156. Identity Revealed
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"SUSANOO: Yata No Kagami"

A giant silver construct of chakra appears in front of the group. It has golden armguards and bracers.

The giant construct places down a colossal dark black shield of chakra in front of the group.


The explosion detonates on the shield.


The shield absorbs the entire force of the explosion, guarding the Kiri shinobis.

Mei slowly opens her eyes. Her eyes widen in trepidation as she stares at the giant chakra construct with fear.

Fuji, Elder Genji, and Ao stare at the colossal humanoid construct of chakra rivaling the height of a small hill with fear.


Ao gulps his saliva and speaks.

"It is... it is... Yuito Yuki..."

He points towards Izuna with shaky hands.

Fuji and Elder Genji turns towards the lower part of the Susanoo and notices Izuna standing in the center of the humanoid construct with a serious expression.


The explosion lasts for a while as the shield absorbs the major force of the explosion.


The Susanoo lifts the shield and points it towards the sky.


The shield releases a red column of energy as it deflects the entire force of the explosion towards the sky.


Izuna heaves a sigh of relief and dispels his Susanoo.

"We are saved... we are saved..."

The Kiri shinobis celebrate in joy as they merrily hug each other.

'And here goes my cover...' Izuna sighs to himself and walks towards Mei and the group.

"Well... we somehow survived."

He smiles at the group as he tries to ease some tension.

"Who are you?" Fuji raises his guard with a kunai in his hand, ready to fight.

"Hey!... Hey!... Why don't you calm down for a while... Old Man? If I wanted to kill you... then I wouldn't have saved you, to begin with." Izuna raises his hands.


Fuji snorts and lowers his guard.

"Why don't you reveal your actual identity... I am sure you are not a member of the Yuki clan. I have never heard or seen Yuki clan members using such a powerful defensive technique." He questions Izuna.

"Very well... it's not like you can do anything to me either way."

Izuna dispels his disguise and reveals his identity.

"You are..."

The eyes of Kiri shinobis widen in surprise. They immediately raise their guard and draw out their kunai and shurikens, ready to fight him.

"Izuna Uchiha... one of the most feared adversaries in the Shinobi World. An S-rank ninja... the sighting of whom means certain death for the enemies. When faced with him... the only choice is to surrender. As for fleeing... has someone escaped from the scythe of reaper before?"

Ao has a grim expression on his face as he learns about Izuna's identity.

"What... what are you going to do with us?" Mei draws out a kunai from her holster and takes a fighting stance.

"The people of Kirigakure are no cowards. We won't go down without a fight."


Izuna vanishes from his position and reappears in front of Mei.


He silently whispers in her ear.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Mei is flustered by this surprise attack.

'Fast... he is too fast. He is leagues ahead of Third Raikage in terms of speed.'

Fuji clenches his fist as the memories of the Second Shinobi War flashes through his mind.

'Third Raikage was such a monster during the War... but he seems nothing compared to this man in front of us.


Izuna laughs at Mei while holding his stomach.

"Sorry to surprise you like that... Lady Mei. But your reaction was very cute."

"Wha... what?" Mei blushes a little from the compliment.


Fuji clears his throat. Mei regains her calm and turns to Izuna.

"Don't call me Lady Mei again."


Fuji, Elder Genji, and Ao silently stare at her.

Cough... Cough...

Fuji coughs a little as he questions Izuna.

"What's the motive of Konoha for sending such an elite ninja of their village to infiltrate Kirigakure. Should we assume that Konoha has ulterior motives against Kirigakure and sent you to gather intel in Kiri?"

The expression of nearby Shinobis turns serious as they stare at Izuna with a predatory gaze.

"No... No... it's not like that. I am not representing Konoha in this matter. This is my personal matter." Izuna waves his hands in denial.

"Then what are your intentions for infiltrating our Terumi clan?" Fuji has a frown on his face.

"Ah... that!"

Izuna points towards Mei and explains.

"Well... I was minding my own business and was traveling. Miss Mei happens to be in a little trouble and I helped her... but she won't just let go of me that easily. She forged my identity as a Yuki clan member on her own, and I required a suitable identity... so I played along. Haha..."

Izuna chuckles as he teases Mei.

"Am I correct?... Lady Mei..."

"You bastard... stop with that nonsense." Mei has a tick mark on her forehead as she grabs Ao's collar in anger.


