174. A New Contract Part-2
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"That was a steal."

Izuna walks towards the guest room as he remembers the deal with the Kodon and Kumanoi clan leader.

Kumanoi clan leader agreed to supply him with a constant supply of blue fire powder at a very discounted price.

'Well… it is better than nothing. I have to gather all the resources I can to prepare for the war. As for the Kodon clan leader…'

A smile blooms on Izuna's face as he remembers the deal.

"Uchiha clan will get a free supply of medicine and herbs for the next fifty years. Also… a free supply of Kotaro."

Izuna takes out a vial from his pocket.

'This medicine is really mysterious. It can slow the degradation of optic nerves caused by the Mangekyo Sharingan. I hope Tsunade had made some progress with the medicine. I want to cure Itachi before his illness flares up.'


Izuna pockets the vial and enters the room.


Naruto is deep asleep as he snores.

"Well… he is sleeping soundly. So… it is all good."

Izuna shakes his head as he checks the fuinjutsu seals.

'I can't blame him… after so many reinforcements and silencing seals, this room is as fortified as a castle wall.'

Izuna activates his Mangekyo Sharingan.

"It's time to talk with that wolf."


He opens a swirling portal and disappears from the room.

Inside the Kamui dimension,


Another portal opens up as Izuna enters the dimension.

"Woah… that's nasty."

He notices several claw marks carved on the various platforms floating in the dimension.

Growl… Swish…

Izuna performs a backflip and avoids the claw attack.

"Hooh… looks like the previous beating wasn't enough. Care for more!"

Izuna cracks his knuckles as he turns towards the wolf.


The wolf growls at him.

"I have lived long enough to know that… I can't trust anyone in this world."

A deep voice addresses Izuna.

"While trapped in the darkness… I saw all the negative emotions and memories of the humans.

How they were betrayed by the very God they worshipped? All of their hatred, grudge, fear, and helplessness… I felt all of it. After watching all of these memories… how can I trust a human like you?"

The wolf walks out of the darkness to reveal itself. The wolf has white fur with black stripes running vertically across its body, parting at one of its tail.

'That's quite a wonderful ability. To be able to hide in darkness… looks like after the purification of corruption, he has gained some unique abilities.'

"Hmm… so you mean, you don't trust humans."

Izuna folds his arms as he stares at the giant body of the wolf.


"You are strong… stronger than any human I have seen during all these years. I can sense it; your abilities are even greater than the person who sealed me here.

But that doesn't mean I would submit to you. I finally regained my sanity, I can't allow myself to get shackled again."

Izuna nods his head in agreement.

"Fair enough… but I can't allow a powerful beast like you to wander across the shinobi world."

Izuna denies his request.

"Growl… Then there is nothing to talk about anymore."


The wolf dives into the shadows and disappears from the vision.

"I can't allow you to roam the world on your own… but what about under my observation."


"What do you mean?" The wolf talks from the shadows.

"What about a contract? A summoning contract… Sign a summoning contract with me and you can watch the world with me."

Izuna stretches a hand towards the shadows.


"There is no place for me in this world. I am an abomination made of hatred and darkness, why would you want to form a summoning contract with me?"

The wolf questions him.

"Well… that's what makes it more fun."

Izuna smiles at the shadows.

"Huh… so you will set me free just like that."

"Yes…" Izuna nods his head.

He makes some hand signs and slams his palm on the ground. A giant fuinjutsu seal appears on the ground.

"This is a Summoning Fuinjutsu seal. Drip your blood on the seal to form a contract." Izuna instructs the wolf.


The wolf jumps out from the shadows. It swipes its claw and drips some blood on the seal.


The seal signs brightly as it rises in the air.

"Time for a new contract."

Izuna takes out a giant scroll from his storage and infuses chakra on the scroll.

The summoning seal fuses with the scroll.


Izuna bites his thumb and drips a drop of blood on the top of the seal.


