178. The New God Tree
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At Kiri borders,


Izuna teleports outside Kirigakure.


Izuna looks in a certain direction and nods his head.

"There is no need to hide."


A tall figure in a black cloak flickers in front of him.

"I have something to report, Master."

A female voice falls in his ears.


Izuna rubs his forehead as he rebukes her.

"Wrath… just call me Captain. You don't have to call me Master."


The figure shakes her head.

"I have nowhere to belong to. The village which I considered as my home betrayed me… the people which I considered my family backstabed me. It was at such a time that master stepped in and saved my life."

"You know, there are other ways to repay the gratitude. You don't have to pledge your life to me."

Izuna questions her.

"No… my resolve for revenge has never been this strong. A searing fury burns in my heart and it is this resolve which makes me strong."

The figure clutches her fists.

"I am Wrath."

"Well, if that's your choice, then I won't stop you. But remember this, the day you even think about betraying me would be the day you breathe your last."

Izuna's expression turns serious as he threatens her.

"That day would never come."

The figure reassures him.

"I hope so."

Izuna nods his head.

"Now, for the report."


The figure passes a scroll to him.

"Master, this is what you asked me to collect."


Izuna makes some hand signs and infuses some chakra in the scroll.


A dark red orb of chakra appears in front of him.


Izuna activates his Sharingan and inspects the chakra orb.

"Hmm… there is nothing wrong with it."

He turns towards the cloaked figure and nods his head.

"Well done, it was a wise decision to send you to Sunagakure to collect the chakra of One-tails."


A dark red diamond mark appears on Izuna's palm.

'Dark Release: Chakra absorption'


He absorbs the red chakra orb through the diamond mark.

"Seven down… two more to go."

He turns towards the cloaked figure and orders her.

"Wrath! Your next task is to visit the Land of Sky and monitor Ancor Vantian: the famous flying city of the Ninja world. I want you to steal a sample of chakra from the zero-tails sealed within the depths of the flying city."

Izuna tosses a scroll to wrath.

"This scroll contains the intelligence collected by the Pride. Unfortunately, he can't accompany you for this mission, he is on another important mission."

Wrath grabs the scroll and makes some hand signs.


She disappears in a puff of smoke.

'I have to recruit more members. I still have no clue about Kara besides the name of their members."

Izuna rubs his forehead as he thinks about the looming threat.

"Anyway, it's time to meet with Mei."

A smile blooms on Izuna's face as he flickers towards the Kiri's entrance.


Inside an underground hideout,

Thump… thump…

A giant chakra tree with a giant red flower is pulsating with chakra.

"What a beautiful sight?"

A man in his early thirties with black hair and a thick beard walks in front of the tree. He has light green eyes and wears a thick glass frame with orange lenses. He is dressed in a dark-colored collared shirt and wears matching pants.


The middle-aged takes a deep puff of smoke from his cigarette as he curiously inspects the tree.


The man readjusts his spectacle as he curiously stares at the pulsating node of chakra.

"It is still in infancy."

A deep hoarse voice breaks him from his thoughts.


The spectacled man nods his head and turns around to greet the newcomer.

A tall man of light complexion walks in front of the tree. The tall man sports a shaved head with a long mohawk of long black hair tied in a ponytail reaching his lower back. He has pronounced eye ridges void of brows, a broad nose, and large black eyes.

He has a diamond-shaped mark on his chin and a Roman Numerical "IV" tattooed below his left eye. He also wears five red earrings on top of each ear and an additional at the bottom of each ear.

His body is covered with a black hooded cloak with marron lining, along with the light-colored capri pants and sandals.

The man touches the tree and closes his eyes.

"I have waited so long for this moment. The God tree shall bloom once again."

The man removes his hand from the tree and turns towards the spectacled man.

"How is your progress with the body modifications coming along?"

The spectacled man adjusts his spectacles as he reports.

"I have successfully gathered the genetic material of most of the powerful shinobis. I have to perform more experiments to test the feasibility of cloning their abilities."


The tall man nods his head.

"What about the project involving the transfer of Kama seal? Did you see any progress?"

"Unfortunately, no…" The spectacled man shakes his head in denial.

"The body of these children is too weak to handle your power. Also, I am not an expert when it comes to ninja anatomy. There are only a few people who have the necessary knowledge to perform such a feat."

The spectacled man takes out a folder from the table and passes it to the tall man as he explains.

"There are only four people who have such knowledge. The first person is Tsunade Senju: one of the best medic-nin of the shinobi world. The second person is Izuna Uchiha: he is one of the disciples of Tsunade Senju."

He adjusts his spectacles as he continues.

"The third person is Orochimaru: one of the Sannins and the fourth and the last person is Hiruko: one of the missing-nin of Konohagakure."


The Tall man nods his head as he makes a Ram seal and brings it to his right eye.


His right eye changes as eight spokes appear in it. He concentrates some chakra in his eye.

After concentrating for a moment, he turns towards the spectacle man and orders him.

"Amado… offer some benefits to Hiruko and trade for his research. If he doesn't comply, then you know what to do."

Amado nods his head and walks out of the chamber.

The tall man sits on the throne as he muses to himself.

"Kaguya, it has been almost a millennium since you betrayed me. You left me on the brink of death to die in this nameless dimension."

He clutches his fists in anger.

"A thousand years, it took me a thousand years to recover to my current state."


Tears flow from his left eye as he touches them.

"Weak, you are nothing but a weak human, and yet your will still linger within this body. I even hate to call you as my vessel."


He slams his palm on the armrest.

"Kaguya, did you honestly thought you would get rid of me? You thought that this entire world is dancing on the palm of your hands."

The tall man stretches out his hand as a projection of God tree appears in it.

"You are nothing but a sacrifice meant for the sake of clan."

Thump… thump…

The dark red chakra continues to pulsate through the veins of the God tree.

The tall man stands from his seat and stands in front of the tree.

"The chakra fruit was meant to be harnessed with your sacrifice."

The tall man lifts his head and stares at the moon.

"Pathetic… you are sealed by the power of your very own creation."

Thump… Thump…

The God tree continues to pump more chakra.

"But the plan has to continue and what makes a better fodder than your very own descendants."


The tall man laughs hysterically as he places his hand on his right eye.


Eight spokes appear in his eye as he stares at the God tree.

"Otsutsuki clan don't need any bastards in such a remote place. All of them are nothing but fodder in my eyes.

The Senju clan, the Uzumaki clan, the Kaguya clan; all of them turned into fertilizers for the God tree. I failed to do so with the Uchiha clan, but there will always be an opportunity.

Once the God tree blooms and bears a chakra fruit; the Otsutsuki clan shall be the only supreme clan. Until then…"


The tall man disappears from the underground chamber.


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