182. The Bell Test Part-2 (Kakashi Style)
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Kakashi waves his hand to start the Bell Test. He takes out the new Icha Icha Violence given to him by Izuna.

Poof… Poof…

Naruto and Sasuke throw smoke bombs on the ground and create a smokescreen.

'Fundamentally, a ninja must mask their presence and hide. But when in open they need a distraction to get away from the enemy's vision. Looks like Izuna taught them well.'


Kakashi waves his hand and clears the smoke.

"I will pound you to death."

Naruto runs out of the smoke with a kunai in his hand.

"Guess… I had too high of the expectations."

Kakashi scratches his head.


He deflects Naruto's kunai with his own and backhand chop Naruto.


Naruto disappears in a puff of white smoke.


Kakashi is surprised to see this.

'Not a normal clone. But a shadow clone… looks like this kid is really onto something.'

"Got you."

The kunai turns into Naruto and attempts to grab the bell.

"Leaf Hurricane"

Kakashi immediately sweeps his legs and kicks Naruto away.


Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke again.

"That was close."

Kakashi closes the book and pockets it.

"Looks like I can't take it easy. These kids have some skills."

'That was a very creative way of using Shadow clones. Using transformation jutsu to transform a shadow clone into a kunai and testing the strength of the enemies.

He sure has learned a lot from Izuna. Besides Izuna, I can't think of any other shinobi who has enough chakra to perform such a feat. Maybe Naruto is the second person to do so.'


In a nearby bush,

Naruto clicks his tongue as the shadow clones send the information.

"He easily defeated my clones."

"He won't be much of an elite Jounin if he can't deal with the clones of a genin."

Sasuke remarks as he formulates a plan.

"We can't take him down individually… we have to join hands and strategize to get the bells."

Naruto nods his head and remarks.

"I hate to admit it… but looks like there is no other choice."

"Very well." Sasuke nods his head and turns towards Sakura.

"Sakura… is there anything you are particularly good at? I have known Naruto for so long that I am aware of all his strengths and weaknesses. So… you are the only when we have no information on."

"Well… Sasuke-kun… I… I am not really good at anything… except the writing part. I was the top scorer in the written exam." Sakura shyly replies to him.

"That's useless, Dattebyo! Do you want to beat Kakashi Sensei by throwing books at him?" Naruto places his hands beside his head as he questions Sakura.

'Shannaro… Naruto, I swear I will beat you to death for saying this in front of Sasuke-kun.'

The inner Sakura clenches her fist.

"I… I don't know." Sakura drops down her head.

"Enough… Naruto. I am sure she could play some part in our plan."

Sasuke turns towards Naruto and asks him.

"Naruto, do you have paper bombs?"

"Yes… I do. Izuna Nii-san creates all of our paper bombs, remember."

Naruto takes out a stack of paper bombs and passes them to Sasuke.

"That should be enough." Sasuke nods his head as he formulates a plan.


"Oh… they have hidden pretty well."

Kakashi walks through the forest as he searches for the group.

Swish… swish…

Multiple shurikens attack him from all directions.

Clang… Clang…

Kakashi deflects all the kunais as he remarks.

"Shinobi Battle Skill #1 Ninjutsu"


'Shuriken Shadow clone jutsu, '

The shurikens multiples as they attack Kakashi from his blind spot.

"Earth Release: Mud Wall"

Kakashi slams his palm on the ground and blocks the shurikens.


Sasuke clicks his tongue and changes his hiding spot.


'Wind Release: Vacuum Blades'

Naruto jumps out from the back of the wall as he makes some hand signs and releases multiple sharp wind blades at Kakashi.

"Well… that's not what a normal genin should be able to use… but I guess you aren't normal."


Kakashi releases a lightning bolt from his right hand and dissipates the wind blades.


Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke.


'He is very strong. To be able to use a weak element to counteract a strong element.'

Sasuke clicks his tongue.

"Yo… kid."

Kakashi appears behind Sasuke.

"What… how?"

Sasuke's eye widens in surprise.

"Shinobi Battle Skill #2 Genjutsu"

Kakashi makes some hand signs and casts a genjutsu on Sasuke.


