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Hey guys with season 2 fast approaching (October 1st baby!) I've decided to create one monster document that details everything about Velvet Abyss, the world, the characters, the magic system,  the geography, the lore, races, gods ect.   I really hope you enjoy.


For now here's part 1 the principle geography of the world.


Part I:  Geography

Ascar:  Ascar is the setting of the story a vast and mysterious world full of war and sorrow it's the world that Mari was reincarnated into by the goddess of purgatorial reincarnation Elpheria. 

Eisen:  Eisen is an enormous continent that was once largely uninhabited by humans,  over the countless wars and dictators that have come and gone over the centuries four great powers eventually rose up dividing the continent and ushering in a fragile and easily broken harmony. 

The Four Territories

Eris Empire:  The eldest of the four territories once controlling 40% of the continent they're reach and influence has greatly been reduced over the centuries,  since the former emperor Leonhardt Grayfia the grandfather of current Emperor Soren Grayfia the empire has been a refuge for the unfortunate welcoming all foreigners who wish to call the empire their home.  

Though thanks to the propaganda of the Flanade Church and the wide spread belief that their the instigator of The Great Vapen war they're reviled by the general public of the Hyogo Kingdom and with Regulus Astrea allied with them they're reputation has been smeared in the Lancaster Alliance as well.

Dresden Kingdom:   A kingdom famous for it's natural resources beautiful landscapes and abundance of seaside resorts once known as the Verdant Kingdom they have since all but gone extinct.  With great tragedy of the Ashen Massacre and obliteration of the great city of Vallagunia the capitol of the kingdom and home to an approximate one million people. 

The kingdom has been ruled by the Octavia dynasty for a thousand years with the current Queen Anna Octavia missing in action the Kingdom was simply assimilated into the Hyogo Kingdom ceasing to exist.

Lancaster Alliance:  The smallest of the four territories and ruled with absolute authority by the four great houses they have historically remained neutral but with the betrayal of House Astrea and rumored execution of the other great houses the Lancaster alliance has been reforged into a vassal state of the Hyogo Kingdom.  With it's annexation complete Lancaster has ended it's neutrality to side with the Hyogo Kingdom

Hyogo Kingdom:  Holding the greatest military in Eisen they started the Great Vapen war almost five years ago and seem to be hunting down the Crests, comparable in size to Dresden though known more for it's wintry landscapes and dense forests.    The Kingdom is also home to the monotheistic Flanade Church which worships the goddess Nero, the royal family each harbor cataclysmic magic unique to them known as Noble Rights that grant access to almighty magic outside the realms of what should be possible. 

Their true goals and intentions are unknown though they have  demonstrated a ruthlessness and cruelty as well as the will to achieve their ambitions regardless of cost.    Being home to the Flanade church they're a hot spot for devout tourists wishing to worship at many of the alters of Nero that litter the land.

Major Cities

Eris Empire

Edelgard:  The Imperial Capitol and last stronghold of the empire it's size is equatable to Vallagunia and has a population of about eight hundred thousand,  it has the famous magus academy Lisianthus and Tantalion Palace the seat and home to the imperial family.   As well as the adventurers guild headquarters and is home to some of the most famous Adventuring Parties in Eisen such as Nox Rixia. 

Dresden Kingdom

Vallagunia:  The Verdant City was a metropolis and bustling economic hub though not the seat of the Royal Family it was scene as the greatest accomplishment and the shining jewel of the kingdom.  Now it is little more than an ash soaked tomb and a memento of the horrors of war.

Hildr Castle:  The ancestral seat of the royal family and one of the continents most impregnable fortresses.

Lancaster Dukedom

Regalia:  The Fortress and ancestral seat of the Astrea Dukedom, currently headed by the brother of Regulus Astrea, Alastair Astrea. 

Hyogo Kingdom.

Shimizu:  The third largest city in Eisen and home to the Hyogo royal family it boast a populace of three hundred thousand.

Kimura:  Know as the forsaken city it was once the second largest of the Hyogo cities and a booming industrial powerhouse but to keep secrets from the public a tragedy was fabricated and it is forbidden for civilians to venture inside the supposedly cursed city.  Kimura is under the jurisdiction of Prince Tetsuya Hyogo.

Tsuroka:  Known as the fabled Holy City it severs as the headquarters for the Flanade Church and has been refereed to has the heart of the kingdom.


Hyogo Kingdom

Royal Family:

Rokujo Hyogo:  The king of the Hyogo Kingdom and the main instigator of the great vapen war,  he secrets the Crests and to satisfy his unknown ambitions.

Hideto Hyogo:  The exiled eldest Prince of the Hyogo kingdom long thought deceased he defected eight years ago for unknown reasons, adopting the alias of Yoshiki and siding with the Eris Empire.  A mage of tremendous skill he opposes his family with iron resolve.  Also known for flirting with every man with pulse.

Seijuro Hyogo the second son of King Rokujo Hyogo and the Arch Bishop of the Flanade Church responsbile for the Ashen Massacre, and the tragedy of Shikishima. Has shown a sadistic indifference to the suffering of others.   Seems to be close to Norn Albarea.

Setsuna Hyogo:  Eldest daughter of Rokujo Hyogo and thought to the most benign of the family she has  been spending her time traveling the continent from village to village on business related to the church.

Mei Hyogo:  Known and feared as the Red Demon and the Rupture Princess she is one of the strongest mages on the continent and a prodigious combatant with a sound mind for tactics.    Her bloodthirsty reputation has made her feared by her enemies but she has shown compassion, kindness and concern for her allies and those who serve under her.

Yukina Hyogo:  The third daughter of Rokujo Hyogo and the chief Diplomat of the royal family she is known for speaking in a calm and soothing tone and for her love of fashion and art. 

Shigure Hyogo:  The youngest son of Rokujo Hyogo and something of a prodigy and after spending a year studying under Norn he has become one of the commanders of the Hyogo armies.    His sterling success has earned him the moniker Diamond Shigure for his dazzling good looks and luck on the battlefield.

Tetsuya Hyogo:  The younger brother of the Kingdom and former supreme military commander was responsible for spearheading the eradication of foreign bandits when he was just ten year old.   Content to enjoy his days free from the demands of being king he has no desire to claim the throne though not fond of his brothers actions has he decide to support his ambition to the bitter end.   The War God.

Ikki Hyogo:  The son of Tetsuya Hyogo and the younger twin brother of Mari Hyogo Ikki is a capable warrior having earned the rank of Jade Dragoon the second highest title a lance user can attain.

Mari Hyogo:  The daughter of Tetsuya Hyogo and the elder twin sister of Ikki Hyogo she is elusive and mysterious she is attending a certain prestigious magic academy in Lancaster though


Phalanx Knights

The Phalanx Knights are an all female team of warriors who each serve a member of the Hyogo Royal family.

Elsa Crosner:  The maid and knight of Seijuro Hyogo known as the Azure Scorpion

Vanica Lucifuge:  The maid and knight of Mei Hyogo known as the Ebon Viper.