148. The Civil War of Kiri Part-4
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Inside the Terumi Mansion,

Fuji listens to Terumi's plan as he frowns.

"Mei… are you sure you can trust the people of the lower caste. Most of them are banished criminals, war prisoners, and even some ninjas who have fallen out of the grace… I don't think it is a good idea to employ them."

Fuji rebukes her.

"Father… trust me on this matter." Mei had a resolute expression on her face.


Fuji sighs as he sees her resolve.

"Very well… I will trust you. But what did you promise them in return? Also… I still don't trust them… they might backstab us at any moment." Fuji warns her.

"Father… I promised them… Freedom. After the power struggle of Kiri is over… there won't be any caste system in Kiri. I want the division to be based on merit rather than the birth of a person…"

Mei states her opinion.

"… I know it is easier said than done… but I will give it a shot." She continues.

"I believe in you… Mei." Fuji nods his head and discusses plans with Elder Genji.

"Elder Genji… now since we have the support of the lower caste… it would be easier to take on the Noble clans."

Elder Genji and Fuji strategize about the upcoming war for a power struggle.

"How was it?... did he agree?" Izuna is resting against a wall as he questions Mei.

"Yes… father agreed to my plan." Mei nods her head in affirmation.

"I don't know… how you did it… you were able to convince the leader of lower caste with a few words." Mei looks at Izuna in incredibility.

"It's… my little secret." Izuna chuckles and walks out of the mansion.

'Now… how could I tell her… that I just used Kotoamatsukami on that poor guy. I just gave him a simple suggestion… that's all.'

"Hey… tell me about it." Mei follows him. Both of them walk out of the Terumi Mansion and disappear into the streets of Kiri.

Elder Genji and Fuji look at their back as Fuji thinks to himself.

"Elder Genji… what are your thoughts on Yuito Yuki? Do you find him trustworthy?... or is he a spy?" Fuji questions Elder Genji.

"It's hard to say… a nameless shinobi of his caliber just appeared out of nowhere. It seems too good to be true… but then there are various other shinobis hidden everywhere."

Elder Genji shakes his head.

"… Up till now… he had helped us a lot… be it saving Mei's life multiple times… completing various suicide missions or some other life-threatening tasks… we have tested his capabilities and loyalty multiple times. If he was an assassin… he had multiple opportunities to get rid of Mei… but he didn't do so. And a spy will remain hidden… he won't appear in open." Fuji remembers the various missions he had assigned to Izuna in these past few months.

"… But I am willing to put my trust in him. Besides… I have yet to search for a suitable candidate for Mei to marry. I don't know how long… will I able to live with this condition… but I want to see my Mei live a happy and cheerful life. This is the last of things… I could do for her as her father. Sigh…"

Fuji sighs and turns around.

"Let's go… meet with the leader of lower caste… we are allies now… so we would need to show some respect to him… to win their trust."

Ao and Wakan follow after them.


In a secret hideout…

Obito stares at the map of Kiri laid on a table.

"The preparations are complete. It's time to execute the plan."

He folds the map and swirls out of the hideout.

Black Zetsu stares at his back and muses to himself.

"Mother… it won't be long before… I free you out of your prison… You were right… mother… these humans are such foolish creatures… they are delusional to their very core."


He enters inside the ground and follows after Obito.

"I have recorded every incident of the Shinobi world into my memory… I will silently watch and record this moment too."


Inside a large Mansion in Noble estate…

Akifumi stares at the group of the Mist Swordsman.

"All of you did pretty well… I am elated by your magnificent performance. Now… we have to eliminate one more ally clan of the Terumi clan... and the victory will be ours. We will crush their rebellion and make an example out of them…"

Akifumi clenches his fist.

"… the position of leader of Kiri belongs to us. Mizukage is just for namesake… he is nothing but a puppet of our elder council."

Akifumi turns towards the Mist Swordsman group.

"I have another mission for you."

He takes out a scroll from his pocket and passes it to Mangetsu. Mangetsu opens the scroll and notices the picture of a woman.

"… She is Mei Terumi… The daughter of Fuji Terumi… and is the future successor of the Terumi clan. I sent multiple ninjas in various previous attempts to assassinate her… but alas… she survived… every one of them… Those bunches of incompetent shinobis of anbu. They are useless…"

Akifumi gnashes his teeth.

"… anyway… I want you three to assassinate her… when you have an opportunity… killing her will deal a fatal blow to Fuji Terumi's spirit… and we will be able to easily wipe them clean. Haha..."

Akifumi orchestrates a scheme to assassinate Mei.

'It won't be long before… the entire Kirigakure will fall under my control. Grandfather… you founded this village and I will rule it.'

Akifumi is lost in his delusions.

The Mist Swordsman walks out of the noble estate. All of them depart their way.

Kisame looks at their departing back and sighs.

"Day after day… I spent my entire life… searching for meaning in my life."

He slowly walks towards the outer edge of the village.

"What am I living for? Friend…"

Images of his previous team with whom he completed various missions pop into his mind.

"No…" He shakes his head.

"The world is full of lies. They betrayed the village… so I had to kill them."

Kisame stares at his hands.

"These hands were once soaked in the blood of my comrades. I don't have any friends anymore… I killed them with these very hands."

Kisame clutches his hands into a fist.

"… then what am I living for?... Family?"

Memories of the orphanage appear in his mind… where he spent his entire childhood.

"No… I never had a family to begin with… I was an orphan from birth…"


Kisame clutches his hands tightly as bones crackle within them.

"… then where do I belong to?... who needs me in this world? Will I die a nameless death… in one of the remote corners of this world…"

He closes his eyes as he imagines the scenario of his death.

"A comrade-killer like me… never had any place… to begin with. This world is built on lies… and in this deceitful world… I am just a worthless fool with no meaning whatsoever."

Kisame slowly walks deeper inside the slums.

"That might not be true…"

A deep voice interrupts his thoughts.


Kisame immediately draws Samehada and points towards the newcomer.

A masked figure walks out from the shadows and looks at him.

"You have your worth… you have your own role to play in this world?" The masked figure slowly approaches him.

"Who are you?... Reveal your face this instant or I will have to consider you as an enemy." Kisame warily points Samehada at the masked figure.

"I am Madara Uchiha…" The masked figure slowly removes the right part of his mask to reveal his Sharingan.

Kisame frowns as he stares at the Sharingan.

"Impossible… Madara Uchiha was killed by the First Hokage… Hashirama Senju… don't try to impersonate as him and try to fool me."

Kisame attacks Obito with his sword.


The Sword passes through Obito's body without dealing any damage to him.


Kisame's eyes widens as he stares at Obito.

"This is… how is this possible?" He gapes at Obito's invulnerability.

"Now… do you trust my identity as Madara Uchiha?... No one… beside… Hashirama Senju was worthy enough to fight against me… but sadly… in our fight… due to a moment of letting down my guard… I lost the battle… and was almost killed by him. But… I survived… and now… I want to form an ideal world…"

Kisame silently listens to Obito's explanation.

"A world where no one will be forced to… betray their friends and forced to kill them. A world where there are no lies or deception… A 'World of Truth'."

Obito stretches as a hand towards him.

"Will you join me for my noble cause… and help in the salvation of this deceitful world?"

Kisame stares at the masked figure for a while before he replies.

"Let me think about it. I need some time to digest this information."

"Very well… tomorrow we will meet at the same spot… and I will reveal more information to you. Till then, farewell."


Obito swirls out of the place. Kisame looks at the empty space in front of him.

"A 'World of Truth' Huh!"

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