Chapter 72: Time heals all wounds
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Yoshiki surveyed the carnage the mangled bodies of the students of Class IX and his precious daughter was enough to make even his skin crawl. It took every ounce of restraint in his body to stay his hand from tearing Daphne apart.

"Let's clean up this mess."

Yoshiki snapped his finger and for the first time while verbally chanting an incantation "Chrono Magic: Root Stasis" A great silver clock descended from the roof covering the entire room in it's vibrant glow.

The ravaged bodies slowly repaired themselves to the previous state before they came into contact with Daphne, The spell was selective and target based as Daphne's wounds remained wholly untouched.

"They'll all survive, You failed Daphne."

"Your silence is extremely refreshing."

"All this senseless death for something so small" Yoshiki rolled the sphere around in the palm of his hands before dropping it discreetly into his jackets pocket.

Mari's wounds had completely healed but thanks to her pushing herself beyond her limits she'd like be unconscious for a few days. It wounded his pride to admit but Principle Lovelace was wise to send him.

Maya was the first and only of the squad to awaken while Yoshiki was preparing their exit. " Daphne, I'll stop you." Maya jolted upright sweating with shallow breaths.

"Relax Kiddo, You're fine."

Yoshiki wrapped his arm around the trembling girl and brought her in tight for a loving embrace, the girls entire disposition changed when she recognized who it was that was holding her.

"Papa." Maya cried hugging back.

"You were amazing, Maya."

"Far from it everyone died because of my weakness, I'm your greatest failure, I'm so sorry, Papa."

"Look around nobody died, not even Daphne."

"But i saw them die, horrifically...wait don't tell me, you didn't use that spell did you?"

"You didn't leave me much of a choice."

"You know that's dangerous Papa, also your hair, what happened to you Grima?"

"It broke during the fight."

"But than everyone will know who you are."

"Not like i could hide it forever might as well get it over with."

Maya staggered to her feet but managed to do little more than projectile vomit. "Take it easy, your body's never been rewound before so it's a little out of wack, just breath."

Root Stasis returns anything Yoshiki wished back to a previous state essentially making it possible to revive the deceased or restore broken objects.

Though the damage is repaired the muscle memory of the body still recalls the damage it sustained, so it's not uncommon for a person to vomit, piss or even shit themselves upon awakening.

"Let's get out of here kiddo."

"Hmm" Maya nodded.

Yoshiki produced a teleportation crystal from his other pocket and crushed it while scattering it's pieces into the air, just like before a dazzling rift of purple energy appeared before them.

Yoshiki casually picked up the still sleeping members of Class IX and tossed them through the portal one after another before turning to Daphne and pelting her with extra force.

In contrast with his lack of regard for everyone else he propped Maya up and the pair of them walked through the rift showing clear favoritism. Yoshiki had heard rumors of the existence of devils but had always dimissed them as myth and legend..

"What are you scheming little brother?"

Yoshiki whispered before being absorbed by the rift.