Chapter 86: You sure about this?
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“Stop teasing me and put it in already.” Mari moaned spreading her pussy lips apart with her fingers.

Her own juices soaking her slender pale fingers. “You sure about this?” Drake asked in between exasperated pants.

“You’re joking right, third round today and you need to ask?”

“Hey, consent is important...okay.” Drake averted his eyes.

“Ugh fine.” Mari crawled on top of the boy and forced him to look at her.

“Listen cause I'm only saying this once, I want you to take that throbbing, noble cock of yours and fuck me senseless, that clear enough for ya”

Drake nodded as Mari sat over his cock it had quite a nice girth and was larger than any man he’d slept with in his previous life, not that size matters all that much in the end it’s what you can do with that really counts.

Taking initiative Mari positioned his cock beneath her wet pussy and sunk down upon it allowing the cock to fill her up, the rush of sensations was unbelievable this was all she wanted that single moment of ecstasy when two bodies melt into one.

Time slowed to a crawl as Mari felt everything with vivid detail her heart beating like a drum the feeling of his hot breath against her sweaty skin, the way he pounded deeper into inside with every feverish thrust.

“Oh...shit….I think… ugh…..I’m about to cum.” Mari rasped between laboured breaths.

“Me... too...” Drake whimpered

Being railed was so addictive she hadn’t given it much thought but with her new body for the first time in her life, she was desirable and sexually wanted, as a man she was the textbook definition of mediocrity not ugly enough to be repulsive but not good looking enough to be attractive either.

So this time she’d fuck as much as she pleased without a care in the world men, woman, devils she didn’t give a shit, hell maybe she’d ask Velvet if she was down to screw being alone all that time she must have so much pent up sexual desire to work out.

Her vision blurred as her body burned with passion, yes this is what she needed the single moment when everything slips away to white nothingness, her thoughts, her memories, all of it forgotten for the briefest moment in time.

The climax came as she felt Drake dump his load inside of her Mari came, in turn, spiralling her body into a state of rapture, then like a storm passing above everything came to an end. Mari slowly rose to allow his freshly drained cock to fall.

Semen dripped from her pussy staining her bed sheet’s Mari collapsed too fatigued to even clean herself, Mari felt between her legs and raised her cum covered fingers above her face, What the hell am I doing. She thought Drake wasn’t the only person she’d been sleeping with she’d been sneaking off at night and paying a visit to many of Edelgards plentiful brothels.

She figured that killing Daphne would make her feel a little better but it didn’t change a damn thing, since their return from Silvahale Temple classes has been in full swing six days a week. There’s Offensive Arts and Alchemy in the morning than in the afternoon there’s physical combat training and finally...Tactics and History.”

“We should probably clean up class starts soon.” Drake sighed

“What’s up next, Combat training with Instructor Redgrave.”

“Oh fuck why just kill me and be done with it.”

“Yeah, he’s quite the taskmaster.”

No matter how she tried to distract herself Mari was unable to shake the feeling of overwhelming dread that followed her, the enemy was a noose tightening inch by inch around their neck and at this rate, they’d be hung before the year-end.

Mari covered herself and made her way to the girl's baths she can’t go to such a hands-on class with cum down her thighs. “Oh, shit almost forgot.” Mari stammered rushing to her cabinet and opening the second-lowest draw.

Rustling through papers and other odds and ends she found what she was looking at its gleam catching her eyes, pulling it and gently closing the drawer she gazed upon with a sense of longing. It was the amulet that Shi had entrusted her with and she would ensure that half of it reached Princess Setsuna if she had to die in the process.

“You sure love that thing don’t ya?” Drake groaned

“Yeah, it’s a precious gift.” Mari smiled.

“A memento huh, from who?”

“From somebody...very….important.” Mari’s words trailed into a whisper

“ I’ll tell my past someday before we go to war.”

“ I’m holding you to that, Ari.”


“I give nicknames to people I respect, Beatrice is Trix, Tyrian is Tyr and Yoshiki is Old Bastard.”

“Old Bastard huh? Dare you to say it to his face.” Mari grinned

“Nah chances are we’ll die soon enough I want to enjoy whatever time I have left.”

“Well I’m hitting the baths, don’t be lazy and clean yourself up.”

“ Sure thing, Mother.”

It seemed pointless but Mari really wanted to get to know the rest of Class IX she already had a bestie in Lili and Aeolus and Madoka were part of her friend circle now too, Drake and her became intimate as roomies but the truth be told she knew next to nothing about the others

Beatrice, Tyrian and Klaus she wanted to befriend them too but if nothing else she was happy knowing that she had reliable friends at her back, and with that Mari took a nice hot soak in the girl's baths before donning her school uniform and heading for another back-breaking combat tactics class.