Chapter 74: Daphne
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“Wakey, Wakey, Big Sis Daphne!”

Mari peeled the blindfold from her enemies eyes and enjoyed watching as Daphne squinted against the garish glare of the morning sun. Daphne’s confusion soon shifted to indignation.

“The Stray just my luck.” Daphne sighed.

“Expecting someone else, Prince Douche perhaps?”

“I see the traitorous cunts healing worked how drab.”

Daphne rose to her feet stretching her muscles and yawning so loud it would wake an entire town, even though she was a prisoner of war her sadistic arrogance remained unchanged. Mari smiled along unperturbed.

“No Obstare Restraints, You bold.”

“You know about my devil right?”

“Yeah Behemoth The Acceleration Devil Right?”

“Than you know how stupid that was.”

Daphne screamed violently as she began her devil possession the terrifying powerful that killed all of Team B and Maya with zero effort and would have made away with the crest if not for his intervention.

“Huh?” Daphne stammered

“All that bluster and noise and you look the same, boo I want my money back.” Mari pouted.

“What the hell have you done!”

“Me personally? Nothing, The Empire well that’s funny”

“Miss Calliope is a real genius she figured out how to engrave an anti magic space onto the flesh of a person.”

“No more magic for you Daphne how sad.”

Mari lept forward dellivering a bone shattering kick to Daphne’s stomach dropping the bitch her knees as a mix of vomit and bloody spit spewed from her mouth.

‘You bitch! You broke my ribs...”

“Oh did I? I’m sorry.” Mari dug her boot in Daphne’s chest causing the woman to lurch and howl in pain.

“It’s odd isn’t it Daphne I’ve dreamed of this moment every night since the Sayuri festival and thought I’d be a ball of white fire but I’m calm as a starry night on a hot summers day.”

“Alright time for you to die!” Mari laughed

“Wait a second, wait please”

Daphne begged curling up into the fetal position as Mari loomed above her, seeing the bitch in such a pathetic state of was so damn satisfying. “What can you offer?” Mari said squatting next to the trembling Daphne.


“If you want your freedom what can you give me in exchange?”

“You have 10 seconds 10, 9, 8,”

“Information I Can give you information?”

“What kind of information?”

“Anything I’m deep within the enemy court, I know the plans of the Arch Bishop and the royal family and I’ll tell you everything I know, how’s that?”

“Yeah not doing it for me, See Miss Calliope is a master at Noetic Magic she’s already probed your mind so your intel is futile.”

Daphne’s face started grew pale and her eyes widened with fear realizing that she was totally at the mercy of one of the people whose lives she ruined.

“7, 6. 5. 4. 3. 2”

“Wait please, I’ll do anything, just spare me.”

“Why should I, How many people begged you for there lives? Dozens? Hundreds?”

“You’re one to talk! You slaughtered the sisters of the village, the children too. You killed more than anyone that night.”

That was technically Velvet’s doing but she had a point

“You’re right I did and I’d do it again, I’d kill everyone single person that fucking cult of a church if it would bring her back.”

“I’ve had a change of heart Daphne your powerless now, you’re not a threat to me or anyone else so I’ll let you go in exchange you’ve got to do little thing for me.”

“You see that on the ground over there.”

Mari gestured to a pile or fly covered week old hell-hound excrement, that huge pile of shit Mari’s lips twisted in a devilish smirk.

“Eat it”

“Your disgusting..”

Mari dragged Daphne towards the pile of shit by her hair dropping her face right in front it the stench was potent enough to make Mari gag. “These are your options either you eat that piece of shit or I’ll slit your throat, your call Daphne.”

“I can’t, I can’t do that.” Daphne cried.

“I’m sorry here let me help.”

Mari stomped on hack of Daphne’s head forcing her face into the pile of shit this was her perfect revenge she’d strip everything away from her. Her magic, her position and her pride.

“Aw see that wasn’t hard wasn’t?”

“I’ll fucking kill you, Mari Anno!”

