Chapter 78: The Great Tower
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I’ll never get used to Reisen Crystals.” Mirai said bracing himself against the brick wall of an inn, heaving the contents of his stomach on to the pavement below. Mistress as always remained wholly unaffected.

“You doing okay.” Mistress asked.

I just need a minute”

Tick, Tock, Tick Tock.” Mei grinned.

In the short while he had been intimate with the Princess as her pet he had gleamed that she was a girl with two faces, on one side the Rupture Princess, The Red Demon of Hyogo. A true devil on the battlefield whose destructive power bursts all that dare to oppose her. Her eyes icy and her demeanor as cruel and unforgiving as gilded steel.

The other side is the one she shows to her subordinates she governs the Midori Division with absolute authority not because of her status as a Princess or for her terrifying power but because she carries herself with pride and values the life of those beneath her. She laughs and teases like an ordinary girl.

Ruthless and Merciful, Savage yet benign, she’s really an enigma that’ll defies understanding, regardless of the outside opinion of her she would always be his mistress whether she was morally right or wrong wasn’t his concern.

“Wow there’s way more people than last time!”

Well with a population of 250,000 it’s not surprising.”

Ain’t got nothing on Dresden’s Vallgunia.”

Yeah those poor people.” Mei sighed.

To think that Eris would go that far.” Mirai exhaled.

Yeah I wonder how they did it, a million people dead, it's quite scary actually."

We’ll have to be on guard moving forward, Mistress.”

Yeah, let’s make our way to the tower.”

Before that let me do one thing.”

Mistress took a necklace from her back pocket and started an unfamiliar incantation. “O trickster of a thousand faces, I offer mine for your collection, grant on to me, a new beginning, Grima!”

A pink light enveloped the princess altering her appearance dying her hair a dirty blonde and changing her facial structure and voice. “So that’s a Grima, never seen one in person before.”

“Yeah Daddy gave one to each of us, for intelligence gathering and going behind enemy lines.”

“Today though I’m using it so we can move freely in the city.”

“Are we not supposed to be here, Mistress.?”

To the contrary we’re too welcome, my family is to popular her for it’s own good.”

It wasn’t surprising to see one of the kingdom’s largest cities thriving despite being in throngs of war, after Eris’s massacre of Dresden and the annexation of Lancaster the kingdom was the cusp of a glorious victory.

Despite living in Eris he felt little love for the empire and by all accounts was content with his status as an honorary Hyogo citizen. If she could see him he was sure that she would be proud of the path his chosen to walk.

“Watch over us, Mildine.”

You say something?”

Just a prayer, Mistress.”

Right well look sharp, we’re here.”

Resting in the northeast of the town lay the great tower, the Nero Kastala 50 stories high and Nero only knows how deep it ran underground. Being a foreigner he knew little about the inner machinations of the church but given that the order of Flanade was the most wide spread religion on the continent he was familiar with the customs.

The tower was made a gorgeous glass like substance that shimmered reflecting the gorgeousness of the azure sky, as they ascended the endless flights of winding black marble steps they arrived at the entrance to the tower.

Standing either side of the great cast iron door that gave entrance to the tower were two sisters of the church, garbed in the traditional attire of the church though with there colors inverted. A pure white instead of the standard black.

“Halt!” One of the sisters said leaping down to meet them.

What are they holding Mistress?”

In there hand were long staffs fashioned from steel with a multi colored spheres resting atop one was predominately ruby and the other lavender. “They’re Ballum Scepters, new toys of the church that are able to double your ballum output. Daddy told me about them.”

“The church is currently off limits so state your business.”

You inquisitors really are the best you haven’t lowered your guard at all.”

I repeat state your business immediately.”

I’m here to see the Arch Bishop about fixing him up.”

The Arch Bishop is far to busy to deal with scum like you.”

Now get out of our sight.”

Don’t make us use force.” The other sister stepped forward.

This could be fun I’m in the mood for a fight.” Mei smiled.

