183. The Bell Test Part-3 (Kakashi Style)
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"Uzumaki Style: Ten Combo Smash"

The shadow clones attack Kakashi from all directions.

Bam… Bam… Bam…

Kakashi blocks one attack after another from Naruto.

"You have quite the knack for Taijutsu. But it's not enough."


"Leaf Hurricane Reverse Whirlwind"

Kakashi delivers a reverse roundhouse kick and dispels all the shadow clones.


He jumps in the air and grabs Naruto

"Falcon Drop"

Kakashi grabs Naruto's ankle and wrap legs around his waist as he drives Naruto into the ground.


Naruto is wedged into the ground as he struggles to get free from the ground.

"Aww… aww… let me out."

Swish… swish…

Multiple shurikens encircle around Kakashi and tie him up with metal wires.


"Fire Style: Great Phoenix Flower Technique"

Sasuke channels a large amount of chakra through fire as he incinerates the wires with the flames.

"This technique… it is a jounin level technique."

Kakashi's eyes widen in surprise.


The jutsu explodes near Kakashi as it turns him into cinders.

"Did I get him?"

Sasuke hurriedly checks his surroundings.


Kakashi's body turns into a wooden log as it turns to cinders.

"A substitution Jutsu!"


"Beneath you."

Kakashi jumps out from the ground as he clutches Sasuke's legs.

"Earth Release: Head-hunter Jutsu"


Kakashi pulls Sasuke into the ground as his head is wedged out.

"Using such a flashy jutsu in the middle of a fight leaves you vulnerable to surprise attacks. Now then…"


Sasuke smiles smugly as he disappears in a puff of smoke.

"Uchiha Style: Surging Fire Wild Dance"

Sasuke appears behind Kakashi and releases a barrage of kicks and punches.

Bam… bam…

Kakashi blocks his attack as he is pushed back by the impact.

"Now… Naruto!"


Naruto performs a backflip as he jumps in the air.

"Pile Driver"

He infuses some chakra in his leg as he directs the foot on top of Kakashi's head.


The kick shatters the ground.


Kakashi jumps back and avoids the kick. He performs a backflip and stabilizes himself.

"Sakura! this is our chance."

Sasuke yells as he signals Sakura.



Sakura makes some hand signs and slams her palm on the ground.

Rumble… Rumble…

The ground beneath Kakashi crumbles apart to reveal a pit full of explosive paper bombs.

"This amount of paper bombs…"

Kakashi's eyes widen in surprise at the sheer number of Paper bombs.

"Hey… hey! calm down, kids… when I said come with the intent to kill me; I didn't really mean it."

Whoosh… Whoosh…

Three of Naruto's shadow clones grabs Kakashi tightly as one of the smirks.

"Let's go down together, Kakashi Sensei. Dattebyo!"


The paper bombs light up as they trigger a massive explosion.

"We got him. Dattebyo!"

Naruto palm-claps with his shadow clone.


"Oh!... they did pretty well."

Izuna nods his head.

"Looks like their harsh training wasn't for vain."

Neh… Neh…

Ayaka tugs his sleeves as she points towards the group.

"Is broom haired Nii-san okay?"

Izuna gently pats her forehead.

"Just watch, it's not over yet."


Ayaka nods her head and turns towards the fight.

"I hope Naruto and Sasuke Nii-san wins this."

Ayaka silently prays with her hands closed.


Rumble… rumble…


Kakashi jumps out from the ground as he pulls Naruto in the ground.

"It's still too early to celebrate. You can't lower your guard until you have confirmed the decapitation of your enemy."

Kakashi reveals his Sharingan as he pants.

'I can't believe these kids pushed me to this extent. That Izuna! he is raising a bunch of monsters like himself.'

Huff… Huff…

Kakashi breathes heavily as he points towards the clock.

"Looks like time's up."

Huff… Huff…

"Yes, time's over."

Sasuke breathes heavily as he points towards Kakashi's belt.


Kakashi checks his belt as he notices the absence of the bell.

"We did it."

Naruto and Sasuke breathe heavily as they clap their palms together.

Jingle… jingle…

Both of them show the bell to Kakashi.


Kakashi scratches his head as he remembers the memory before the battle.

"It was then…"

The moment before the explosion flashes in his memory.

"Very well! Looks like both of you got one bell each."

