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My head hurts so badly. I clutched my forehead as I was startled awake. I was in a completely white room. I wasn’t able to figure out the dimensions of the room as it was white as far as I could see. This made me terrified as I began to recall my memories prior to appearing in this seemingly isolated room.

My name is Rudra Reshamia. I am 23 years old and I am a medical student. This year I graduated from my master’s degree as I went out with my friends to celebrate our graduation late at night. At celebrating till midnight, I returned to my hostel Dorm as I was too tired and felt sleepy. After I entered the room, I switched on that creepy led room bulb which flickered off and on.

Damn! That led bulb it always gave me goosebumps whenever I switched it on late at night. I had complained numerous times to the dorm caretaker to replace that bulb, but my requests were ignored. I always wondered if someday that bulb will short-circuit and burn me to death in my sleep.

Shaking my head, I began to recall the events again. After I switched on the bulb I entered the washroom and washed my self up to remove my tiredness as I went to sleep. I remembered switching on the fan as I laid on the bed.

Wait a moment! It was that darn fan that fell upon my head and crushed my head instead of that creepy bulb. I knew it someday that the hostel room would be the death of me. But never I expected it to be that fan. I took a deep breath and cursed those hostel authorities,

“Fck you all! Darn it in all years of my college life, you have killed me on my final day of college.”

Aaaah!...........I am so mad.

I kicked up a fuss as I madly cursed those hostel authorities. I even cursed their seven generations as I felt really angry.


A transparent apparition was looking at the antics of Rudra as he amazed by Rudra’s tantrum. He chuckled slightly and approached Rudra.

Rudra was startled by a sudden chuckle as he turned around to locate the source of that chuckle. He was stunned to see an apparition walking towards him. Without giving any chance for the apparition to explain Rudra chimed,

“You are God right and I am dead right! Will I be reborn or will I ascend to heaven. If I will be reborn, will I be born on earth? If it isn’t earth then where I would be born? Will I be born in an alternate world or will it be an anime world? If it is an anime world will I get some cheats to survive? I don’t want to die again after my rebirth.”

The God was startled by this rapid onslaught of question from Rudra as he mused to himself if all mortals were like him. God coughed up a little to interrupt Rudra’s monologue as he spoke,

“First of all! Yes, I am a god and you are really dead. You died by accidental fall of the fan on your head.”

“Secondly, no you won’t ascend to heaven. You haven’t amassed enough positive karma to ascend to heaven. But rebirth won’t be a problem.”

“Thirdly, although your karma isn’t enough to ascend to heaven, it is enough for you to get two boons for your next life. Your three years of dedication and hard work in the medical profession led to the treatment of several people who gathered you enough karma.”

“Fourthly, you can choose to be reborn on earth and your boon would be adjusted accordingly to lead a successful next life. But the anime worlds do exist. You must have read some of the scientific theories about a universe being in an atom. Although, there are many errors with these hypotheses and could be called almost wrong but interaction with these atoms frequently leads to certain ideas for a person about the world within them. Such is the case with these animes.”

Rudra was confused about this theory and all as he directly asked the question every otaku like him would have thought of once in their life,

“Can I reborn in the anime world?”

The god nodded hid head to affirm Rudra’s doubt.

Rudra continued, “Can I choose the world I want to be reborn in.”

God mused for a while before he responded,

“Surely it can be done. You can choose the world you want to be reborn and you can also keep memories of your previous life.”

Rudra jumped in elation as he spoke loudly,

“Then I would like to reborn in Naruto world in the Uchiha clan.”

Like every otaku nerd, it was his wish to reborn in Naruto world with those cool Sharingan eyes. He also liked to flaunt like those Uchihas and most of the badass characters of the series were from the Uchiha clan. Take Madara, Itachi, Shisui, and Sasuke for example. Well…. Not Sasuke that guy was emo to his core.

“Then Uchiha clan is it then. Now what boons you want to survive in that world.”

Rudra was very happy to hear these words as he thought of many op powers to rule the world.

“You can’t choose too high of powers like Sage of Six Path’s Chakra, Rinnegan, Tenseigan, or the jinchuruki of ten-tails. Also, you can’t be jinchuruki of any other tailed-beasts as it will drastically change the world. Also, no powers from other anime world are allowed to be picked. Although, if you are capable of learning them on your own would then that would be an entirely different matter. Your karmas do not grant you such great powers. So, choose wisely!”

These words poured a bucket of cold water on all of the fantasies and dreams of Rudra as he weakly slumped on the ground.

Gathering his bearing after a while, Rudra began to ponder our his options to rise to power. There were too many powerful beings in that universe. Leaving Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kaguya Otsutsuki, Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki Otsutsuki aside there was an entire clan of Otsutsuki for him to deal with. Then there was Madara, Obito, Pain, and all those powerful Ninjas. If he didn’t want his days to be numbered in Naruto, he has to think carefully and ask a powerful and useful boon. After pondering for a while he came up with the powers he thought would be very useful to him,

“I want my first boon to remove the bloodline restrictions and curse imposed on the Uchiha clan. I want my Sharingan capable of seeing the entirety of the electromagnetic spectra of light, microscopic, telescopic, and 360-degree visions with no blind spots as well as mild condition for its evolution with no upper limit.”

Upon hearing the condition of the first boon, God nodded and said 

“These conditions are within plausible range. So, they will be granted. Now, what is your second boon?”

“For my second boon, I want my Chakra energy to have all of the existing elements nature which I may or may not be aware of. Also…..”

God was really surprised by this condition as he never thought he would ask for such a power. The intrications of these words were very profound as there are way too many energy natures and being granted affinity to all of them is very overpowered. But there is a catch, the receiver has to figure out everything on his own. So, this condition compensates for its huge power. God continued to listen to Rudra’s wish as Rudra wasn’t done yet.

“……….allow me to mix these elements to create their fusion or kekkai Genkai. I also want large amounts of Chakra comparable to at least one-tails and a very good regeneration factor comparable to the First Hokage Hashirama. That’s all for my wish.”

God’s lips twitched upon hearing these words. This boy had asked the most overpowered power and he still thinks it isn’t much. Then, what would be considered as too much, my position and powers? God shook his head and replied,

“Very well! Your wish would be granted but you would have to figure the power of elements and their combination on your own. You would only be able to fuse two elements together when your proficiency reaches 100 percent in both of them.”

“Farewell then! also, keep in your mind to live your new life to your fullest without any regrets. I would be watching over you. Farewell!”

A white light engulfed Rudra as his body began to shine as he lost consciousness. 

God looked at the departing back of Rudra as he remembered the blunder caused by God of Death to kill the wrong guy. It was Rudra’s roommate’s turn to die but God of Death accidentally picked up this guy instead. To compensate for this he offered to re-incarnate Rudra in a world of his choice. God sighed as he wondered whether it was a good thing to hide this fact from Rudra or not.