Chapter 69: Disappointing
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Mari pushed past the pain of her aching legs as she charged full pelt in Daphne's direction, the second biggest shit on her to kill list was standing before her and she couldn't falter now.

She wore the same sadistic smirk as that accursed night and it was enough to fan the flames of hatred blazing in her heart. In their first encounter Mari was able to overwhelm her a short time but even than it was clear that Daphne was stronger.

"Show me how much you've grown, Stray."

"Sure I'll happily oblige, cunt."

"Void Magic Third Form: Sanguine Orthrus:"

Mari placed her hand upon the cold stone ground as she called on her faithful servant, the first void spell she had ever cast. The creature crawled it's way from the circle blood falling from it's body like rain.

"The beast that massacred Shikishima, oh my."

"Sorry did you expect me to pull my punches."

"Right for the throat how dull." Daphne groaned.

"Everyone stay back, this fight is mine alone."

"But Mari she's an elder sister you're not ready." Lilith said.

"I don't give a fuck, she's my prey got it?"


"This is her matter to settle just protect the crest." Maya said.

"Let's go Orthi" Mari climbed atop her pet and prepared a thunderous charge Daphne side stepped the beast at the last possible second. Her arrogance was nauseating.

"This beast is much weaker than the last time i saw it, what's wrong little stray."

"I have to hurry so let me put it out of it's misery."

"Gale Magic: Ventus Flamea"

The winds answered Daphne's call and a gigantic spear made of raging winds formed in her left hand, Daphne's mastery of Gale magic was impressive no wonder she became an elder sister.

"You're dead! Daphne!"

Orthi prepared another charge cracking the earth beneath it's feet Daphne twisted her body into offensive stance it was obvious what she was trying to do. She'd try to dodge at the last second again and than pierce her summon with that oversized stick.

But Mari wouldn't fall for that no she'd make Orthi faint at the last second and than when she was airborne and unable to move she'd swipe her with Orthi's tail breaking her body and putting her out of commission.

Just as planned Daphne lept to the left side of Orthi in order to dodge it's snapping jaw, that cocky look plastered on her face would fade soon enough. As if reading her mind Orthi prepared to strike her with his hard as iron.

"You're finished Daphne!" Mari screamed

In a second Orthi swung his tail around with maximum velocity while Daphne threw her spear into the air missing both Mari and Orthi she wouldn't have to time to react let alone cast another spell this fight was over.

"Sorry to leave you disappointed but a simple faint won't work on me." Daphne sung as she twisted in the air narrowly dodging the ferocious tail swipe.

"Don't brag you missed too."

"This fights far from other, Daphne."

"I never miss, goodnight stray."

"What the hell..."

The spear that Daphne had thrown far into the air had returned with haste skewering Mari in her stomach she fell from the top of Othrus smashing into the stone flooring with blood pouring from her wound.

"Oopsie i was supposed to bring her back alive, oh well what the boss doesn't know can't hurt him."

"Mari!" Lilith screamed rushing to her side.

The rest of Class IX Team B joined her working quickly to heal Mari's wounds and save her life. "Saving her is no fun, I know how about i pick off the rest of you."

"Gale Magic: Ventus Flamea"

Daphne forged another wind spear and starting to pick her target twirling the spear around her fingers, "The Feris could be a pain so let's take him out of the equation."

Daphne lobbed her spear aiming for Aeolus who was helping place pressure on Mari's wound, they wouldn't be able to react in time as the spear raged towards it's defenseless target.

"Tide Magic: Aqua Flagellum"

A watery whip cleaved the spear of wind in half as Maya positioned herself in between the elder sister and the students of Class IX. "You're not hurting anyone else, Daphne."

"Or should i use your full name?"

"Daphne The Barbaric:"

"Do whatever you like, Maya The Traitor."

"Lilith, Madoka, Aeolus take care of Mari, I'll handle this trash."

"Trash? that stings and her i thought we were best friends."

"You'll pay for all the suffering you've caused."

"As long as i can can get off i don't give a rats ass."

"You're Revolting."

"That's rich coming from a professional torturer."

"Tell em the truth, you enjoyed your work, didn't you Maya."

"No I'd never enjoy something so atrocious."

"Your tongue spills likes but your body reveals the truth."

"You liked dominating them and controlling their lives."

"You're nothing more than a pervert in denial"