155. True Art
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"Be careful… Ao… there might be a similar seal placed on his mind." Elder Genji warns him.

Ao activates his Byakugan and inspects the chakra system of Akifumi.

"Looks like he is also under the effect of a very powerful genjutsu."

Ao notices the irregular flow of chakra in Akifumi's brain. He hesitates for a while before he turns to Elder Genji.

"I am sorry… Genji-sama… this genjutsu is beyond my capabilities. I might be able to dispel it but it may result in an explosion similar to Wakan's case."

Elder Genji frowns before he shakes his head.

"Then… there is no need to dispel it… we will eventually find out the truth… once we reach the village."

"But Elder Genji… who could be the person manipulating him. If he has an ulterior motive against Kirigakure… then it won't bid well for us." Mei interrupts Elder Genji's thoughts.

"Hmm… indeed… I have never seen such powerful genjutsu techniques. Well, then… we have to continue the journey to the center of the Land of Water and talk with Daimyo." Elder Genji signals an anbu to carry Akifumi.


In a faraway hideout,


Black Zetsu frowns as he looks in Kiri's direction.

"That pawn has fulfilled his purpose… I don't need him anymore."

Black Zetsu walks near the giant chakra tree in the center of the hideout. He draws out a black rod inserted inside the tree.

'Yin-Yang: Mind-Body Destruction Release'

Zetsu infuses some chakra in the black rod and stabs it into the ground.

The rod release some chakra which seeps through the ground and vanishes from vision.


Izuna walks alongside the group while monitoring the changes in Fuji's body.

'Hmm… that lump of flesh survives on the user's chakra by continuously draining it from their chakra system. In a sense… it is similar to the 'Exploding Insect Technique' of that bunch.

I wonder if lightning chakra can be used to extract or destroy this lump of flesh. If it works… then I will be able to cure Itachi too.'

"Father… don't push yourself this much again." Mei supports Fuji as they walk along the forest.

Ao continues to inspect their surroundings.


'What's with this uneasy feeling?'

Izuna feels a tingling sensation in his back. He immediately looks around for the source.


He senses a strange chakra traversing beneath the ground.

'What's with this chakra?'

Before he could speculate about the nature of the chakra, the chakra seeps into Akifumi's body.


Akifumi squeals in pain and clutches his head.

"Oh No!..."

'This surge of chakra is even greater than before. The resulting explosion will annihilate everything in the surrounding vicinity....

I can easily evade the perimeter of the explosion… but the same can't be said about them.'

"This is…"

The eyes of the rest of the group widen as the body of Akifumi bloats into a sphere before compressing into a small glowing red mass of chakra.

Ao inspects the blob with his Byakugan and warns the rest of them.

"Genji-sama… this lump of chakra is about to explode and…"


Ao gulps his saliva as he informs the group.

"… the resultant explosion will annihilate everything in the circumference of one kilometer."

"What!..." Fuji and Mei's eyes widen.

Elder Genji throws multiple sealing talismans from his storage scroll.

"Barrier Talisman: Armoured Six Trigram"

The sealing talismans float in the air and forms multiple Fuinjutsu seals. The seals erect a purple hexagonal barrier around them.

Fuji and the group look at the barrier with relief.

"It won't be able to hold that explosion…" Izuna shakes his head.

"What do you mean by that?" One of the Anbu members angrily questions him.

"Our life depends on this barrier. We can't outrun the explosion… this barrier is our last resort to survive." Another Anbu snaps at him.

"Stop your bullshit… If you want to die then go ahead and leave the protection of this barrier." Many Anbu members rebuke Izuna.

Elder Genji has an ugly expression on his face as he states the truth.

"He is right… the barrier… the barrier won't be able to hold against that explosion…"

Elder Genji drops a bombshell of news on them.

"Then this means… all of us will die for nothing. Noo…" Some younger ninja clutches their head in reluctance.


Some middle-aged ninjas sigh in helplessness as they surrender to their fate.