Kakashi deactivates his Sharingan. He turns towards Sakura and shakes his head.

"Too bad Sakura… you didn't get the bell. Seems like you have to return to the academy."

'Sigh! I lost the bet with Izuna. Now he won't allow me to see the end of this.'

"Noo… I failed."

Sakura drops down her head as her eyes turn teary.

"That won't do. Sakura is our teammate, if not for her we won't be able to get the bells." Naruto defends Sakura as he argues with Kakashi.

"Kakashi Sensei, a genin team comprises three members. This test was unfair to begin with. With only two bells, one of us was sure to be eliminated. Sakura is the weakest link of our team, but that doesn't mean she has played no role in our strategy."

Sasuke argues with Kakashi.

"Hmm… that's true. But rules are rules. A ninja must always follow the rules regardless of the situation."

His expression turns serious as the atmosphere turns heavy.


Naruto gulps his saliva as he gets ready to fight Kakashi.

"We are a three-man squad. We are part of a team. If you want to fail one of us, then we three will return to the academy together."

Naruto clenches his fists together and shouts at Kakashi.

"Yes! we three are one team."

Sasuke nods his head.

"So, this is your collective decision."

Kakashi releases a wave of chakra to pressurize them.

"Naruto-kun… Sasuke-kun…"

Sakura's eyes tear up. She wipes her tears and turns to Kakashi with a resolute expression.

"No, Kakashi-sensei… don't fail them. I will return to the academy."

"No Sakura, we won't allow this." Naruto blocks Sakura.

"YOU GUYS…" Kakashi's voice turns heavy.

"… you pass."

He gives a thumbs up and smiles at them.

"Huh… what?"

The expression of Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto turns blank as they stare at Kakashi.

"Up until now, it was always just dunces who would meekly listen to what I said.

A ninja must see through the deception. A ninja who breaks the rule is TRASH. Rules are important, but friends are even more so.

Those who don't cherish their friends are worse than TRASH."

Kakashi's expression turns solemn as he reminisces his past.

'Obito… Rin… I failed you guys. But I won't repeat the same mistake.'

"Anyway… that's for the exercise. All of you pass. Come meet me tomorrow to officially start your missions."

"Yay… hurray!" Naruto jumps around as he celebrates his victory.

Whoosh… Whoosh…

Izuna appears in front of the group.


Ayaka raises her hands and greets the group.

"So cute…"

Sakura's eyes shine brightly as she walks towards Ayaka. She tries to pinch Ayaka's cheeks, but Ayaka pushes her away.


Ayaka dodges her hands and hides behind Izuna.

"No… get away from me. I don't like you."

"Why?" Sasuke asks her.

"You made fun of Naruto Nii-san."

Naruto walks up to Ayaka and picks her up.

"Today… your Naruto Nii-san is very happy. He will treat you to Ichiraku Ramen. Dattebyo!"


Ayaka clenches her tiny fists and bonks Naruto's head.

"That's so unhealthy. You only eat ramen, I won't allow this."

Ouch… ouch…

Naruto rubs his forehead in pain.

"But… but Ayaka… Ramen is so good. It tastes so heavenly, remember those silky noodles, that sparkling broth, the taste of the toppings. I can't help but salivate."

He tries to entice Ayaka.


Ayaka gulps a mouthful of saliva.

'No… I can't fall so easily. I have to take care of all of them. I am their caring imouto, after all. What will happen to them without me?'


She bonks Naruto's head again.

"No means no… if you argue again, I will complain to Tsunade Nee-san."

"But… but… my ramen."

Naruto depressingly drops his head as he sits in a corner and draws some circle.


Izuna clears his throat and turns to Kakashi.

"Kakashi! you lost the bet. It's time for you to fulfill your end of the deal."

He stretches his hand in front of Kakashi.

"Fine… fine…"

Kakashi takes out a packet from his pocket and passes it to Izuna.

"What's this?"

Ayaka walks up to Izuna and tries to grab the packet.

"No… nothing. It's nothing."

Izuna hurriedly grabs the packet.


He sets the packet on fire and burns it to ashes.

"Now I am really curious to know what it was." Ayaka places her tiny hands on her waist as she demands from Izuna.

Whistle… whistle…

Izuna whistles and turns his head away to avoid Ayaka's gaze.

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