Sasuke activates his Sharingan as he counterattacks the genjutsu.

"What?… a fully matured Sharingan at such an age."

Kakashi's eyes widen in surprise as his body gets paralyzed by the genjutsu.

"It's over."


Sasuke punches Kakashi.


Kakashi disappears in a puff of smoke.


"A shadow clone… I revealed my trump card for nothing."

Sasuke clicks his tongue.


He hears a scream from a distance.

"That's Sakura's scream. Looks like Kakashi Sensei got her. I have to save her… she is vital for our plan."

Sasuke dashes towards the direction of the scream.

"Huh… that's Sakura's scream. I have to check on her."

Naruto comes out from his hiding spot and dashes towards the scream.

"What's the hurry… kid?"


Kakashi jumps in front of Naruto as he kicks him.


Naruto is sent flying towards a tree.

"Shinobi Battle Skill #3: Taijutsu"


Crunch… crunch…

Izuna eats some popcorns as he records the fight in his memory.

"This fight turned out to be more challenging than the original."

Crunch… crunch…

"But I am more surprised at Kakashi's growth. Looks like the presence of Sakumo-san saved him from losing hope. Also… another factor is the seal on his Sharingan. It prevents the continuous drain of his chakra."

Slurp… slurp…

"That's so good."

Ayaka finishes a large can of soda.


"Onii-san… I don't like the flavor of Orange Soda. Next time, you should bring Lemon Soda."


Izuna silently nods his head.

"I will keep that in mind."


Ayaka burps cutely as she places her tiny hands on her mouth.

"You didn't hear that Onii-san… right?"


Izuna nods his head again.

"I heard nothing."

"Good… huhu."

Ayaka places her tiny hands on her waist as he stares at the bell test.

"Wow… Naruto and Sasuke Nii-san are very cool."


Both Izuna and Ayaka watch as Kakashi traps Sakura in a genjutsu. Sakura faints from the genjutsu.

"But that girl… she deserves it for bullying Naruto Nii-san. Now look who is the useless one?"


Ayaka harrumphs at Sakura.

'Looks like Ayaka doesn't like Sakura.'

"What about me? Am I not cool?"

Izuna points a finger towards himself.

"No… you are not cool."

Ayaka shakes her head.

"Is that so?"

Izuna drops his head depressingly.

"You are the coolest."

Ayaka hugs him tightly.

"Huhu… right… your brother is the coolest and most handsome Ninja born ever."

Izuna smugly raises his head.


"Yes… but I am cooler, right Nii-san?"

Ayaka makes puppy eyes as she cutely stares at Izuna.

"Yes… yes… of course, our little princess Ayaka is the coolest."

Izuna gently pats her head.

"Look… look… Nii-san, broom haired nii-san is fighting Naruto now."

Ayaka points towards the direction of the fight.


Naruto is kicked away by Kakashi as Naruto hits a tree.

"Ouch… that must have hurt a lot."

Ayaka closes her eyes.

"Ayaka… your Nii-san personally trained Naruto. He won't go down that easily. Look…"

Ayaka opens her eyes as he curiously stares at the fight.



Naruto jumps back as he wipes his face.

Ouch… ouch…

"My back hurts."

He slowly gets up.

Crack… crack…

He cracks his knuckles and dashes towards Kakashi.

"I haven't gone from the hellish training of Izuna Nii-san for nothing. Dattebyo!"

Bam… bam…

He exchanged blows with Kakashi.


'Leaf Hurricane: Whirlwind'

Naruto jumps in the air and performs a front flip to gain momentum as he lands a kick on Kakashi.


Kakashi blocks the kick with his left hand as he is pushed back by the attack.

"Looks like you have trained quite a lot in Taijutsu. Your endurance is quite high… Naruto."

Kakashi praises Naruto as he takes a Taijutsu stance.

"Now show me, how capable you are?" Kakashi taunts Naruto.

"Alright, let's face off fair and square."

Naruto makes a hand sign.

"Multiple Shadow clone Jutsu"

He creates ten shadow clones as he points towards Kakashi.

"Alright, boys, beat him up."

"Oye… Oye! how is this fair?"

Kakashi blocks one attack after another from Naruto's Shadow clones as he complains.

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