184. Start of the Chunnin-Exams Part-1
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Inside the Hokage Office,


Tsunade yawns as he skims through the paperwork.

"The paperwork has increased recently… chunnin exam is on the horizon. I can't even relax a little."


Shizune slams a large stack of paperwork on the table.

"Tsunade-sama… these are the entries of genins taking part in the Chunnin exam. They have been nominated by their Jounin instructors. You have to inspect and approve their participation."


"Shizune… why do I feel like you are doing this on purpose?"

Tsunade has tears in her eyes as she stares at the stack of paper.

"No… no, of course not Tsunade-sama. As your secretary, it is my responsibility to make sure you do your job properly."

Shizune smiles smugly.

Knock… Knock…

Someone knocks on the door.

"Come in."

Tsunade corrects her posture as she adopts a serious expression.

"Yes… Hokage-sama."

Izuna and the group enter the office.

"Hello… Tsunade Nee-san."

Ayaka waves her hand at Tsunade.

"Oh… Ayaka."

Tsunade waves to Ayaka.

"Baa-san… give me a mission."

Naruto interrupts them.


Tsunade has a tick mark on her forehead as she angrily stares at Naruto.

"NARUTO… How many times would I have to tell you to call me Hokage-sama when I am in the Office? Be formal in the Hokage Office."


She bonks Naruto's head.

Aww… Aww…

Naruto rubs his forehead as a large bump appears on it.

"Now… now Tsunade! Be lenient on Naruto. Sometimes, I feel like he has turned this way because you bonk his head quite regularly."

Izuna jokes as caress Naruto's head with Mystic Palm.

"What did you say?" Tsunade angrily turns towards him.

"No… Nothing." Izuna turns his head away and whistles.

"But… but why Ayaka can call you informally."

Naruto complains.

"Ayaka is different. She is just a kid and look how cute she is."

Tsunade gently pinches Ayaka's cheeks.

"Yes… Tsunade Nee-san, you are also beautiful."

Ayaka compliments Tsunade.

"Aww… so cute." Tsunade hugs Ayaka.

"Look how smart she is."


Izuna and the rest of the group silently nod their head.

'She is a smooth-talker just like her elder brother.' Kakashi silently whispers to himself.

'I can hear your thoughts… Kakashi.'

Izuna turns towards Kakashi.

"But… but why she doesn't like me? Am I not beautiful?" Sakura questions herself.


Izuna controls his laughter as he tries to compose himself.


Kakashi clears his throat to get their attention.

"Hokage-sama, this group of genin has passed the final selection test."

"Oh! Kakashi, so you finally passed someone. Your standards are quite high for failing almost 5 teams previously." Tsunade sits on her chair with Ayaka in her lap.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. They have proved their strength to me and I think they are ready to start their Ninja life." Kakashi nods his head.

"Very well." Tsunade takes out three papers and stamps them.

"With this, their registration as a Ninja is complete. They can start Shinobi Missions from tomorrow." She places the papers in a file.

"Yay! I am finally a ninja. Baa-san, just give me a mission. I am itching to do some shinobi missions for such a long time. Dattebyo!"

Naruto jumps in front of Tsunade.


Another tick mark appears on Tsunade's forehead as she angrily clutches her fist.


Naruto gulps his saliva and retreats.

"NARUTO… tomorrow means tomorrow. Hammer this in that numb skull of yours." Tsunade angrily yells at him.

She points towards the large stack of paper.

"It was you who convinced me to take over this position. If you want to become Hokage, then you would have to do the same. Now don't bother me anymore, I have work to do."


Naruto quickly dashes out of Hokage Office.


"This Naruto! he will never learn." Tsunade shakes her head.

Kakashi and the rest of the group walk out of the Office as Izuna stays behind.

"So, how is it… the preparations for the upcoming Chunnin exam?"

Izuna sits on a sofa beside the Hokage seat.


Tsunade sighs and passes a scroll to Izuna.

"This is the reply from Iwagakure."

Izuna skims through the scroll and nods his head.

"I figured as much. That old fool of Iwa won't agree with it. He is a proud, headstrong, stubborn, and boastful geezer. It is part of the reason Iwa has no new Tsuchikage for the past thirty years."

Tsunade nods her head.

"He mocked Konoha for showing weakness and scheduling a joint chunnin exam."

"How about Kumogakure? What's their reply?"

Izuna lazily stretches his legs as he questions her.


