Chapter 88: Desperate Measures
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Class IX scampered dodging the Gigantula’s acid spit and legs sharp as spikes Madoka launched a volley of arrows but they splintered against its back, I slashed at the beast's legs but to no avail, the blade rebounded as I narrowly evaded impalement.

“This is getting us nowhere,” Klaus said

“Yeah, it’s armoured from head to toe,” Aeolus added

“Not to mention it’s gross spit.”

“Even I’m at a loss here, hey girls you two got any ideas?”

“None that don’t involve magic, what about you Riri?”

The spider accelerated its assault giving them barely enough time to avoid the onslaught let alone strategize This is a trial and no trial is unwinnable that would defeat the point so there had to be if the spider is an impregnable fortress then the answer is…

“Yo everyone I have an Idea, I need you guys to back off and give me space.” Mari decreed.

“Give it your best shot, not like anything we’ve done has worked,” Tyrian answered.

This felt like suicide but it was better than floundering without a single ray of hope, at least this way there's a chance be it ever so slim. The other students of Class IX drew the spiders attention long enough for Mari to get imposition.

“Hey, bestie toss me your blade!”

“Alright but you better return it to me.”

Lili deftly tossed me her butterfly blade and I just managed to snag it now the spider's attention was focused solely on my beautiful form. The creature was even more repulsive up close with its eight glazed eyes that shined like black jewels and its silvery hairs.

I’d detested spiders since one fell on my face while I was sleeping when I was little boy, disgusting eight-legged bastards, killing it would give me the utmost joy but to do that I have risk dying, oh well not like I’ve got a choice.

“Hey Drake hold on to this,” I said hurling my scythe at his feet.

The creature's mouth stretched open to spit aside and that was my queue throwing caution to the wind I leapt headfirst into the spider's mouth slashing it spits away with Lili’s blade, the acid drops started to rot the blade so I needed to move quickly.

It was dark inside the spider's guts and as the smell of shit and acid lingered in my nostrils, the only way to conquer an impregnable fortress is from the inside a tactic as old as time itself. The famous Trojan Horse.

Now then where is it as I slid through its inside I soon found what was looking for, the earsplitting rhythmic thump gave it away, I’d found the heart of the Gigantula.

“You’re about to have some serious indigestion I hope you’re ready.”

I plunged Lil’s blade into the beating heart of the beast and pushed it ever deeper as black blood gushed from the open wounds, I could hear it squeal from within its stomach and summoning all my strength I cleaved its heart in two.

A rumbling like thunder filled my ears and before I could twitch a muscle a torrent of thick black liquid smashed against me sending me careening out through the mouth and into the furthest wall of the colosseum.

I think I might have cracked a rib or two my sternum was radiating pain in waves and I wanted to vomit from the stomach contents covering my entire body. The spider had crawled into a withered husk and slowly decayed into ash.

“Mari!” Everyone shouted as they rushed towards me.

My class bore looks of concern but also relief it made me happy to see that they cared, Lili, rushed to my side first tears welling in her eyes.

“Hey guys, what's up.”

“You reckless idiot.” Lili scolded

“Sorry about the sword, Lili.”

“ Forget about that, it doesn’t matter.”

“You’re a real badass, Anno.” Tyrian praised.

“Such a brazen stunt, you’re insane,” Klaus added

“Damn near gave me a heart attack.” Drake sighed

“Please refrain from doing anything like that in the future.”

“No promises, Beatrice.”

Their concern was appreciated but all I wanted right now was a nice warm bath to remove all this fluid from my body, I smelt like a dumpster, Instructor Redgrave made his way towards us his lips formed into a soft smile.

“You’re full of surprises aren’t you?”

“Like you can talk instructor, sealing our magic.”

“And then letting loose that foul beast,” Lilith said.

“How do you even have one of those?” Klaus queried.

“This academy has a myriad of things that shouldn’t exist.”

Instructor Redgrave offered me his hand and I readily accepted returning to my feet, his grip was firm like a vice, a Blademaster like him could feel that beast without breaking a sweat, it was then that I realized that for all our progress we were still just cubs in a world of lions.

“Okay you guys have a two-hour break then get back here for the second trial, it’s going to be a long day, but hey there’s no more spiders I can promise you that much.”

“Each of these trials is meant to impart a message to you and you’ll be quizzed at the end, so better start thinking.” The Instructor said taking his leave.

“Just kill me and be done with it.” I sighed.