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(Author: I might take a bit of a pause 1 week at most to do some stuff just so everybody knows not 100% certain though)


Luke was running towards the sea as a group of marines chased him while shooting at him, though they kept shooting at him none of the bullets could hit him as every time a bullet would fly at him he would change his position and the bullet would fly away.

"Stop you scum!" yelled out a rather tall man that also wore the marine justice cloak, he had long blonde hair a clean-shaven face, and a spear for his weapon as he would occasionally catch up with Luke and attack him with it and then fail to keep up.

Luke quickly took a turn as he could now see the sea that shone slightly orange with much more yellow as the sun was beginning to set on the horizon, he smiled as he ran towards the sea but suddenly a group of marines came out from the sides of the last two buildings lead by another person wearing the marine cloak.

Luke's smile disappeared as he clicked his tongue and quickly jumped up on a building creating an opening for the few bullets that hit him in the leg and stomach but they could do nothing since he used armament on the parts that would be hit as the area became pure black protecting him from the bullets, though he could blacken a part of his body it was still not perfect and required more work however thanks to his body's natural toughness he was able to resist a bullet just fine after all they are round bullets.

After climbing on the roof he did not waste much time as he jumped to the next and tried to make the distance but the spear-wielding captain quickly followed him up as the other one waited went after him on the ground while the other marines barely kept up as they shot at Luke whenever they had a chance.

Luke who jumped off of the third building roof now purposefully weakened his jump after the spearsman jumped after him as he stabbed with his spear but Luke deflected it with his rapier reinforced with armament after which he kicked the spearsman in the side launching him away from the sea.

Luke quickly landed and ran towards the sea before the marines could even block his path as he jumped straight for it attempting to dive in but before he could he saw an oversized metal bat about the size of a human leg barreling towards him, he quickly crossed his arms in front of himself and coated them in armament before it hit him launching him back through a building.

It was the second marine this one was even taller than the spearman about 280 centimeters and he held a black mace much like Kaidos but smaller and without spikes, he had spiky pink-colored hair and a similar neckbeard with rough facial features and except the marine cloak, his upper body was naked showing his sturdy. "Huh, what a weakling," he said as he looked at the collapsed wall of the house he hit Luke into before he gestured at the marines that now gathered around him.

Inside the house, Luke groaned as he felt his arms vibrate from the hit while he got out of the rubble, but as he did so he heard a little yelp at the side of the room, he looked over and saw a woman looking at him with fear as she hugged her child tighter and then he saw what the marines were doing with his observation.

He quickly jumped up as he flipped a table with a kick and covered himself and the woman and her child with it an right as he got behind it many gunshots began to resound through the room as a hail of bullets swept through the house.

Many bullets hit and broke through the table forcing Luke to protect himself with armament haki as the bullets began to hit him one by one deflecting away as he did his best to see where the next bullet would hit and protect that area as he would not move even a muscle until the gunshots ended.

Bullets hit him all over his body hitting the wounds he gained when fighting the swordsman as he forced his observation and armament to the limit to protect himself as best as he could since he could not move since if he did and the bullets went by him it would hit the two behind him.

He looked back to see that they were fine as they looked at him with fear and shock ridden faces, 'these people were just living normally not that long ago, they never did anything wrong... what the hell are these marines doing?' while he was thinking a bullet hit his forehead drawing blood as he looked back while the gunshots slowly stopped.

As soon as it did Luke got upraised the table and with and threw it through the hole in the wall sending it straight at the marines, the marine captain reacted quickly as he swung his mace breaking the table into bits as the other marines covered their faces defending from the shrapnel.

Luke looked at the scabbard on his waist he thought for a moment 'This much for a sword? That you even disregard civilian life? Or does the captain simply not care? If so it might mean there is no one to supervise him or is he the supervisor?" he took off the scabbard as he thought back.


Luke 14-year-old Luke was training with the rapier though he was training with his left hand so the movements are rather sloppy since he had just begun training with his left-hand today and he slowly got used to it while his movement became sharper.

The sun was slowly reaching the horizon and with it, Will appeared walking out of the forest carrying some wood and fish "How is it going, kid?" Will said as he put down the wood and fish on a tree that was cut down.

Luke stopped and caught his breath as he replied "It's alright however I wish it was better" Will shrugged and said "I don't know how to help you more, since I didn't exactly train the same thing" hearing this Luke looked over and asked, "Why?"

Will said with a slightly sad look "Back then when I learned it, it wasn't the same thing it wasn't meant for killing, it used to be for a festival, just a show where no one gets injured while people watch and enjoy the fight that was why it was called a sword dance"

Luke raised an eyebrow and said "Sword dance?" Will nodded "Yea as I said its meant to be a form of entertainment during festivities like a dance just with swords, my family were professional sword dancers, we always performed when the full moon was out so it was called the Moon Sword Dance before I started using it to kill," Will said with a rather sad facial expression as he looked at the moon on the opposite side of the setting sun.


Luke who was now holding the rapier in his right and his scabbard like a sword in his left slowly walked out of the hole while he stared down the marines as he did so the spear marine had also come back while he gave a glare to the other marine captain before locking his eyes on Luke.

There was an invisible tension in the air that was mostly directed to Luke while the normal marines clenched their weapons nervously, even the spearsman was showing a nervous expression as he felt the pain in his side from Luke's kick.

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