The Devil is a spy
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It was another late shift for Juuto and Rame at the Eight-Twelve. Their night was nearly over and it would soon be time to close up shop in the late hours of the night before the next crew came over to take things over.

During this time, they weren’t as talkative as usual, and Rame didn’t even go for her normal hot dog break either. Instead, she chose to keep to herself as the girl went about restocking everything. It was clear things were being a bit rough between the two.

“Nice job mopping the floors.” He commented to her, a rare statement considering the night. Juuto placed down the wet floor sign and began making the final preparations for the pair to leave. As the manager, that meant making sure the money was removed from the register and safely taking care of the finances for the business.

“Um…” For once, she was nervous about asking him this question. After everything that had happened, it would be nice to try and turn this ship around. But it was hard on her pride, seeing as the demon lord never had to lower herself in front of her subjects. “Do you have any plans?” It was their free day after this shift, so normally he wouldn’t have anything to do. Usually, she would be busy trying to research ways of getting off this planet, but so far things hadn’t bore any fruit. So it should be fine to skip a day.

“Actually, it’s funny you ask that.” He responded. Since she never asked him about what he did on his free time, which was normally nothing. Juuto thought it a little bit of a funny coincidence that now was the time to ask that question. “I… Have a date.”

“What!?” She was utterly shocked to hear that response. Especially given the circumstances, that date could only mean one thing.

“Look, I wasn’t going to tell you, but I’m not going to lie now that you’re asking.” He explained himself. “Things have been just hitting off for me and Migane, so I want to see where we go from here.”

“I just can’t believe how fast fast you’re going.” Mifuru was right. This really wasn’t like him, at least from what she had learned from him.

“Well, it’s nothing special.” He continued on, ushering them to leave the building as he had finished up with his final tasks. “Just a movie. It’s not even as deep as some of the things we’ve done together.”

As much as the man didn’t want to admit it. His time at the festivals with Rame could be viewed as going on a date with her. Honestly, if they were considered that with her, then he did admittedly have a fun time. At least, before Akitomo had shown up to ruin the fun. “Anyway, I’ll be seeing you at work next time, it looks like.” He said, telling her to have a good night as they went their separate ways.

“You’ll be seeing me at work next time…” She muttered to herself, watching him disappear into the night. “But that won’t be the next time I see you.”


“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Asked Marie. She along with Rame found themselves in a rather awkward position of trying not to be seen, while also giving themselves a spot to see one specific person. Unsurprisingly, the demon lord came up with the idea to spy on Juuto on his date with Migane.

“You still came along.” She countered. “So clearly you’re on board with this.” The one person missing in all this was Mifuru. As was normal with their duties, Rame didn’t feel that things would get dangerous, so she left that girl behind to take care of their domain.

“I just can’t believe I have to spend the next couple of hours next to you.” She sat back into her seat. The pair were besides each other in a movie theater, right in the back row so that they could keep an eye on Juuto and his date. Where those two were seated around the middle, a bit covered by the crowd who had come by to watch this film.

“I can’t believe this is what he meant by a movie.” Since neither of the two were aware of what films were in this world. It was going to be a new experience for them as they kept their watchful eye on the man. “Who would want to sit around for hours just to watch something?”

“You demons really are uncultured, aren’t you?” Marie responded. While she didn’t know anything about films, it seems that the concept wasn’t different from watching theater stage plays. Something that she had experience in both watching, and one time where she and Akitomo had to act in for a job.

Ah, the memories. She even got to steal his first kiss during that play… Not that it meant anything, of course. “I don’t know if this world’s story telling is any good, but hopefully this won’t be a complete waste of our time.

Then the room got dark as it was time for their film to begin. Apparently, whoever between Juuto and Migane had settled on some kind of romance movie. That made sense considering the context of people going on a date. Made little sense to Rame, who figured that people wouldn’t care to watch other people fall in love. What was the point.

So for her, she didn’t bother with paying attention to the plot. Her eyes stayed more glued onto her targets of spying, which so far hadn’t brought about anything yet. To be fair, unknown to her, it wasn’t like much was going to happen when two people share a movie in public together. Talking would be rude, and being in the middle of a crowd meant nothing to intimate.

Marie was a little different though. Unlike her companion who couldn’t care less about the film, she was engaged into its plot line. The way things were shot gave her angles that could never be captured during a stage play. The leads were just so adorable that she could hardly bare how cute the pair were.

“That was a complete waste of time.” Rame commented as the room lit back up and the credits rolled. “She didn’t do anything.”

“That was just so beautiful…” Meanwhile, Marie had tears to her eyes. “Bravo, bravo.” As she normally did during a play, the woman began to clap as one would for one of those production. However, this was no play, and people looked at her funny since it was viewed as strange to give applause for a film. That included Juuto, which forced Rame to duck down under the seats to avoid his gaze.

“Hmm? It’s Marie?” While the man thought it was a weird coincidence to be seeing her in the same theater. He didn’t think much of the meeting. She seemed to have enjoyed the film, so it made sense for someone like her to want to go to places like this.

“Where do you want to go to next?” Migane took his hand in a cutesy manner and began pulling him along. “That was nice, but we should find somewhere to eat.”

“Well, I do know of a nice cafe nearby.” He said as they began to make their exit along with the crowd.

“Looks like they’re going somewhere else.” Rame got up from her hiding spot, then promptly punched Marie in the arm. “And don’t blow our cover next time.”

“The nerve.” She replied with irritation. To have to lower herself and team up with the demon lord made her angry. However, she knew that some things were more important, so as much as she wished to strangle that girl and end things. Her desires were going to have to wait for the time being.

“I don’t get that woman’s plan.” Said Rame as they followed the couple. So far, she had seemed normal, but it was weird with how much attention she was sending Juuto’s way. Not to be mean to the man, but it wasn’t like he had been popular with the ladies during her time of knowing him.

If anything, with how much the neighborhood was pushing him towards her, it seemed he was viewed as someone who really couldn’t get a girl.

“Hopefully while they’re talking, we can get a chance to hear the kind of things she tells him.” So far, they had yet to see any proper interactions between those two. Perhaps that would be where they would find her secret. Like if that woman was incanting some kind of spell to influence him. Mifuru had made a good point about him not acting as he normally did. This man appeared to be reserved, but now he was already going hard onto some random woman he met? That was nonsense.

And of course, Marie would know. After all, when she took him basically hostage, people gave them weird looks. Clearly these two were in different leagues, even on a world like this.

“Yes, let’s listen in.” Said Rame as they all sat down at their respective tables.