Mei clutches her fist tightly as she stares at the lump of chakra.

"I won't give up this easily."

She makes multiple hand signs and slams her palms on the ground.

"Earth Release: Multi-layered Rock Dome"

Mei erects multiple rock domes around the group.

"It's no use…"

Ao shakes his head.

"… this rock dome can't prevent this explosion."

Mei bit on her lower lip and holds her father's hand.

"Father… at least… I will die alongside you."


Fuji sighs and caresses her head.

"I never expected my final moments would end up like this."

Izuna silently stares at the interaction of various Kiri shinobis.

'I can only teleport a maximum of Four people at a time with the Flying Thunder God Technique. But that won't be the ideal case scenario. I don't have any attachment to this group of people… maybe besides Mei… since she was my teammate but… if I only save her… then Kiri will be weakened after this civil war with no one lead to their forces.

Fuck it! Why do I care about hiding my identity in the first place…'


The Akifumi bomb blows up creating a tall pillar of red chakra from its center.

The explosion travels at an extremely fast speed and engulfs the barrier.

Crumble… Crumble…

The barrier instantly crumbles under the power of the explosion. The rock dome shatters into countless dust fragments in an instant.

Mei closes her eyes as the red pillar of light engulfs her.

"SUSANOO: Yata No Kagami"


The explosion engulfs the group. A giant pillar of red light rises into the atmosphere as it engulfs the surrounding forest.

The large pillar of light sustains for a few seconds before it vanishes, leaving behind pure destruction in its wake.


Inside Kiri,

In a small house…

Kimimaro is laying on the ground while his body is covered in sweat. He feels a tingling sensation on his back as the seal on his spine glows with a cyan hue.


He notices a giant pillar of Red light rising in the atmosphere at a very faraway distance.


The red pillar of light is followed by a very loud noise as the sound of the explosion almost deafens the ears of the nearby villagers.

"What's going on?"

Kimimaro jumps on top of the roof and looks at the explosion.

"Somehow… I feel like… the messenger-san is inside that explosion."

Kimimaro clutches his fists.

"I believe in Messenger-san."

Kimimaro takes out a small diary and writes in it.

"Explosions are cool."

He closes the diary and pockets it.


Inside a large Manor in the center of the Kiri Village,

A group of elders stares at the sight of the large pillar as they discuss among themselves.

"What kind of technique is this?" One of the elder questions the rest of the group.

"I have no idea about it… probably some sort of Forbidden Ninjutsu."

"Hmm… I have heard of a similar technique."

The Old elders tap his fingers on the table.

"During the Third Shinobi War, the leader of a small hidden clan called Tsuchigumo clan developed a very powerful Kinjutsu.

The Kinjutsu was powerful enough to easily annihilate a hidden village into dust in a matter of seconds. The Leader of the clan 'En no Gyoja' used this powerful jutsu to annihilate an entire island during the third Shinobi war.

After witnessing the potency of this Kinjutsu… the Third Hokage of the leaf village signed a pact with the Tsuchigumo clan to prevent the misuse of the technique."

The Old elder takes out a scroll from his pocket and places it on the table.

"Hmm… you mean to say that… Akifumi managed to get his hands on such a powerful technique."

The rest of the elders frowns at the possibility.

"I am not sure about the nature of the technique… but it seems to be the case." The Old elder nods his head.

"No wonder…. he had such confidence when he led the ambush." Other elders nod their heads.


Inside a small restaurant,


A cloaked figure raises his head as he stares at the gigantic explosion.

"Art… this is art."

The eyes of the figure shine in amazement while staring at the explosion.

"We had a contract… you bomb the Hashigano Village… and we pay."

A hoarse voice interrupts him.


"Look at these fools… they have no appreciation for art."

The cloaked figure turns towards the source of the voice. He grabs a stack of cash from a brawny guy and counts it.

The cloaked figure walks out of the restaurant.

"You have to feel art. And true art... is an Explosion…"



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