Tsunade tosses another scroll at him.

"It's the same. That unruly A is quite stern, outspoken, and hypocritical. Looks like he is still hung up on his loss at your hands." Tsunade chuckles.

"Don't bother him anymore. He is still salty about his loss."

Izuna shakes his head.

"What about Sunagakure?" He asks her.

"Sunagakure has signed a peace treaty with Konoha after the Second Shinobi War and they helped Konoha during the Third Ninja War so needless to say they are our allies. They have agreed to the decision." Tsunade tosses another scroll to Izuna.

Izuna skims through the letter and nods his head.

"That Rasa of the sand is quite an open-minded individual when it comes to the welfare of Suna. But this makes him a dangerous ally required to be kept at a hand's distance. He can be quite ruthless to his allies."

Izuna warns Tsunade.

'He sent Pakura on a suicide mission to Kirigakure. Well, for him it was for the betterment of the village as Pakura could be a potential threat to his Kazekage position because of her title as the Hero of the Sand.'

Izuna shakes his head to discard such thoughts.

"What about the smaller Nations?"

"Well… Kusagakure, Takigakure. Tanigakure, Yugakure, and Ishigakure have agreed to the proposal. Only Amegakure denied the proposal." Tsunade lists the name of the small hidden villages.

"It's fine. That's still a lot of work for me."

Izuna rubs his forehead.

"You still have around three months to prepare," Tsunade assures him.

"Easy for you to say, you ditched your job on me." Izuna snorts.

"If I remember correctly… it was certain someone who pestered me to take the position of Hokage." Tsunade smiles smugly.

"Fine… fine… I will take care of this matter." He stands up and walks towards Ayaka, who is currently playing with Tonton.

"Onii-san! this pig looks so plump and juicy. I wonder how it will taste like."


Ayaka gulps her saliva as she hungrily stares at Tonton.


Shizune silently stares at the brother and sister duo.

'She is really his sister. Both of them think alike.'

Oink… Oink…

Tonton jumps out from Ayaka's grasp and hides behind Shizune.

"I think it is not a bad proposal. It has been a while since I last ate some pork."

Tsunade licks her lips.


Shizune grabs Tonton and hides her.

"Don't bully poor Tonton."

"Well… if you say so."

Izuna places Ayaka on his shoulders and walks out of the Hokage Office.

'It is a fine opportunity to introduce Mei to Mom and Dad.'



Izuna walks through the streets of Konoha market along with Ayaka.

Heave… hoo… Heave… hoo

The sound of heavy breathing falls in his ears.

He turns around and notices Might Guy and another boy in a green jumpsuit walking upside down on their hands through the streets.

Guy notices Izuna and jumps up with one hand and stands in front of him.

"Yo Izuna… let's have a duel."

'Not again… I can't handle the hot-blooded nature of Guy. He is too 'YOUTHFUL' for me.'

"Not today… Guy."

Izuna points towards Ayaka.

"I have made a promise to my cute little sister." He gently pats her forehead.

Guy turns to the boy beside him.

"Lee… he is the man whom I talked about. There are only two men whom I call my rivals. The first being Kakashi Hatake and the second being Izuna Uchiha."

"What?… He is your rival, Guy-sensei."

Lee's eyes shine brightly as turns to Izuna.

"Yes, Lee… we have trained together in my YOUTH and he is the only person whom I could never win against in Taijutsu. He is my motivation to try hard every day."

Guy clutches his fist and closes his eyes as he drowns in his youthfulness.

"This is Youth Lee. Giving your all in and train even harder to get stronger with each passing day."

Tears flow from his eyes as he narrates his struggles to Lee.


Lee hugs Guy as both of them have a youthful hug.


Izuna clears his throat to clear the awkward atmosphere.

"Guy! It has been a while since you start to train the genins. What are your thoughts on their participation in the chunnin exam?"

Sloosh… sloosh….

Guy wipes his tears and turns to Izuna.

"They are not ready yet. They are still lacking in youthfulness."

Huff… Huff…

A boy and girl catch up to the group as they stand beside Guy.

"Guy Sensei! can we take a break?"

The girl rests against an electric pole as she pants.

"Tenten, you are still lacking in youth."

"Well, I will see you later, Guy."

Izuna waves his hand and bade farewell to them.

"Onii-san… that bushy brow man is weird." Ayaka remarks.


"Yes… he is."

Izuna nods his head as they return to Uchiha compounds.

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