Feolex Pirates
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After giving the old man who had not even introduced himself a nod Luke started to walk towards the town center as the crowd parted for him as he continued walking at a normal pace until he heard many footsteps behind him.

He stopped and looked back to see the crowd behind him with rakes and all kinds of farming tools following him, he squinted his eyes and gave them all a glare "What do you think you are doing?"

The brawny man gave him a questioning look as he rose one of his eyebrows "We are going to fight?" he said in an unsure manner.

Luke's eyes squinted further "Why in the flying fuck do you think I need your help?" hearing this foul language the brawny man was stunned for a moment.

"Well... it's just that it's our problem and we can't just-" the man said a bit confused but he was interrupted before he could finish "All of you get lost," Luke said as he left towards the town center.

Everyone just stood in place petrified at what just happened as one of the locals spoke out "D-did he just say he can kill them by himself?" soon another one chipped in "Surely he isn't that stupid"

Hearing this a young man slightly older then Luke hit the person over their head "Is that the way you talk about someone who just saved everyone? And besides didn't you see what just happened? He dodged bullets at point-blank range! He even cut one in half!"

Hearing this the man that was hit who was around the same age as the other man said after a yelp of pain "S-sorry I just didn't see it, but are you sure that's what happened?" as soon as he said this the man next to him rose his hand and glared at him as he began to apologize, as most of them had realized that Luke either didn't want them to get in his way or he didn't want anyone to die.

Some short time later Luke had arrived at a bar that was filled with drunk laughter, he didn't wait long before he approached the door and kicked it open and walked inside as the noise died down as everyone looked at him while he looked around before spotting a man that held a girl in his left arm that had her hands tied and had a cloth over her mouth, he also had a saber and a buckler on the other side of the wide seat that had red cushions. (a buckler is a small round shield)

On a nearby chair there was a boy around Luke's age tied up and beat up until he was unconscious, without all the blood and bruises on his face he would resemble the girl quite a bit it seemed he was her brother.

Luke did not bother looking at them more as he locked eyes with the man who had messy unkempt black hair and beard and seemed to be on the leaner side though he still had muscles that you could see since the sleeves of his shirt were pulled back and he was about a meter and eighty centimeters in height.

The man who was slightly drunk opened his mouth and spoke "Kyehahaha, I haven't seen you before, who are you? Oh, I know you must have come to join my crew! Kyehahaha" he spouted nonsense as he chugged down the beer inside the wooden mug in his right hand.

Luke smirked and denied him with a calm voice "No, I've come to kill you" as he said this after a moment of silence the man who Luke had now confirmed was Feo Nuren the captain kicked the table in front of him and sent it flying at Luke who had swiftly cut it in half with his sword.


Before the table even dropped to the ground a gunshot was heard as a bullet was fired at Luke's face who easily dodged it by tilting his head back as he glanced where the bullet came from seeing a man holding a pistol sitting with one of his legs over the other.

He had a smirk on his face it was the second in command Calex Nier unlike his captain he had stubbles for a beard and light brown hair that was combed to the side, it seems he cared for his appearance but it did him little good as he still had ugly facial features, he was also slightly shorter and leaner than Feo.

Calex slowly got up while chuckling to himself as he grabbed another pistol and said "Quite the overconfident kid, aren't you? Though you seem to have some luck and skill" while he said this Feo had already put on his buckler on his left hand and picked up the saber in his right as he spoke.

"Ha, doesn't matter he'll still die all the same, though it is a waste but oh well" as he finished the sentence he formed a vicious grin as all the pirates in the bar put down their drinks and got up with grins on their faces

However, before they could pick up their weapons Feo shouted "Everyone! Sit down and enjoy the show! Let us show you what happens to people that offend the Feolex pirates!"

At his words, all the pirates started to cheer on their captain and 2nd in command and mock Luke who stayed silent and did not move as the pirates mocked him.

"Heh, look at him he can't even move"

"He probably pissed himself"

"Haha just kill him, Captain Feo!"

But all of this went through deaf ears for Luke as he couldn't care less what weaklings had to say he only hoped that these two would put up a good enough fight for him to test out his full strength.

Feo dashed forward to the drunk cheers of his underlings as he slashed at Luke who dodged it with ease as well as dodging the bullet aimed at his leg.

Luke then performed three quick and powerful thrusts with his blade two of which were blocked and the third pierced Feo's shoulder as he quickly backed away two steps as Luke had to dodge two more bullets.

Still, the bullets did not hold him back as he already closed in on Feo as Luke slashed upwards with his sword as Feo held his buckler in front of himself to block the slash.

However, Luke's sword that was now coated in armament easily cut the buckler in half as well as taking Feo's arm, and then with a flowing motion, Luke turned his blade and beheaded Feo leaving the crowd stunned.

Calex who had an expression of disbelief screamed out as he shot his guns at Luke without even taking proper aim "Feo!! You bastard!!!"

But Luke who now had a very annoyed and bummed out expression as he dodged and deflected the bullets before reaching Calex and beheading him as well as his body dropped to the ground lifelessly leaving the bar in utter silence.

But the silence did not last long as panic spread amongst the pirates as some tried to attack Luke and others ran away towards the doors of the bar while screaming and getting stuck and piled up at the door while trying to escape.

Still, it was all pointless as Luke cut everyone down with ease before killing everyone at the door and anyone that got out of the building, and after 2 minutes of Luke entering the bar none of the Feolex pirates remained alive leaving Luke very disappointed who could not even get the chance to use his full strength.