Chapter 70: Tide and Gale
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Daphne continued to chuck her spears of wind and Maya smashed them into pieces with her water whips, the dispositions of the two were polar opposites. Maya taciturn and serious wihile Daphne was amused and having the time of her life.

"Not bad traitor but let's turn it up a little."

"Gale Magic : Britva Vetra

A dozen horizontel blades of wind came careening towards Maya who used her whips to deflect them but they weren't enough. Daphne continued the onslaught but Maya managed to defend both herself and her squad mates.

"Tide Magic: Aqua Hindrun"

A shell of water enveloped the students of Class IX shielding them from the onslaught of razor sharp wind blades hurled relentelssly by Daphne.

"Thank you Maya" Lilith said

"You're welcome just tend to Mari."

" We're on it."

Mari was bleeding profusely from the wound but with the combined healing efforts of Madoka and Lilith she'd likely pull through though wouldn't be ready for combat for some time.

"Protecting the youth how honorable."

" Shut up and let's end this Daphne."

"Can you defeat me with your ballum split though?"

"I could handle you in my sleep."


Daphne used a gust of wind to jet foward in attempt to punch Maya who weaved under the attack countering with a kick to the stomach. "That hurt you bitch, I'll kill you."

"Gale Magic: Ventus Armatus"

"Be careful Maya Ventus Armatus is one of the three great Gale Spells." Madoka warned

Wind enveloped Daphne's body wraping in an armour of swirling green wind this was a spell that took an immense amount of Ballum to cast and greatly raised the offensive and defensive potential of the caster.

"I'll answer in kind then."

"Tide Magic: Aqua Armatus"

Just like Daphne Maya found herself armoured in a suit of swirling water while Daphne's suit came equiped a lance and shield Maya was given a katana of shimmering water. The students of class Ix could only spectate and hope for the best.

"I'd expect nothing less of an Arch Mage." Daphne snickered.

The pair of sorceresses danced and clashed in the air each collsion shaking the temple to it's foundation these two were on a level greater than the students could imagine. Water and wind collided in a grand spectacle of blue and green.

Though it appeared to be a stale mate the battle was decided in a single moment with Maya ducking a wild thrust from Daphne's lance.

"Octavia Style Fourth Sword: White Turtle"

Twisting her body Maya slashed diagonally and to the right slipping under he shield and sliceing through her body sending her careening to the ground and shattering her armor.

Daphne was bruised battered and broken as Maya fell to her knees from the strain of maintaining two high impact spells. Madoka and Aeolus rushed over to her side to make sur she was okay.

"You're amazing Maya!" Madoka said hugging her.

"Yes splendid performance."

"it was nothing...I'm just happy everyone's okay."

"How's Mari?"

"Sleeping but she'll be fine."

Aeolus helped Maya return to her feet and the trio returned to Mari and Lilith exhausted but reliefed that everyone survived Daphne's assault unscathed.

"Celeberating a bit prematurely don't ya think?"

Everyone's blood ran cold as Daphne stumbled back to her feet bloodied and cracking her broken bones back into place. "I apologize for underestimating you traitor let's start round two."

"I can't fight anymore..." Maya gasped

"Three on one spicy."

"She should be running on empty, work as a team and you can win, i believe in you." Maya said.

"Running on empty i haven't even broken a sweat."

"Now than how much...i think 20% will suffice."

Daphne brought her hands together and starting chanting something unintelligible before purple veins starting to tear her skin these sickly veins grew along her neck and before covering the left side of her face.

"What the hell is happening to her?'

"That's so gross."

"What you're gazing upon is true power."

"This isn't's abhorrent."

"Oh it's magic alright, but not the human kind."

"What do you mean not human?"

"Oh sweet traitor isn't it obvious."

"This is the power of a devil."

"Devils aren't real you're insane."

"They're very real, there's one inside me."

"Perhaps you need a demonstration."

Within the blink of an eye Daphne had teleported behind Madoka and with the back of her head clasp in her Daphne lifted the terrified Cottontail girl into the air. "

"You're so light almost like air"

"Put me down right now."

"God you're annoying, Shut up!:

Like crumpling a piece of paper Daphne crushed Madoka's skull in less than a second not evening given the young girl time to scream.

"That's better." Daphne sneered.

"Madoka!" Maya screamed

"You're dead" Aeolus and Lilith cried.

"So noisy"

In another instant Daphne teleported behind Aeolus and punctured his heart with her first causing the young Feris to drop dead immediately. "This isn't real, this can't be happening."

Lilith fell to the ground loosing control of her bladder and pissing herself due to the fear and anguish of seeing her beloved team mates butchered like animals. "You're royalty right Goldilocks you've always seen the world from the top right? Daphne asked crouching before her.

"please don't...hurt me...."

"Let me show you a whole new perspective."

Daphne cupped her hands around Liliths trembling cheeks before slowly pressing her thumbs into Liliths eyes and gouging her beautiful eyes out. Lilith let out a blood curdling shriek as the blood started to ooze forth.

"Yes keep screaming for me."

"God the screams of helpless girls really gets me going."

"Mother please, I'm sorry, I'll be a good girl, Help me."

"It hurts doesn't Lilith, it hurts real bad right?"

"Tell you what if you beg me to i'll take the pain away."

"Kill me." Lilith muttered

"Speak louder." Daphne mocked

"Please kill me."

"Good girl, Here you go,."

Daphne stomped hard ont Lilith's head splitting it wide open and grinding her heels in the blood, brains and entrails. Maya vomited violently in reponse to the nightmare that was unfolding.

"And that's a wrap i guess i thought that'd fight back a little, oh well i got to hear some sweet screams so I'm satisfied."

"You're a monster." Maya winced struggling to stand.

"At least I'm true to myself unlike you."

"Now to take that crest of your hand."

Maya shielded the crest with her body but lacked the power to prevent Daphne from seizing the control of the coverted relic. She help the sphere in her hands marveling at the lightning held inside it's core.

"Mission accomplished!"

"I'll stop you...."

"That's cute, now how should end you."