The Retainer Tends
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“That was terrible.” Akitomo as they sat alone in the nurse’s office. “I can’t believe you not only were the cause of injury for me. But that you also humiliated me in front of all those people… How could you be so unfair!?”

“I was simply lending my aid to you.” She responded. Under normal circumstances, Mifuru would never consider helping a human in trouble. However, he was different as according to Rame, they were supposed to be allies. Albeit rather temporarily. “I care not for what others see, only that your well being is taken care of.”

“Well, my well being got worse because of you.” He argued back. “If it wasn’t for that stunt you pulled, then that wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“I take full responsibility.” She accepted his complaints. “That’s also why I must make it up to you.” When they had arrived, the staff had checked on him to ensure that there were no major injuries. They also were apparently dreading being sued by them, which is why they sounded like they were begging for that not to be the outcome. However, neither Akitomo nor Mifuru even understood what that concept meant. So they said they had no plans on doing so.

So now that the people had ensured he wasn’t going to die, nor was the boy going to need to go to the hospital, they were left alone for a bit as some paperwork for release got handled. The girl insisted that she be the one to tend to him, but they had their concerns given that the pair were minors. Somehow though, they were able to convince them to leave them alone. It would be bad enough if their real identities, or rather their lack of proper history here was found out. “Does it still hurt?”

“No… Just a little bit.” The scrape he got on his knee was pretty bad. Honestly, the boy wanted to cry in pain, but he didn’t want to shed tears in front of her of all people. “The cream they put on hurt more, to be honest.”

“Apparently that is to guard against infection.” She commented. It was crazy for her to think that humans could come up with something so capable in a plain package. In order for the demons to avoid infection from combat wounds, they normally just had to cauterize the point of injury. And considering how he reacted to the small sting of this, there was no way Akitomo could handle that. “Anyway, I’ll make sure you’re all right before we depart to meet with the others.

“Don’t know what you could do that they haven’t.” He replied. Though she quickly showed him what she had in mind as the girl put her hand over his forehead. “W-what are you doing?” Akitomo asked in a flustered manner. She was incredibly close to him now.

“Just checking your temperature. You appeared nauseous after we got off.” She spoke in a monotone manner, as this action had no impact at all on her emotions.

“That’s because you spun me around a hundred times.” He yelled back much louder than expected. It was just how much he had lost his composure staring so close to her soft face. Despite all his insults about what she was, the boy had a hard time denying that she was beautiful. Well, that didn’t stop him from trying anyway mentally.

He chalked it up to the fact that he was a grown man now. Well, to most he was still growing considering both his age and short stature. Either way, he was just at that point where one takes note of girls. That’s how he viewed it with Marie as well. Though the latter was always teasing him for feeling that way. That is really going to stunt his growth in the future.

However, the worst part was who it was that got him feeling self conscious. This wasn’t just some plain old girl who existed from Enatis or Earth or whatever. She was a demon hybrid, the worst of the worst.

“I hope that I’m not offending your pride.” She said, taking note of all his staring. A good bit of it toward under where her eyes were. “It’s not like I’m ignorant of who I am, and who you are.” There was a bit of irony that a hero would be receiving aid from a hybrid.

“Well, kind of.” He admitted, then grew a bit silent as she finished her check up on him. “But, why are you doing all this?”

“You already know that my leader has commanded me to do so.” He answered.

“But, she’s not here right now. It’s not like you have to do all this.” True, and it wasn’t like Rame had to know. Despite hating the demons, Akitomo didn’t really care enough if they treated him well or not to get her in trouble with her leader. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter to him. “And all I’ve done is be mean to you.”

“I’m used to those words.” She replied. “Calling me names and insulting me doesn’t change my feelings towards anyone. That’s just something I’ve already dealt with.” As a demon hybrid, that unsurprisingly drew ire from people. They already hated demons enough for the death and destruction caused by them. However, there was just something about a hybrid that drew more hate.

Perhaps it was their scary potential. Not only was she capable of the dark magic demons were born with, but Mifuru also had the elemental magic that most humans of Enatis had as well. Or maybe some just thought it insane that a human and demon could ever come together to bear a child. To be fair, that did sound crazy for one to willingly get with a demon, assuming that it was willing in the first place.

“I do have to say for a mutt… You’re a lot nicer than I expected.” He had always assumed that the hybrids were harsh, mean, the worst to offer from both man and demon. Yet, she wasn’t really like that at all. If anything, she seemed more detached, so he could say that she was full of warmth and joy either. “I’ve never met one before, since you know they’re rare.” And that was assuming most lived to see adulthood with the hate they drew from both humans and demons alike.

“I’ve never met one like me before either.” She responded. In a sense, it felt lonely. However, it was because of her status that allowed her to become the trusty aid for Rame, the only one to give her purpose in life. That part of her story confused Akitomo the most. Why would the demon lord care one bit about the plight of a hybrid. He would’ve assumed that one in charge of all demons would want purity in their blood lines.

“Why did she save you?” He asked.

“That was something she never even told me.” Was the response he was given. “I only assumed that it was mostly to study me, so that she could gain valuable information on humanity.” And even if she was being used in that manner, the girl did not care. For that was something more than the life she had lived prior to joining the demon army. “Still, you shouldn’t act like I’m the only one different here.”

“I know, but it’s not like I get hate for my magic.” Akitomo was a prodigy and rarity among humans. He was capable of controlling more than one element since birth, one who existence did cause trouble for him. However, his loss came not to him directly, but rather on the sacrifice of his parents to keep him safe from demons.

“But people do treat you different for it.” She said. “So, in sense we both know what it feel like to be lonely in a big world…” After a long pause, she spoke yet again. Her next statement kind of ruined the mood. “Um, is that enough to try and connect with you?” Mifuru had brought this point up as it was told to her by Rame. Her leader told her that in order to make friends, one should try to find something in common with them. So she did exactly that.

“Sheesh, you’re not supposed to force it.” He got off the nurse’s table, ready to walk out the door. “But, I know how you feel. Marie’s the only person here who actually knows me. So I’m always running to her for comfort. That’s how the demon lord is for you, right?”

“Correct.” She answered in a straight matter-of-fact tone. It almost sounded like she didn’t care about that girl, even if she was willing to lay her life down to that debt.

“Yeah, so that’s something we both know. So maybe… We can be that for each other, so they don’t have to carry that weight.”

“Is this your attempt at finding common ground between us?” She asked, certain that this was what he was doing, but still wanted to make sure.

“Yes, and please stop making it sound like some weird procedure!” He yelled at her, feeling a bit embarrassed from how unnatural she sounded. “A simple yes or no was all I was asking anyway. You don’t need to make things so awkward.” He crossed his arms in frustration, waiting for her at the door.

“…” She got up and walked over to the boy. Then, Mifuru placed a hand over his head for a nice pat. “Yes, that sounds nice.”

“Good, I’m happy with that too.” He replied, trying to sound unimpressed. “Um, why are you patting me on the head?” She had yet to stop upon getting his response, which only caused to serve to make him even more tense in embarrassment. Someone might be seeing this, after all.

“Marie told me that you like these. So if we were to be better friends, that I should do this to make you happy.”