Future Problems? Leaving the cavern
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Luke got up and looked around "Ai, ai, ai, how do I leave this place now?" he said out loud as he looked around at the broken rocks and walls, the room was now rather dark as he broke most of the crystals that had provided light before.

Now those crystals that once lit up the whole room were laying on the floor broken while no longer providing any light, as he was looking around something was brought to his attention, there was some sort of writing on some rubble.

He walked over to it and removed the rubble before looking at the writing that was seemingly in English but the original stone it was on was so broken and shattered that after some time he could only read out three words "Opened, Unstable Future?"

"What does it mean?" Luke thought to himself "Is this something that was going to be in One Piece? When I had passed away it still hasn't ended... Or is it something that was just there and was never found? But then... Arghh, this is too confusing! Screw it I was never one to believe in a set future anyway!" Luke annoyed with the writing put it down.

Luke slowly got up and left while giving the room one last look, he began to walk around the large cavern searching for the exit with his Observation Haki expanding it to the limit, after 20 something minutes he got the first sign of a way to the surface.

He could feel a slight breeze on his neck, he smiled and looked around before he found a small crack in a wall, he walked over to it and put his ear against it as he heard a whistling sound made by the wind that slightly blew into his ear.

He smiled even further as he pressed his hand against the crack for a few moments before walking back "Let's see if this works, I'll call it... Blood Explosion!" he said while yelling out the last part as a part of the wall burst apart with a wave of blood as more wind entered and he could see the night sky.

Seeing this Luke sighed out for a moment before he muttered in surprise "Huh, it actually worked?" the hole however was not big enough for him to enter so he sent a wave of blood at the wall breaking it down even further, and repeated it a few times until the hole was big enough for him to pass through.

He slowly walked out while looking around, he was inside some sort of small crevice in the side of a hill, he had to climb up a bit to get up and out of the crevice, and after doing so he could see the sky that held the full moon.

Curently he was surrounded by trees on a small hill, and in the distance, he could see some buildings and light, of course, that was the town he was in not that long ago "What should I do now? Well I'll just do what I want, let's finish that monkey with a stick and get something to eat I am starving"

Luke muttered to himself as he moved through the darkness of the forest while thinking of what food he would like to eat.

Inside the Noom Town's hospital-

*slam* "What do you mean you can't reattach it!? You damn bitch!" The purple-haired marine captain slammed Layla to the wall while holding her by the neck with his only functioning arm while the other arm was only a stump covered in bandages it looked silly as it flaunted around while he yelled at Layla, his spit flying through the air making his contorted face seem even more ugly and disgusting.

As this happened a door was slowly opened by a young marine recruit who was shaking after seeing the angry monkey "C-captain J-jin" hearing his name called out Jin looked at the recruit angrily "What!?" he yelled out at the recruit who covered in fear.

"I-I was t-told by Captain Reis to tell y-you that Commodore Oliver has..." The recruit spoke while his teeth shivered before he suddenly stopped mid-sentence with his mouth still open as if he was frozen in time as his eyes darted to something behind Captain Jin.

The recruit's face turned deathly pale as he took a step back, seeing this Jin raised one of his eyebrows in confusion before he felt a slight breeze on his back and heard the creaking of a window behind him, he gritted his teeth as his lips quivered while he slowly turned around.

As he slowly turned around his grip on Layla loosened and she fell to the ground gasping for air only for a moment could he see Luke behind him before the whole room started spinning, no it wasn't the room that was spinning it was his disembodied head. *thunk*

His head fell to the ground as the sound of it hitting the floor was the last thing that was heard for a few seconds before the body also dropped to the ground with a thud, the recruit with quivering limbs almost fell before he stumbled out of the room while screaming.

Luke sighed and put one leg on the body of the dead captain and cleaned his sword on the marine's cape before he looked at Layla "Sorry about this, I've sealed his neck so it doesn't make a mess"

Layla put one of her hands on her neck and asked "Y-you, why are you here? Why are they looking for you?" Luke put his sword into the scabbard as he responded "They want to take my sword it seems, and I came to end this farce of theirs"

Layla frowned and said "Couldn't you just run? Why do you have to fight them" Luke shrugged "I do not plan to fight unless I have too, oh yea by any chance do you have a microscope by any chance?"

Layla shook her head "No, we don't have the money for something like that, most of our finances go towards basic medical supplies since we don't usually have many heavily injured or badly sick, and a microscope is quite expensive while the uses for it would be minimal for us, so we never bothered with it"

"Alright then, oh by the way, how are those two?" Luke asked while looking at the body and the window he entered through and moving towards it, while Layla answered him "They are fine, though Lake was pretty beaten and they had a long day so they are resting in one of the patient rooms since they are far from their home"

"Mhm," Luke nodded while looking out of the window "I see, well then the marines will be here soon, I'll be leaving now" while he said this he extended his arm towards the corpse as blood left his arm swarming towards the body and picking it up as well as the head.

He brought it to the window and barely squeezed the body through after kicking it a bit as if it was just a sack, the wood of the window creaked slightly but luckily it did not break or suffer any damage.

Luke smiled and waved at Layla before jumping out of the window, Layla slowly waved back with a stupefied expression before she frowned while thinking 'He acts nice and friendly but... he clearly killed without hesitation, am I just overthinking it? I mean the marines attacked him first right?' she questioned herself while she stared through the opened window.

Meanwhile, a swarm of marines filled the streets as they trembled while surrounding a single person and pointing their guns at him fear evident on their faces before a tall blonde haired man wielding a spear came out of the crowd and stared daggers at the young white-haired man with red eyes.

Luke prepared to draw his sword as he spoke with a smile "Well we meet again spear marine, sorry never caught your name" the 'Spear Marine' squinted his eyes as he growled out "Where is the Commodore!?"

Luke shrugged still keeping his smile "Dead, has been for a while now, but let's not dwell on that too much" The marine captain gritted his teeth even harder "You..." only growling out another word before Luke interrupted him as he took out his blade and pointed it at the marine "Anyway, what's it going to be? Will you attempt to fight me and suffer even more casualties or will you retreat either is fine with me"

The marine grit his teeth before he raised his hand and motioned for the marines to lower their weapons and back away he glares at Luke for another moment seemingly engraving his figure in his mind before he spoke "Yari Windhelm"

"What?" Luke raised an eyebrow when he heard the marine slightly confused, "My name, remember it for it will be the name of the one that captures you" Yari says as he turns around though he was still looking at Luke who made smile from ear to ear "My name is Luke D. Blank! Remember it for it is the name of the pirate you will never catch!"