The seal shines for a while before fading out.

'Hmm… I can feel the connection with the Wolf. Now he is my summon.'


The Sin seal on his right hand activates and releases some chakra on the scroll.


The seal shines with a purple light. A giant magatama symbol appears around the wolf's neck.


Izuna inspects the magatama for a while before shaking his head.

'I still don't have any clue about it. This sin seal is as mysterious as ever.'

"With this… you are my summon."


The wolf howls in happiness.

"Roen… call me Roen." The wolf speaks to him.

"Very well, Roen… Let's get out of here."

Izuna opens a portal out of the Kamui dimension.

"But… before that… can you manipulate your size? With this enormous body, I don't think you could roam freely with me."


Roen nods his head as he infuses chakra in his body.


His body shrinks as he turns into a normal white snow wolf with black strips over his body.

"That's much better. Let's go."

Izuna nods his head and walks out of the portal.


Roen dives into Izuna's shadow.


Next day,


Naruto yawns as he lazily stretches his hands.

"That was a very good sleep. It has been a while since I last slept so well."

Naruto stands up from his head and walks out of the room.

"Ramen, I need some ramen for breakfast."

Naruto orders the nearby servant.

"Ah!… dear guest… I don't think it is healthy to eat ramen this early in the morning. Why don't you eat breakfast with Izuna-sama?"

The servant leads Naruto towards the dining room.

"Oh!… Naruto, you are awake."

Izuna waves his hands at Naruto.

"Nii-san… I am hungry."

Naruto hurriedly dives at the table and chomps down the food.

"Naruto… eat slowly. The food isn't going anywhere."

Izuna tries to calm down Naruto.

Chomp… chomp…

"But… Nii-san… it has been three weeks since I last ate something good."

Naruto continues to swallow his food.

"What do you mean, Naruto? You mean to say that, you didn't like my steak dishes, which I cooked for you."

Izuna hangs down his head in sadness.

"No… no… they were delicious… really delicious… but… but… we had steak for every breakfast… lunch and dinner… so I am fed up with it."

Naruto hurriedly denies it as he shakes his hands.

"True… but… I can only cook steak dishes."


Izuna sighs and continues to eat breakfast.

"Naruto… today we will meet with Tsunade."

Izuna points towards a large mansion located on top of the Three wolf mountain.

'That place is a treasure trove for medical-nin. It has a record of all known medicines and herbs of the shinobi world. Any clan or village… no matter where… always seeks the Land of Medicine for medical supplies.

Part of the reason Hanzo wanted to get hold of this place so badly. Well… I can't blame him either… other nations feared this place because of the presence of Roen, but Hanzo was bold enough to attack this place.'

"Get your stuff ready, Naruto… we would move out soon."

Izuna finishes his breakfast and strolls through the Kodon clan compounds.

"Izuna-san… here is the medicine you needed."

A tall young boy offers a scroll to Izuna. The boy has a frantic expression on his face, as if he is meeting an idol.

"Oh… that's good."

Izuna accepts the scroll as he notices the similarity of the boy to Tenma.

"You are…"

"I am Reishi Kodon… the elder son of Tenma Kodon. I am the new pharmacist of the Kodon clan." The boy introduces himself.


Izuna nods his head.

"… we will see each other often in the future."


Reishi frantically nods his head.

"Izuna-san… I am a great fan of yours. I have heard all the stories regarding you. You are my idol."


'There are stories about me… when did that happen?'

Izuna turns to Reishi and asks him.

"These stories you mentioned… where did you get them from?"

"Oh… here it is… the recent issue of the Icha Icha series: Innocence."

Reishi passes a book to Izuna. Izuna hurriedly grabs the book and skims through it.

An ugly expression appears on his face as he turns the pages.

"Damn you, Jiraiya… don't make me the protagonist of your hentai series."

Izuna tightly clutches the book.

"Next time I see you… I will beat that old ass of yours."