Belarno Island
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Luke was laying down on the deck of the sailboat with an empty expression as he stared at the blue sky above, he slowly got up and closed his eyes and focused on his Observation Haki and used it to see the presence of the fish that passed by.

Since he couldn't really train his Armament Haki on a boat so he decided to train his observation and using his hands he caught any fish that came close.

After some time he felt a strong presence appear at the edge of his range and it was coming closer at a fast speed, way faster than any fish, and in the next moment a smaller Sea King over ten meters tall popped out of the surface of the sea.

Luke calmly looked at it, he squinted his eyes before he smoothly pulled out his sword as it glistened beneath the sun "You think... You can eat me?" he said as he looked at the rather small Sea King that looked at him as if he was food.

Luke's eyebrows knit together as he stared intensely at the Sea King who was about to pounce at him "Very well, die" at the exact same moment both of them pounced at each other as the sea king opened its maw ready to consume Luke who had jumped at it in one bite.

However Luke grabbed it by the lip right before it bit down and threw himself over it head as it stared wide-eyed at Luke but before it could properly react it was stabbed through one of its eyes as it roared out in pain as Luke then coated his arm in Haki and kept punching it in the eye before stabbing the sword further inside killing it in a gory and bloody mess.

He took out his sword and jumped off before its body had sunk below the ocean surface, he jumped into the sea and slowly swam back to his sailboat washing off all the blood in the process, once on the boat he had changed out of his clothes for his other ones that were the same before he put the soaked ones to dry.

He then took out a cloth and started to dry his sword as well cleaning it completely as slowly the next island came into his vision, it was called the Belarno island it had nothing special about it, it just has a normal town on it that was mainly populated by fishers and a few other small-time traders.

He cleaned up his sailboat and tied his beli bag to his belt wich held the scabbard for his sword and prepared to dock the sailboat as he came up to the dock he jumped of and tied a rope to it that connected his ship to it so it wouldn't sail away being completely ignorant to the large Ship close to his that flew a pirate's flag.

After tying the sailboat to the dock he stretched for a moment before he looked at the town only to see thirteen men blocking his path with vicious grins and weapons drawn, even still Luke calmly looked at them as he had already known they were there and he said with a lazy voice "What the hell do you want, it better be worth blocking my path"

Hearing this the people that were clearly pirates looked at each other before they started laughing as the one in the middle spoke "Oh, nothing much just hand over that sword and any valuables you have and then we will stop blocking your path." while they were saying this there were people that lived in the town who looked from their windows with frowns and worry-filled eyes as some of them sighed.

Another one laughed and said "Kehehehehe, Don't you know? There is an entrance fee now!" Hearing this Luke slowly walked forwards as he was taking out his sword he let out a sigh "Ai, ai, ai then I'll just cut you down" the pirates who stupidly thought Luke was going to give his sword were stunned for a moment as they failed to react in time as the one in the middle lost his head that now spun in the air.

Some jumped back in fright while three were able to stay calm enough to fire their guns, however, Luke dodged two bullets with ease but he failed to dodge one as it threatened to leave a scratch on his cheek, the people in their homes noticed that the situation escalated and their frowns became deeper as they tried to see what was going on, and the few that did have their eyes wide open in surprise.

But the bullet failed to do so as it clashed with Luke's Haki creating a vibrating noise for a moment before being redirect and flying out to the sea, by now the other had also mustered their 'courage' as all of the dashed at Luke and prepared to slash with their swords.

However Luke used them to block the vision of the people with guns as he cut them down one by one while dodging their swords, and quickly only five people were left who either had a gun or a pistol.

All of them had a fear-stricken expression as one of the older ones among them shouted "S-Shoot him! He can't dodge everything!" as he said this all five of them opened fire at this moment the other pirates on the ship also noticed something was happening.

Unlike what the older pirate said Luke was able to dodge most of the bullets and close in on them, it wasn't that his Observation was that good it was because the aim of the other pirates was especially bad as well as when you considered their fear.

None of the bullets possed any danger to Luke even if he had not dodged them but he still did only the last one was flying at his throat but his blade that was coated in armament intercepted it and cut through it as a larger chunk of the bullet went to his left and the smaller one to his right.

The pirates fear rose even more as they started running away some even dropping their guns as they ran, Luke was able to catch up and kill two of them but the other three were to fast and he would have to chase them around town which he was too lazy to do.

However something unexpected happened as some doors to some houses burst open one by one as men ran out and caught the three before starting to beat them up, Luke smiled seeing this and turned around to look at the pirate ship seeing a few stunned pirates on the deck.

Luke's smile turned into an evil grin as he ran up the ramp from that ship and began slaughtering them one by one in total he found seven more people on deck as well as around 90 thousand beli with a box filled with jewelry though it probably belonged to the townspeople so he did not take it even though he only had 15 hundred beli on him.

Thus he quickly left the ship as he cleaned his sword from the blood as he looked at the group of people from the deck of the pirate ship when he saw him an older brawny man with a few gray hairs came to him "Thank you, young man, you have helped us greatly but I must warn you these pirates have two wanted pirates the right hand Calex Nier who has a bounty of 7 million and the captain Feo Nuren who has a bounty of 12 million"

The man let out a sigh as he continued "I don't like doing this but I would like to ask for your help in getting rid of them since they are curently in the town center drinking in a bar." The old man asked for help though he clearly felt uncomfortable doing it as Luke was clearly way younger than him.

Luke shrugged and smiled confidently "Don't worry about it, I'll do it my self," the old man frowned but nodded "Thank you, young man, I'll make sure we prepare a reward for you"