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Luke walked down the silent street though it didn't stay like that for long as he found a group of 7 normal marines that were looking around with their guns held at the ready as they vigilantly looked around.

Luke waited until they came closer and slowly walked out letting them see him and the sword it took them a moment to notice the sword but as soon as they did they quickly pointed their guns at him while one took out a transponder snail. (Should I call them transponder snail or Den Den Mushi?)

"Sir we found the sword, a young man with white hair about 190 centimeters in height has it, we are at..." As soon as Luke saw that he reported their location he smiled and quickly moved forward and killed the marines one by one as they tried to shoot him.

He quickly got through the six marines that were pointing their guns at him and reached the last one that had the transponder snail he smiled before he took it from his hands and knocked him out.

And with a smile he talked into the snail "Hello, hello, can you hear me?" as he said this the snails' expression darkened as an angry voice came from it "You bastard! Who are you?! What did you do to my men?!"

Luke smiled and said, "I did what they should be ready for when they raise their weapons against someone, Oh and asking for my name like that shouldn't you introduce your self first?" Luke talked derisively annoying the opposite party.

The snail copied the person's expression as it grits its teeth in anger "Stop fucking with me! You bastard! You won't be leaving this island alive" Luke smiled as his first idea failed he talked to the snail "Alright mister rude come here so I can kick your ass" as soon as he said this he threw the snail in some corner.

During his talk with whoever was on the other side, he was taking a detour towards the dock, of course, he wouldn't wait for the marines to surround him just like that so he decided to send them on the wrong path as doing this would put them off a bit and would probably get the strongest person away from the docks.

But of course, things wouldn't go his way as in one of the alleyways there was a figure silently talking into a transponder snail "I found him, he is east of the docks, I will engage" the figure had an angry and depressed expression written on their face as they looked at Luke while the transponder snail spoke "Don't wait for everyone we do not know how strong he is, and it- gacha, (transponder snail being turned off)"

Luke suddenly felt a presence pounce at him from his side as he quickly jumped away in an attempt to dodge the two blades slashing at him but he was to slow as it made small gashes on his arm.

He quickly pointed his blade at the person who attacked him, of course, it was a marine, the marine held two sabers, he had a goatee and a weird haircut where he shaved one side of his head and let everything else go on the opposite side and he was flying the justice cloak.

Luke swiftly pointed his blade at him with a calm face before forming a smile and speaking "Wow, you found me already how impressive" he mocked the marine who was clearly glaring at him,

The man's brows came together even further as he said "Shut it criminal I'll bring you to justice" Hearing this Luke's face darkened "Justice? How shallow and blind" and with those words, he jumped forward sending many thrusts of his blade at the marine forcing him to block for a moment before he slashed with one of his sabers which Luke dodged with ease before blocking another slash.

The marine started sending out slash after slash using his second blade to raise the consistency of his attacks as he forced Luke to block with his rapier coated in armament or dodge the latter of which happened more.

Luke was slowly being pushed back by the marine who started attacking more ferociously as he was being forced to dodge while retreating while small cuts beginning to appear on his body.

Though he was able to dodge gunshots that was because he could predict where the bullet would go by the barrel placement and the shooters' hand but doing that with swords was way harder especially at such close distance.

Still, he was pushing his observation haki to the limit allowing him to create space between them, as he began to attack back by parrying the marines attacks as it now became a back and forth fight.

However, a fight between swordsmen is not meant to last long as the marine forcefully created an opening with one saber while cleaving into Luke's right hand who successfully blackened his hand protecting it surprising the marine as it only drew a little blood.

But this wasn't the end of it as the marine only now noticed that Luke threw his sword to his other hand but now it was too late as the marine lost his hand with an upward swipe by Luke as he could only jump back so he didn't lose his life as another downward slash cut across his chest.

Luke once more took his sword with his right hand though he could use it just fine with his left he was more used to his right hand as he squatted on his right leg and extended both of his left limbs forward and raised his blade next to his head and pointed it towards the marine while saying "Time to end this"

Slowly Luke focused as he pulled a tiny sliver of sword energy putting it at the tip of his blade and he gathered his haki successfully coating it fully in armament haki while the marine prepared an attack of his own gathering stronger and more abundant sword energy along his blade.

Both of them locked their eyes as they charged at each other, the marine's blade fell down at him like a tsunami but Luke's blade like a bolt of thunder struck through it breaking the wave as the marine's sword shattered and his heart was pierced through as he coughed out blood.

Luke pulled out his sword as the marines lifeless body dropped to the ground, though Luke's sword energy was weaker the addition of his haki balanced it out, and then it was left to strength and the superior blade which was Luke's without question, however, this move took everything he had even his immature sword energy.

Luke was rather exhausted as he looked at the marine that lay motionless on the floor while a pool of blood was created bellow him, 'I can't waste much time, I doubt this guy didn't report my location' Luke quickly turned around and left as quickly as he could with his wounds.