Bonus Chapter: Sister Norn’s Bizarre Adventure
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Teleportation wasn’t an option so the road to her destination had been long and exceedingly dull, it caused her heart to ache being separated from the Arch Bishops side. But his orders were an absolute and she would do anything to meet his exalted expectations.

Norn had been tinkering away in her quarters scheming and thinking of ways to accelerate the kingdom’s conquest of Eris when the bishop beckoned her to his personal chambers. The two made love as they always had before her master gave her a most peculiar assignment.

“Excuse me Lady Norn!” A soldier beckoned.

“Yes, what do you want?” Norn yawned.

“We’ve arrived at our destination my lady.”

“Delightful any longer on the road and I’d die.”

The carriage came to a gentle stop and the door was pried open by one of the kingdom’s soldiers, Norn wasn’t wearing her formal attire as this was personal request and not church related business. She was dressed in cute and frilly black dress with red trimmings and red thigh high socks to contrast her black boots perfectly crafted for stepping on the peasants beneath her.

“Hmm” Norn cleared her throat.

Three soldiers fell in front of her providing humans steps for her to descend and she did digging her boots into the backs of the men with great pleasure.

“So this reeking cesspool is Shikishima Village?”

“Yes my Lady.” Yet another soldier said.

Norn remembered her conversation with the Arch Bishop as she stretched any longer and her muscles might have atrophied, she was a mastermind and a genius tactician combat was reserved for dogs and the deranged like Daphne and Miriam.

I have a personal request for you Norn travel to Shikishima Village and retrieve a particular person for me. “

“Shikishima Village, I thought it that was reduced to graveyard by the stray?”

It was but I’m not after a living person, their remains will suffice.”

I understand you want to me to do “that” right?”

Precisely! You’re as sharp as ever, Norn.”

You want me to get Old Man Schwain right?”

No weak fools like him have no place here, The one I want you to get...”

And now she was here underneath the blistery son in this shit pile of village surrender by inferior specimens. “Get digging you maggots.” “There’s so many graves how will we know which one to dig?”

“You’re all hopeless without me, does any of these stand out to you captain?” Norn mocked gesturing at all the grave markers.

“Uh...Oh that one by the tree, it’s isolated by itself.”

“Bingo! Get digging.”

Tripping over their own feet the soldiers sunk their shovels deep into the earth and after a good half hour or so they had dug deep into the soil to retrieve that which they had traveled so very far for.

“Come quickly Lady Norn!”

“Hmm finally took you long enough”

Norn drank the last of her Lily Blue tea and tossed her empty cup behind her almost striking one of the soldiers in the face, Norn twirled her way towards the open grave twirling past soldiers who were coated in sweat and grime.

“Ugh what a repulsive form.” Norn scoffed

“What now, My Lady?”

“Wrap it up and place it in the back of the carriage with the utmost care, if even a single bone falls apart I’ll cut your balls off.”

The soldiers scrambled to excavate the body with the utmost care wrapping it and securing it in the bak of the carriage, this seemed like an awful lot of trouble for someone who’s already been forsaken and killed but Norn didn’t care she just had to do as she was bayed.

“Enjoy the ride, Shinobu.” Norn whispered.