'Why I am the one suffering her wrath?' Ao questions himself.

"Well... that was indeed her fault... but you helped us a lot in this civil war, and the Terumi clan is grateful for that. Also... thanks for saving the life of my people." Fuji bows his head in gratitude.

"Well... I was just doing my investigation... there is no need to thank me." Izuna shakes his head.


"Would you like to enlighten us... what were you investigating in Kiri?" Elder Genji question Izuna.

"Well... you can choose not to tell us... for either way... we can't force you. But it is a matter of Kiri's safety and I won't lay down idly knowing that Kiri is in danger."

Elder Genji clutches his staff.

"Since... you want to know the details... then I would be honest with you. All of you must have heard about the attack on the Uchiha clan almost two years ago." Izuna asks them.

The Kiri group nods their head in approval.

"I am tracking down the tracks of the killer and it led me to Kiri," Izuna explains to them.


Ao frowns as he questions Izuna.

"Wasn't the attack orchestrated by one of the Elder of Konoha together with the Akatsuki?"

"Yes... but it is not the entire truth. I investigated the matter in detail and got to know more about it..."

Izuna turns towards Elder Genji and questions him.

"I am pretty sure... you haven't seen or heard of such a powerful technique before."

Izuna points towards the remains of the forest.

"Mmm... that's true." Elder Genji nods his head.

"Yes... if my suspicion is correct... then it is the same person who attacked my Uchiha clan. He is also the one manipulating the leaders of Kirigakure and if my assumption is correct... then the current Mizukage is also under his control." Izuna calmly reveals the 'facts' to them.

'Anyway... I have to make some excuse for my stay in Kiri... I will throw Obito under the bus for this one. Technically, it is the truth.'


The eyes of Kiri shinobis widen after hearing this revelation.

"So... our Mizukage-sama is being manipulated by someone." The group frantically discusses among themselves.


Fuji roars at them.

"It is still a speculation. We can't be sure of the situation unless we confirm it by ourselves."

"True!" Elder Genji agrees with Fuji.

"Hey... hey... Yuito... Ahem... I mean Izuna Uchiha... can you check the condition of my father once? I have heard that you are a student of Tsunade Senju... the best medic-nin of the shinobi world." Mei requests him.


'It is an excellent opportunity to develop some friendly relationship with Kirigakure. I want Itachi to become the Next Hokage... it will help him a lot.'

"Sure... but I have a condition?" Izuna agrees to her request.

Mei's expression turns ugly as a frown appears on her face. Her voice turns cold as she questions him.

"What condition?... if it under our capabilities... then we will agree to it... otherwise forget about this conversation."

"Wait... wait a minute... here me out first." Izuna appeases her.

"I want to develop a friendly relationship between Konoha and Kirigakure. Regardless of the relationship... I will try my best to cure your father." Izuna relays his intention to them.

"Well... we can have such a discussion after we deal with this matter at hand first. Lord Daimyo is still waiting for us." Fuji interrupts them.

"Alright..." Mei nods his head.


Fuji heaves a sigh in relief.

'This girl is just like her mother. She would remain calm most of the time... but for her loved ones... she will flare up... well... it is part of the reason... I loved Miko.'

"Why don't you folks wait here... while I lead Clan Leader Fuji to meet Daimyo." Izuna proposes to the group.

"That's a good idea." Mei nods her head.

"With your summon... it won't take us long to arrive there."


Elder Genji nods his head in approval and signals to the rest of the shinobis.

"All of you… wait for us here. We will unite with you after the meeting."

"Summoning Jutsu"

Izuna summons his giant eagle. Mei hops on it.

'I don't want an old geezer to hug my thighs while flying.'

Izuna makes some hand signs and creates some seats made out of ice for them to sit.


The eagle leaps into the air and soars into the sky. Mei turns to Izuna as she bites her lower lip.

Izuna notices her expression and asks her.

"What's the matter? Do you want to say something?"


Mei hesitates for a while before asking him.

"I know it is rude to ask a ninja about his techniques... but I am curious to know... how are you able to use Ice Release techniques? As far as I know... it was never stated in your information in the Bingo Book."

"Oh! That... you won't ever see it in a bingo book. After I heard about my bounty... I paid a visit to the people maintaining the bingo book. I just beat all of them... and edited my information."


"You are joking... right?"

"No... I am serious."