Mei stretched and cracked her knuckles Mirai sighed as he prepared himself to watch another one sided thrashing. “Please don’t kill them Mistress.” Mirai sighed. “Worry not, I’m only going to spank them a little for their hubris and lack of tact.

“Your a stubborn fool in over her head.”

If words will not convince you than our magic will suffice.”

Prepare yourself for you face Inquisitors number XII and XVII. Duvalie and Tita, prepare yourself

“Okay girls try to last a minute before quitting.”

You dare to mock us inquisitors, here try this.”

Swords of light flew towards the Princess as the other sister leapt into the air causing a dozen stone spikes to crash down on the Princesses position, these inquisitors lived up their reputation.

“Such savage power.” Mirai gasped.

We may have over done it, Duvalie”

Yeah, sorry for the mess, Tita.”

Nox Ferrum and Megalith Spikes.”
“And casting without a chant, you girls are good.”

Impressive, And who exactly are you?” Tita asked.

If ya wanna know so bad than beat it out of me.”

You’ve got skill Miss, but not enough” Duvalie chided.

Let’s do it, Duvalie.”

Our combination attack.”

Duvalie and Tita charged up their white and black aura’s were frightening, they’re as strong as the Black Lioness, no stronger if he didn’t have the Princess on his side he’d be shitting himself well and truly.

“Watch Closely Mirai, This is the power you seek.”

Combination Magic: Atlas Eclipse Cannon.,

Two spheres appeared above the girls heads one white and the other brownish orange the two spheres became one as the ground started the tremble. Before long a beam of intense energy erupted and came screaming towards the Princess who didn’t so much as bat an eye.

“The intensity of you two is making me wet, lets finish this in style girls.” Mei lauched.

Char Magic: Meteo Rave”

A scorching ball of fire appeared over the Princesses right hand it grew and grew in size until it matched the opposing sphere. “It’s been ages since I’ve used Char magic, let’s turn up the heat.”

“Forget spanking you, I’ll burn you both to cinders.”

So this is the side our enemies see it’s understandable how she would garner the reputation as the Red Demon. He’d seen Char magic before but not like this, this was surely Tier 4 magic.

“Now Die!” Mei screamed launching her attack.

Stop, Mistress.” Mirai pleaded stepping forward.

Their Atlas Cannon stood little hope against the furious flames of the Princess and just as they were about to be engulfed a savior stepped in to bring the impromptu battle to a sharp conclusion.

“An amusing spectacle but i’m afraid it end here.”

Solis Negatari”

A booming voice sounded from above and both spells vanished in an instant, both the Princess and the two inquisitors were caught off guard. Hovering above us was a handsome young man, with flowing white and red robes and the same scarlet hair as his Mistress.

I appreciate the vigor but can’t have you girls burning the city down, now can we.”

Duvalie and Tita fell to their knees at once and it didn’t make guessing to figure out who the imposing figure standing before him was, acting on instinct Mirai also dropped to one knee.

“You did well, Duvalie, Tita.”

We only did as require, Your grace.”

This girl and her cripple friend have attacked the sanctity of the Flanade church, please see them delt with your grace.”

“That won’t be necessary.”’

But, your grace.”

The man walked casually towards the Princess both wearing the faintest glimmer of a smile.

“Did you think using Char Magic and a Grima would disguise yourself from me?”

No but I figured getting into a scrap would be the quickest way get your attention.”

“You never change do you, My Sweet Sister.”

Did you miss me big brother.” Mei chirped hugging the man.

I suppose it has gotten a little quite around here of late.”

To be so far removed from the front lines I presume you have pressing business to discuss with me correct?”

Yeah there’s a few things I’d like to ask actually, got a minute.”

I think i can clear ten minutes for my capricious whirlwind of a little sister.”

“But not here let’s retire to my personal quarter“

At ease Inquisitors have Claire and Shirley take your posts you deserve some rest after that little unforeseen excitement. “

“As you wish your grace.”