176. Hokage is my Dream
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"Well… who am I even kidding?… It's Naruto who we are talking about?"

Izuna shakes his head and walks towards Shizune. He picks up Tonton and rubs her head.

"It's turning quite meaty and juicy all these years."

Oink… Oink…

Tonton struggles in his arms.

"Oh, brat!… looks like you have developed some guts in all these years."

Tsunade cracks her knuckles and walks towards Naruto.

"You can't undermine the position of Hokage… Dattebyo! I will become the Hokage in the future."

Naruto makes some hand signs.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu"

He makes two shadow clones and dashes towards Tsunade.

"I will prove to you… that my dream to become a Hokage is not a shallow one."

"Hoh!… you haven't even graduated from the academy and you want to challenge me. Come then… Kiddo!"

Tsunade lifts her hand points a finger towards Naruto.

"Though I may not look like it, but I am also one of the Sannin. One finger... I will use just one finger to beat you."

Tsunade taunts Naruto.

"Don't underestimate me, granny… I have trained hard in these past few years."

Naruto clutches his fist as he signals his clones.

"Let's show granny, what are we made of? Dattebyo!"

Naruto and his clones take out kunai from their pocket and throw them at Tsunade.

Flick… flick… flick…

Tsunade flicks out the kunai with her finger.

"Kid… if that's all you got, then you don't stand a chance."

Crunch… crunch…

Izuna crunches popcorns as he watches the fight.


Shizune silently stares at Izuna.

"Izuna-kun… you aren't worried about Naruto. Tsunade-sama is a Sannin, there is no way Naruto who hasn't even graduated from the academy could beat her."

Crunch… crunch…

Izuna fills his mouth with popcorns as he answers.

"Just wait and watch… you might be surprised to see Naruto's growth. He is their son after all."

"Uhm… if you say so, then I believe you. Even so, it is Tsunade-sama we are talking about…"

Shizune has a worried expression on her face.

"Relax… just sit back and watch."

He offers her some popcorns.

"Haah… take this."

Naruto closes the distance and attacks Tsunade with a kunai.


Tsunade flicks the kunai with her finger and staggers Naruto.

"It's over."

She points her finger near Naruto's forehead and flicks it.


Naruto's body disperses in a puff of smoke.

"What?" Tsunade's eyes widen in surprise.


The kunai turns in Naruto and attacks her.

"Eat this… Rasengan."

Naruto makes a Rasengan and attacks her.

"This technique…"

Tsunade sobers up as she hurriedly kicks the ground and jumps up in the air.


The ground beneath them shatters and Naruto tumbles over it as he slams the Rasengan on the ground.


The Rasengan expands and creates a crater on the ground.

'Woah… I never expected Naruto to unknowingly add Wind Chakra to the Rasengan. Looks like he is learning at a very quick pace.

I guess… he has inherited his father's genes for quick learning.'


"I almost got her."

Naruto bites his lip in frustration.

"It's not over yet."


His clones act like a catapult and toss him in the air.

"I will get you this time."

Naruto makes some hand signs in midair.

"Wind Style: Pressure Breakthrough"

Naruto exhales a blast of wind pressure from his mouth.

"Good try kid, you almost got me."


Tsunade appears behind Naruto and flicks his forehead.

"It's still too early to fight and win against me."


Naruto is sent flying by the flick as he tumbles over a large distance.

"Kid, you sure have grown a lot, but it is still not enough to beat me."

Tsunade slowly walks towards Naruto as she praises me.

"Now tell me… why do you want to become the Hokage?"

Tsunade places her hands around her waist as she questions him.

"I will become a Hokage no matter what! Because Hokage is my dream! Dattebyo!"

Naruto proudly raises his head.


The image of Dan and Nawaki overlaps with Naruto as Tsunade enters into a trance.

'She is a bit off her guard. This is my chance…'

Naruto clenches his fists.

'Oye… Nine-tails give me some chakra.'


Nine-tails snorts at him.

'Here brat... take it and don't bother me again.'


Naruto enters into a one-tail cloak chakra mode.

