Finishing the fight, oopsiee
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As the Commodore by the name of Oliver chased after Luke he pushed open the stone door that blocked his path, quickly looking inside only to see the man he had been chasing bitting into a red fruit.

He clenched his teeth while he attempted to charge in and take Luke down before he could fight back but suddenly the two blood pools that Oliver did not even pay attention to suddenly rose and swerved towards Luke completely covering him.

Oliver jumped back as he cautiously stared at the swirling blood prepared to react at a moment's notice, the small tornado of blood started to slow down and get smaller slowly being absorbed by the person in the middle of it.

Inside the swirling blood, Luke looked around in amazement as he felt an energizing feeling spread through his body while basic information about the devil fruit entered his mind, he did not notice it but red lines appeared where his veins were and they got bigger before gaining a light shimmer only then had he noticed.

Looking at his arm he could see the red pulsing lines as the shone for a second or two before it all went back to normal, and slowly the swirling blood disappeared as his now blood-red eyes calmly looked towards the Commodore.

Luke smiled "Hmm, what did you call me before? A rat was it? Then let this rat show you why a bug shouldn't taunt a rat" he said as he drew his blade from the scabbard.

Hearing his words Oliver glared at Luke "You think just because you ate a devil's fruit now that you'll be able to beat me? I'll show you what strength is you, damn criminal!" He said as he kicked off the ground and sent a punch at Luke who dodged it with ease before sending a punch of his own at the marine's stomach.

"Tekkai!" the marine growled through his teeth as the punch made contact with his stomach forcing him to bend as the punch knocked the air out of him while making him take two steps back.

"Kami-e!" He once more let out a word as he barely dodged Luke's blade that shaved off a part of his green hair his forehead wore a big frown as sweat began to drip down, "Soru!" he muttered as he suddenly appeared about a two meters away from Luke.

Luke calmly stretched his arms while the marine glared at him with caution racking his brain on what to do, "Enough waiting" Luke suddenly said as blood started to leave his right hand which held his blade that was quickly covered in swirling blood.

He stomped forward with his right foot as he slashed upwards with his sword sending the blood out in a crescent shape as it quickly cut through the air towards the marine who quickly responded with a kick of his left leg "Rankyaku!"

As he kicked with his leg a pale blue light left it sending another crescent moon shape that clashed with the crescent blood as they collided for a moment before the pale blue light broke destroyed by the crescent blood however it could not reach the marine as it also broke down not a second later.

When this happened not a moment later Luke and Oliver dashed at each other as their fists almost collided however blood was covering Luke's fist and as their fists were about to meet the blood was shot off like a shotgun sending Oliver staggering backward with a wounded arm.

Oliver could only look in despair seeing Luke's blade cutting through the air going straight for him, he clenched his teeth as he tightened his muscles to protect himself as the blade cut deep across his chest.

Oliver sharpened his eyes as he attempted to send a punch at Luke but before he could he was kicked away sending him crashing into the wall cracking the stone and breaking one of the white crystals that could also be found in this room.

Oliver had little time to rest as a wave of blood descended on his position as he barely jumped away in the last second *Crash!* The blood collided against the rock shattering it to pieces.

Seeing this cold sweat appeared on Oliver's back as the realization of his imminent demise came to him, but it was too late now as Luke was already blocking the only exit while wearing a devilish smile.

"Well time to test out this new toy," said Luke as his voice gained a higher pitch at the end when his voice broke from excitement and all the while a huge grin was plastered across his face, after all, what One Piece fan wouldn't be thrilled to use a devil fruit after obtaining one?

Thus for the next dozen or so minutes, Luke kept experimenting with his devil fruit trying to use it in any way he could think of, while the marine slowly fell into despair as wound after wound appeared on his body.

And the wounds weren't small as the bones in his left arm were completely shattered while he was also missing the other arm, however upon a closer look, there wasn't any blood flowing down the stump.

Luke was squatting next to him with one arm on his back holding him down while he attempted to crawl away with tears rolling down his bloody and battered face, suddenly his throat bulged as he tightened his lips and gritted his teeth.

*Blegh* *Splat*

His mouth was forced open as he puked out a bunch of blood before his head dropped and fell in the pool of blood, though he had clearly passed away Luke had yet to remove his arm as he stood motionless though upon a closer look there was blood seeping out of him and entering Oliver.

A moment later a grunt came out of Oliver as his body started slightly moving around seeing this Luke got up and walked two steps back as he stared at the body with excitement in his eyes, however to his disappointment the body did not do much except to squirm around for a few seconds before dropping down again.

Well that might be because of the bad shape of the body after all one of its arms was completely shattered probably other bones too, the other was cut off... and it was also missing the bottom half "... I might have taken it too far."

Luke muttered away feeling slightly apologetic but then again this person did attempt to kill him, and he didn't seem like the nicest person around either, anyway there was another thing, well two things.

Firstly the thing that didn't interest him much, before whenever he would cut someone or see blood he would feel a slight shiver of disgust or whatever it was, however now seeing blood was as if he was looking at water, and the feeling seemingly disappeared.

Now second thing the more interesting one, the devil fruit, it confused him greatly, let's just say it was different, well it's not like devil fruits had rules that they always followed except the three types off Zoan, Logia, and Paramecia.

And even the three type rule was sometimes twisted by devil fruits like special Paramecia and mythical Zoans, however, his fruit seemed to twist this even more since it technically belonged into both of these two.

Now, this might sound weird but listen to me here, basically, Zoans are devil fruits that bring a change to your body by allowing you to change into an animal and a hybrid as well as giving a boost to your physical fitness.

Paramecia on the other hand give you a special ability that usually doesn't affect your physical fitness immediately, however, his fruit was different it was like a weird combination of a special Paramecia and a Zoan.

It was a special Paramecia because like the mochi devil fruit which could turn the user into mochi he could turn himself into 'the blood' and also create 'the blood', however here was the Zoan aspect, it seemed to have changed the composition of his own blood.

He was rather certain that 'The blood' he now had was no longer the same blood he had before, it was... different, firstly it seemed to have given him a boost to his physical capability, secondly, he could... crystalize it? He was rather confused by it at the moment but to say the least he would really like it if he could get a microscope or something of the sort.
Also, he had decided to call this blood mythical blood because the name of the devil fruit was Chi-Chi no mi Model: Mythical, which was also another reason he said it was kinda also a Zoan since the Model part was usually only in Zoan devil fruits.


'Anyway, I should get going... how do I get out?' *gulp*

(Author: *cough* *cough* this "血" is the Japanese Chi symbol and it means three things Blood, Gore, and Consanguinity, the latest of the three I had copy-pasted because I was too lazy to spell it out, anyway author out)