Chapter 79: Testing the waters
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The office of the Arch Bishop was sprawling and immaculate befitting someone who doubled as a Prince of the kingdom, so he was the famous Seijuro Hyogo the military genius responsible for much of the kingdoms success and youngest Arch Bishop in over a century.

“How long as it been Mei, four months?”

“ Yep it was Daddies war council.”

“I hear the Midori Divison has been quite the success story”

“Oh please we’ve got nothing on Shige and the Shiro Division”

“Yes our little brother has proven a deft commander.”

“At this rate with no unforeseen setbacks we’ll be ready in two months.”

“But enough war talk, Father’s planning a final war council so it can wait.”

“I presume you’re impromptu visit regardsour aimless friend.”

“I’m Mirai your grace, I’m a captain of the Midori Division and more importantly, Mei’s pet.”

“Yes Mei does seem rather smitten with you, elevating a pet to Captain status though hmm..”

The Arch Bishop approached Mirai surveying him with his piercing ruby eyes his presence was downright suffocating no wonder he was revered with such fervor. After guiding his eyes up and down Mirai’s trembling frame the Arch Bishop shifted his attention back to the Princess.

“Time is fleeting so I’ll be blunt, what is he to you?”

“Is he a pet, a captain or something more?”

“Mother always said actions before words so heres your answer.”

Mei skipped towards Mirai and without so much as a warning wretched him down into an intensely passionate kiss. His heart raced as her soft thin vermilion lips pushed firm against his own, the two melting together in a beautiful instant of ephemeral bliss.

It were as if all his senses were heightened he could feel everything the softness of her lips, the steamy heat of her breath, the flagrance of Licorice red tea that lingered, he had always viewed himself as lesser than her, he had placed her on a pedestal as some sacred effigy eternally out of his reach but for a solitary moment they stood as equals stripped of position, rank and power.

“Hey Mirai, Lets get married.”

“Mistress don’t joke about things like that.”

“Who said I was joking?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re a Princess and I’m just a grub writhing in the filth.”

The princess cupped Mirai’s cheeks and directing his gaze towards her, her typical smile had transfigured into an ominous scowl. “You will never think of yourself in that way again, that’s an order got it?” Mei ordered.

“I see no issue, Father has always said to love and wed who we wish.” The Archbishop chuckled.

Before the conversation could continue the door swung wide open and a cotton candy haired girl garbed an immaculate white and red robe waltzed in like she owned the place.

“I’m back Darling!” the girl chirped running into the Arch Bishops arms.

“I’ve missed you Norn.” The Archbishop said patting her head.

“You should greet our guests.”

“How uncouth of me.”

“Oh my, greetings Princess I never expected to see you so soon.”

“And to your armless friend too.”

“Yeah we’re hear to get him fixed up.” Mei smirked.

“Figured as much, is Coco busy today.”

“Well she’s about to bring her back to life, but in order to fix him we’ll need a to do another devil binding ritual.” Norn sighed.

“Very well can you spend a night or two here, Mei?”

“Sure can big bro, I left the front line in Vanica’s hands so we’re good.”

“The Jade Spider, I feel sorry for our foes.” Norn laughed.

“We won’t be able to fix him up till tomorrow, but there’s something I’d like to show you, let’s go to the Crois Workshop.”

Mirai followed the others to a gigantic elevator in center of the entrance hall this tower had so many levels above ground that it would stand to reason that the underground would as if not more elaborate.

His mind was still spiraling as he savored the taste of his Mistresses lips, she wasn’t the type to lie but she surely couldn’t be serious a Princess marrying a limbless peasant it’s utterly absurd.

“Don’t be rude introduce yourself to her.”
“Greetings I’m Mirai former captain of the sixth squadron of the Midori Division.”

“Former?” Mei looked surprised.

“Well thanks to that woman I no longer have a squad to command.

“And which woman would that be?” Norn pried

“Clementine The Black Lioness.”

“A genius able to attain both Arch Wizard and Emperor ranks.”

He had heard the name before during the small time had been in the Kingdom, Norn Albarea better known by the moniker Norn The Cunning, the kingdom’s primary military strategist and a brilliant tactician. Her body was petite but she carried herself with all the strength of a behemoth and behind the frivolity lay eyes as cold as a black winters night.

“Yes she really had my number, if not for the Princess.”

“Well there’s only a few people who can contend with her power.” The Archbishop chuckled.

“Princess I fear you need to train your toys better, this vermin hasn’t introduced himself yet.”

“Allow me to give him a crash course in proper decorum.” Norn grinned.

In a moment Norn had disappeared and emerged in front of him still smiling wide as she moved to place her hand upon her chest. A crash erupted from the opposite of the room and as quick as he could blink the Princess had charged towards them and had a vice grip upon Norn’s hand.

“Oh my that caught even me off guard.”

“Norny, what the hell are you doing?”

“Just testing the waters.”

“Look you might be my future sister in law and I really, really like you. But allow me to make one thing crystal clear.”


“If you ever harm him, I’ll tear you apart, got it?”

“Yes, Yes calm down, I was just a little curious.”

“When aren’t you curious?”

“Fair point, Perhaps I should be called the Avaricious instead of the cunning.”

“You seem plenty cunning to me,” Mirai said nervously.

Mistress and Lady Norn both pivoted their gaze giving Mirai complete attention, his heart was a flutter this would be the second time in less than a day that his Mistress had rushed to his defense.

“That’s a fine compliment considering who your father was, right Sie...”

“You’re talking to the wrong person, that name belongs to dead man from a dead life.”

“I heard you were astute Lady Norn but the rumors don’t do you justice.”

“I’m Mirai, the loyal pet of our mighty Princess, nothing more.”

“Mirai.” Mei sighed.

“Sorry for hiding it from you, but the past is immaterial so I’d rather keep it that way.”

“You’ve grown quite bold, but I’ll allow it.”

“This has been a most entertaining exchange, but we’re here so let’s get to business.” Seijuro decreed.

“Yes your grace.” Mirai and Norn said bowing.

“Sure thing bro.”

The elevator opened revealing a vast room with all sorts of peculiar equipment and men and woman darting about dressed in pristine white lab coats. The room emitted a potent fragrance he had smelt it before but couldn’t put his finger on were.

“Norn do the honors please.”

“At once, Your Grace.”

“Mirai, Princess Mei.”

“Welcome to the Crois Workshop.”