“Why are you so angry you’ve almost won your freedom”

Mari brought her fingers to her lips and whistled sharply a few moments of silenced past before violent rustling in the bushes sounded from every direction and a pack of seven hell-hounds emerged.

“Do you recognize were we are Shit Face?”

“Hell-Hounds? Why aren’t they attacking?”

“Come on think, were are we Daphne.”

“No...That’s can’t be...”

“Bingo we’re in the forests of Shikishima.”

“It’s funny when I summoned Orthi and slaughtered the village all the Hellhounds where watching from the towns edge, they yielded to Orthi as their pack leader and since I’m Orthi’s master they now see me as their alpha.” Mari explained making her way to each hound and caressing them.

“Listen closely Shit Face this is our last game.”

“It’s called Hellhounds on my trail, the rules are simple.”

“You started running you get a 10 second head start than the hounds start chasing. Your win condition is simple elude the hounds and you win.”

“This is fucked you can’t do this?”

“You nailed the woman I love to a fucking tree, I’ll do as a damn please, you’re not a person anymore your just a sack of meat.” Mari said spitting on Daphne’s face.

“You’ve got 10 seconds best get moving?”

Daphne sprang to her feet and was about to take off running but Mari grabbed her buy her shoulder and spun her around. “Oh a big girl like you needs a handicap so here you go.”

Without a lick of hesitance Mari dug her thumbs into Daphne’s eyes and gouged them straight out of her sockets as Daphne whimpered and let out an anguished scream before dropping to her knees.

Mari licked the blood from her thumb knelt down and shoved both her eyes into Daphne’s mouth and forcibly made her chew and swallow them cackling all the while.

“Oh deary me looks like your 10 seconds is up.”

“Goodbye, Daphne.”

Mari coldly snapped her fingers giving the signal for her hungry pack to assail Daphne from every direction it was gruesome spectacle as the flesh was torn clean from her bones and her limbs were torn apart in the ravenous frenzy.

Her screams turned into a gargle as one of the hounds sunk it’s serrated teeth into her throat severing her vocal chords, Mari knew she feel revolted watching this and if it was anyone else she would but after what Daphne did her only feeling was relief and the wish that she could kill her more than once.

When the hounds were done feeding she was a little more than a bloody skeleton with fragments of flesh barely clinging to her bones. Hell-Hounds are thorough eaters always picking their meal’s clean they would have eat everything but Mari grew tired of waiting.

“Can’t let you go to hell thirsty.” Mari said pissing on her remains

“Now than let’s collect that devil.”

Mari placed her hand over Daphne’s corpse breathing in before casting the spell this would be her first devouring anything let’s just hope there’s no nasty side effects.

“Void Magic First Form: Devour”

A mouth opened in Mari’s hand and dozens of tentacles rushed forth attaching themselves to Daphne and started sucking over a short time Daphne’s body started to disperse into dust which was funneled into the mouth.

With each passing second Mari could feel her power growing she knew that she could cast Gale magic on instinct, she wasn’t surer about Behemoth’s magic but she could feel the bastard wriggling inside her, the same way she could feel Velvet’s presence.

“Void Gale Magic: Ventus Armatus”

A dark wind enveloped Mari’s body cladding her in the same armor Daphne wore only in stead of a lance and shield she was given a gargantuan scythe. Turning away from her hounds Mari put all her pent up rage and self loathing into a single swing of her scythe.

A squall shot forth slicing through rows of trees and carving up the earth in it’s wake, one swing wasn’t enough she swung again and again and again until her arms were heavy and the tears were teaming down her cheeks

“I did it Shi, I got her.”

“One down, a shit ton to go.”

“Four more sisters and one royal family.”

Mari stood up and direct her gaze towards the clear azure sky and the birds that soared without a care in the world, she decided that she would stop grieving and leave her pain in the village. She’d honor Shi’s wish and live the best life she could. She’d dedicate herself to the destruction of the Hyogo Kingdom and the church that shackled her and countless other innocent woman.

“I’m coming for you, Arch Bishop, No Seijuro.”

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