"Now is my chance, Rasengan…"

"What the…"

Tsunade's eyes widen as she looks at the new form of Naruto.

"Oh! I never expected Naruto to use this form. Looks like he really respects the position of Hokage."

Izuna dusts his hands as he flickers in between them.


A large cloud of dust and debris rise as Izuna is holding Naruto's arm with his bare hands.

"Now, now… Naruto… I warned you to not use this power recklessly, much less against the family."


Izuna disperses the chakra cloak as he scolds Naruto.

"Naruto… you should be careful with this power. As punishment, I will double your training."

"No… nii-san. No!"

Naruto hugs Izuna's legs.


He slumps on the ground and passes out.

'This guy… he overexerted himself."

Izuna shakes his head and places Naruto on his shoulder.

"Hold on… I have a few questions for you."

Tsunade stops him.

"Well… I will answer all of them. Let's talk in the room."

Izuna scratches his head.


Inside the room,


Tsunade slaps her hand on the table as she questions Izuna.

"Was it you, who taught him the Rasengan? Besides Minato, Jiraiya, and Kakashi, you are the only person who knows how to use that jutsu. Minato is no longer with us… Jiraiya is out of the village and Kakashi is in Anbu, which only leaves you.

Tell me, why would you teach such a powerful jutsu to an academy student like Naruto."

Tsunade angrily questions him.

"Tsunade, when I was at Naruto's age; I had already made a name for myself in the Shinobi war and joined anbu. Compared to that teaching a jutsu is nothing."

Izuna argues with her.

"You idiot! Things were different back then. Now we are in an era of peace."

Tsunade angrily places her hands around her massive chest.

"… also what was with that Nine-tails chakra? Don't tell me you are training Naruto to control Nine-tails chakra."

"Well, about that…"

Izuna scratches his head as he explains.

"It was Minato and Kushina's wish to allow Naruto to get hold of this power. I am just helping them fulfill it."

"It's still too early for that. Let him grow first. He is still an academy student."

Tsunade argues.


Izuna holds Tsunade's shoulder.

"… remember how I told you about an imminent threat on the shinobi world. I have to prepare Naruto for that threat."

"Well… if you say so."

Tsunade calms down and sits down. She opens the sake bottle and chugs down a mouthful.

"I trust your decision."

"So, what are your thoughts about the Hokage position?"

Izuna refills her cup.


Tsunade lifts her eyebrow as she stares at Izuna.

"I will return to the village. It's for Naruto's sake, I wanted to see how far can he grow for the sake of his dream. He is a fool."

"Well, at least he is a determined fool."

Izuna chuckles and pours more wine.

"I would be waiting for your return to Konoha. There is still something which I need to take care of."

Izuna grabs Naruto and stands up.

"See ya…"


He disappears from their vision as he teleports out of the room.

"This guy... he is always in a hurry."

Tsunade shakes her head and chugs down another mouthful of wine.

"Shizune, we will party all night."

"Hai… Tsunade-sama."

Oink… Oink…



Izuna reappears in Konoha. He places down Naruto on the bed and flickers towards the Hokage's Office.

Knock… knock…

Izuna knocks on the Hokage's office door.

"Come on."

An old voice greets him.

Izuna enters the room. He takes out a scroll from his pocket and places it on the table.

"Hokage-sama… I have completed the mission. Orochimaru is building a new hidden village in the Land of Sound. His motives are still unclear."


Hiruzen picks up the scroll and skims through it.

"Orochimaru… what are you up to this time? I hope I won't regret my decision."

"Tsunade is on her way to the village; she would return in a few weeks," Izuna informs him.


Hiruzen takes a deep puff from his pipe and exhales it out.

"So… it's about time for me to retire. The Will of Fire shall be passed to the future generation."

Izuna silently departs from the office, leaving Hiruzen alone.


Hiruzen pulls out a drawer and takes out a crystal ball. He gently rubs the ball as he whispers.

"Goodbye, old friend! It's about time for us to part ways."

Hiruzen covers the crystal ball with a cloth and closes his eyes as he reminisces.

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