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Luke sighed to himself, he thought that these guys would help him gauge how strong he is but that ended in utter failure as he couldn't even get serious it was like an adult looking at a child that was trying to kill him with its weak arms.

Then there was a second annoyance, the heads of the two wanted pirates, he had to pick them up and send them to the marines on a nearby island since this one didn't have many marines and the ones that it did were probably killed by these pirates and in general he didn't want to touch their disgusting heads.

While thinking he looked around the bar and once he spotted the siblings his eyes lit up as a small smile formed and he slowly approached them, noticing him the girl was confused as she didn't know who Luke was or what were his intentions.

Once Luke was close enough he swung his sword which frightened the girl but she quickly calmed down when she noticed she wasn't hurt and her restraints were cut, after taking a breath she started to untie the ropes on her legs, she was about 168 centimeters tall and had light blue hair same as her brother who was around 170 centimeters tall they were probably twins.

Luke didn't bother with her much and moved on to her brother and cut the ropes that were restraining his arms and legs, the girl who untied the restraints on her legs jumped up and hugged the unconscious boy with teary eyes "Lake!"

They stood like that for a moment before the girl turned her head to look at Luke "Thank you so much how could we ever repay you?" the girl said sincerely, Luke smiled and said "Well how about telling me your name first?" hearing him the girl got up and said "My name is Lea, sir" Luke nodded and while pointing at the head of the captain said, "Well since you are so eager to help can you put my bounties in a bag?"

Lea was slightly confused but when she saw where he was pointing she realized what he wanted as she looked for a bag before she put the two heads in it even though it was rather disgusting while Luke patiently waited completely forgetting to clean his blade as he was up in his thoughts.

By now the locals slowly gathered around the bar as they saw the dead bodies of the pirates and the dead silent bar though they were too scared to approach any further as they discussed amongst themself of what might have happened and if they should go in.

When Lea was done Luke was taken out of his daydreaming as she approached him and said "Done" looking over Luke saw the bag and nodded before he picked up the boy that was rather light and put him over his shoulder as the boy unconsciously grunted.

Since his sword was bloody and he forgot to clean it he looked at Lea and said "Pass me the bag and clean my sword since I can't do it right now" while he said this he used his fingers to pull out a clean cloth from his pocket and passed it and the sword to the girl.

However, the moment she held the sword on her own she jumped back and screamed from fright dropping it, when she did this Luke sucked in his lips and just looked at her as he was slightly angry she dropped his precious sword.

Lea saw his look and panicked a little as she tried to explain herself "No, it's just that..." but as she was talking she realized that her explanation might make it seem like she was crazy, after all, how could she feel that from a sword?

Thus she looked back down at the sword squatted and picked it up as she felt the shiver go through her again as goosebumps raised on her body but she did her best to ignore it as she started to clean it while following Luke, the fealing got slightly weaker after she finished cleaning it
Only now did she notice the huge crowd that she walked pass while following Luke, they were all the citizens of this small town, all of them had shocked and stunned faces when they saw them but after a moment, cheers broke out in the crowd, she was slightly embarrassed to be right next to the person that was directed towards but when she looked at him she realized that he could not care less.

Unlike what Lea thought Luke was barely holding his face straight 'What the hell is with these people! Go away, please! You are killing me!' he quickened his pace before he realized he didn't know where the hospital was he turned around and looked at Lea and said "Where is the hospital?"
"Oh, its this way follow me," Lea said as she ran in front of Luke and walked with a quick pace, after a few minutes they reached a rather large building compared to every other one in this town and it had a wooden board with a red plus inside a red circle.

"This is the hospital, it should be quite busy right now because many people got injured trying to fight back against the pirates," Lea said as she pointed at the building Luke nodded and entered inside to see quite a few people in green robes moving from one room to another, carrying medical supplies.

As soon as he entered he was approached by a middle-aged woman with hazel colored hair she had a wooden board in her hands "Please put him down on a chair so I can inspect his wounds" She got straight to the point and Luke appreciated that as he nodded and slowly put him down on a chair.

The woman quickly checked Lake's wounds and after some time said "With some basic medical care he will be just fine" as she was talking she looked behind Luke and saw Lea, seeing her she smiled "Oh Lea my dear, so you got away from those pirates" she said as she approached her.
Lea was visibly shrinking down at the older woman's approach as she gave a low chuckle "Haha, yeah..." before she could even talk the woman hit her over the head with the wooden board as Lea let out a hurt noise "iek!" the woman continued to talk "I told you not to give first aid to a pirate! Look at what you caused! Now so many people got injured! And worse!"

Luke just scratched his head as he saw the woman scolding Lea he wanted to leave but they were blocking the exit, 'I guess she is a doctor or a nurse?' as he was thinking he noticed someone walk towards him with his Observation Haki but he ignored it before he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around as if he just noticed it. "What is it?"

"I apologize for her, do you know these two? I haven't seen you before" A woman about 30 years old had approached him from behind she had a nice figure and a cute face with swirly black hair Luke shrugged "Not really, I just saved them from the pirates"

She then nodded "Then I have to thank you, both of them are valuable talents in this hospital, though we don't usually have this many patients and its quite calm but with those pirates it's become a mess," she says slightly shaking her head "Oh I forgot to introduce my self the name is Layla," she said as she held out her hand for a shake.

Luke smiled as he shook her hand firmly "My name is Luke, nice to meet you" the woman nodded "Nice to meet you too Luke, I must say its a nice name" she said as they stopped their handshaking "Thank you very much, Layla, it's a very nice name as well, but shouldn't someone take care of the boy? Lake right?" he said as he looked at the woman that was still scolding Lea.

"Oh, that is right, I'll take care of it since it's going to be a while until Milly stops" Luke nodded and decided to wait while thinking about what he should do 'I am quite hungry... hmm should I find something good to eat or just eat fish?' while he was thinking someone entered through the door.
"Excuse me is the bounty hunter here?"

It was the brawny old man he opened the door a bit out of breath, Luke looked at him and just asked, "Is something wrong?" The man caught his breath and said "There are marine ships nearby"

Luke nodded while thinking why would there be marine ships near the island unless someone had reported about the pirates, which was probably the case, but the man's brows dropped a little "It's just that, the marines seemed to be looking for you... or at least for that sword of yours and there are apparently three marine captains"

Hearing this Luke's face darkened 'These bastards... three marine captains? if there are three then the chances for a rear admiral being with them is pretty high...' Luke gave it some time to cool his mind before he decided what to do, though he wanted to cut all of them in half doing that would bring him more trouble, at the same time it would be good to gauge his strength if he confronted them after all it's not 100% that there is a vice admiral and how would he escape in the first place? Hide? Hell NO!!

'It's decided' Luke decided as everyone looked at him while he was silent when suddenly a demon-like grin broke out on his face 'I am sorry William but it seems I won't exactly keep our promise' he gave everyone there a calm look as he stopped smiling "You people never talked to me nor do I know you" he said this as he went for the door.

"Wait!" suddenly an exhausted voice came from behind him as he couldn't help but turn around, it was Lake "Sir... I want... I want to be as strong as you! I want to be able to protect everyone!" looking at the beaten and bruised kid that wasn't much younger than him Luke smiled "Oh? Then what are you waiting for? Why are you sitting around?"

With these words, he left as he walked towards the docks.