he was far away only to see a fleet of ten marine warships slugging away with their cannons at the small unnamed forest island.

Luke bit his teeth in rage as he looked at the battleships as he glared and let out a guttural voice "Bastards! T-that is a Buster Call! Are you kidding me!? On a single old man??" but before he could continue cursing away he saw a great pillar of flame rise on the small island as he sucked in his words.

On the island, William was nowhere to be seen instead he was replaced by a hulking black and red demon that was over 4 meters tall and covered in flames as he faced 5 different figures that wore a marine justice cape.

"Demon, turn your self in there is no reason to destroy this island" one of them spoke as he confidently pointed his sword towards the demon who had given a small chuckle "Go fuck your self" only saying that before he blasted forward with an explosion of flames that generated a great and powerful momentum.

After that day the small forest island was no more in its place was charred ground with some burnt plants that were not turned to ash, nothing was spared and everything was burned to the ground out of 10 marine warships 6 were also burned and destroyed but four remained and except from being heavily injured the 5 vice admirals survived and had successfully eliminated their target.

-Silver Fanged Demon William D. Blank-
[Bounty Only Dead: 666,000,000]