Chapter 87: Hit it with everything you’ve got!
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Mari yawned as she and her classmates sheepishly followed Instructor Redgrave to an undisclosed location, Vali Redgrave despite being a Lackless had proven his strength. He’d taken on the students in unarmed combat multiple times and always emerged victorious regardless of the number advantage.

“Another night of debauchery huh?” Lilith poked.

“It’s not that debaucherous, we only went three rounds this time.”

“ You’re starting to build a reputation you know.”

“ Reputation for what?”

“As the academies resident whore.”

“The cats out of the bag, I am Mari the cunning linguist and Cock Sucking Queen.”

“Besides Lili, you can’t judge you’re getting awfully close to our cute little Beatrice.”

“Hmm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Lilith blushed

“Yeah sure, then why are your cheeks burning red?”

“Just shut up!” Lilith ran on ahead.

Before long Class IX had arrived at its destination floor fifty-two of Lisianthus the Thors Colosseum in the past it was used for the various classes to compete against others for the viewing pleasure of spectators now it stands as little more than an empty relic of a time long since passed.

“What brand of hell are we in for today instructor?” Drake said

“Sparring one on one, team fights? Endurance training?”

“None of the above I’m afraid that playtime is at an end, Drake.”

“What are you talking about instructor?” Madoka chimed in

“He means our enemy is breathing down our necks and we’re out of time, ain’t that right, Instructor?” Mari joined the conversation

“Very Astute Miss Anno, You’re quite right today begins the first of three trials.”

Instructor Redgrave snapped his fingers and nine platforms rose from the ground each of them adorned with different kinds of weapons upon them, a wave of visible confusion swept over Class IX as Instructor Redgrave walked to the centre of the room.

“Students of Class IX make your way over to the platform with your name above it, take your weapons and form a line to the left of me.”

“Yes sir!” Class IX shouted in unison.

Mari made her way over to her table to find a scythe waiting for her this was the result of the weapon tests two weeks prior no doubt, well this worked fine for her better than a flimsy blade or a heavy axe any day.

Yes, there was certain elegance and aesthetic to a scythe that put it in a league all its own as far as she was concerned. Mari made her way back to her bestie's side who was sneaking glances at Beatrice.

“What’d you get stuck with bestie?” Mari said slapping Lilith on the back.

“Oh, Riri it’s you, ah just this old thing.”

Lilith revealed a large butterfly sword it looked fresh forged and there wasn’t so much as scratch on it giving credence to Mari’s assumption that all these weapons were freshly crafted.

“I figured a Princess would having something daintier like a rapier.”

“Well, this is just what I’m comfortable with.” Lilith smiled twirling the blade.

“The Octavia School has three distinct styles, Great Sword, Butterfly and Dual Wielding.” “What made you choose Butterfly?”

“Butterfly relies on speed and swift strikes, I don’t have mothers strength, I can’t wield a great sword the way she does, much to her disappointment.”

“What weapon did you get Riri?”

Mari whirled the scythe clumsily almost dropping it in embarrassing fashion, that’s what she gets for trying to be a show-off she thought. “This beauty is my weapon, go on admire it.” Mari scoffed

“Oh, a scythe that’s so cool!” Madoka said joining the group.

“Hello Usa, Oh and Kitty too.” Lilith waved

“Salutations!” Madoka chirped

“It seems our team is together again.” Aeolus bowed.

“You guys got some snazzy gear,” Mari said

Madoka was brandishing a large bow while Aeolus was holding a matching set of short swords

an archer, two swordsmen and a scythe user their little band had quite a diverse arsenal.

“Everyone gather around the trials about to begin.”

Vali clapped his hands before leaping up to the stands overlooking the coliseum grounds, he made the jump looks effortless Mari started to wonder whether he was actually human or not. Class IX  came together and drew their weapons holding their breath while waiting for the trial to show itself.

“Look lively kiddos.” Instructor Vali laughed sitting in the stands.

The scurrying of many legs unnerved Mari causing goosebumps to run up down her arms, in all her years playing video games she was painfully familiar with that type of sound, that horrid scuttling.

“Behind us!” Aeolus shouted.

Overlooking the stands above them was a spider the size of an elephant, its presence known it wasted no time in starting an assault, thrashing its body it launched a sickly green coloured spray towards the students all of human dodged in the nick of time.

“Why spiders, anything but spiders.” Mari cried

“What the hell is that thing.” Drake trembled.

“ It’s a Gigantula, an alpha one at that, this is bad.” Beatrice sighed

“A Gigantula?” It can’t be those things went during the dark ages.”

“Well, one stubborn bastard survived, should we give it a medal.” Klaus declared

“Hell no!  let’s send it to greet its kin in bloody chunks,” Tyrian growled

“One last stipulation kiddos, there’s no magic in this trial, weapons only.”

“You gonna stop us, Instructor.” Tyrian challenged

“No, but the anti-magic field you’re all standing in sure will.”

“Ah shit well it makes the fight more interesting so I won’t complain.”

“Brace yourself everyone it’s coming.”

“This is the first time we’ve thought with all of us together” Drake announced

“Hey Drake you work extra hard and I’ll suck you off tonight, sound good.”

“Riri keep those dirty thoughts to yourself okay.” Lilith scolded

“You’re such a pervert Riri.” Madoka laughed

“Can you guys take this a little more seriously?” Beatrice scolded.

Weapons were drawn they faced the abominable beast that stood between them and their futures, for the first time they stood united as a single unit, despite the self-medicating and lingering darkness in her heart Mari had found something worth protecting.

“Let’s do this Class IX! Hit it with everything you’ve got.” Mari decreed.

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