Chapter 89: Kittens
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That bath was the most refreshing one she’d had since arriving In this world, luckily the academy gives you two pairs of the uniform or I’d have to walk around naked and while I wouldn’t particularly mind that I’m sure others would take issue with it.

After stretching I made my way back to the lift running into Lili and Beatrice on the way, they’re not even trying to hide their closeness anymore, Lili did mention that she was more inclined towards cute girls and Trix definitely fit the bill with her shortness, curly hair and the poise in which she carries herself.

We were the last to arrive and the rest of our class and Instructor Redgrave were waiting patiently for our return, Redgrave was hard to get a handle on he seemed dependable and affable on one hand and on the other a crazy bizarre mess of human beings.

There was no denying his strength in order to be an instructor here you’d have to meet certain criteria and Mari would want to pick a fight with him. Class IX gathered around our instructor with bated breath as he read out the second of today’s gruelling trials.

“Sorry for the wait Instructor.”

“Don’t worry about it, let’s begin the second trial.”

“Please no more monsters,” Madoka whined

“I can promise no more monsters for today, that said.”

An arm suddenly draped itself across my shoulder, I gasped in surprise standing next to was a short girl, with tanned skin and pale pink hair tied into twin tails, she was wearing a white and black dress that looked ripped straight from the Victorian era.

“The hell?” I said

“You’ve got quite the pair on you don’t ya.”

“What are you...”

“Just give me a little taste...” the girl licked her lips.

Without a trace of shame, the girl grouped me fondling my breasts as she walked straight out of an Eroge game, Naturally, I didn’t mind but she could’ve given me a warning at least.

“You realize you can be charged for that right?” Instructor Redgrave chided.

“Only if it’s unwanted attention, you don’t mind right?”

“I. I don’t mind b...but I it’s a little embarrassing front of e...everyone.”

“She really is an out and out pervert isn’t she?” Beatrice sighed

“Yeah let’s just pretend we don’t know her, alright?” Lilith said

“Works for me”

After prying the mysterious girl loose Instructor Redgrave told us to be silent as the girl became the centre of attention.

“Floors all yours, just hands of the students.”

“Keeping me from all those fair maidens is a crime against nature, you’re the one who should be arrested Vali.”

Instructor Redgrave’s mask was starting to slip as he scowled these two really were like oil and water, I found their quarrelling quite amusing if I'm being totally honest.

“Keep this up and I’m going to kill you, now introduce yourself.”

“Oh boo, you’re so rigid and stale, no wonder you're single.”

“But anyways, names and all that jazz, Names Frill, Frill Tartan, sup.”

“Blondie, Bunny, Big Boobs and...Little girl and as for the males.”

“Kitty, Giant Boy, Black Hair Boy, Hmm and Mediocre Boy.”

“Who the hell are you calling mediocre!” Drake barked

“Aw did I wound your precious male pride?”

“Waltzing in here and looking down on us, You want to go that bad huh?”

“He’s asking for it, you’ll allow it right, Vali”

“Just do whatever the hell you want, you’re going to anyway.”

This Frill girl was smaller in frame and height and looked to be younger than use but there was something chilling about her confidence, Drake was readying himself to fight Frill when Aeolus interjected.

“Hold up Drake let me join you, something doesn’t sit right with me.”

“What are you getting at, Aeolus?”

“Use your head Instructor said there would be three trials and this girl we’ve never seen before miraculous appears out of thin air?”

“I’m inclined to agree, she churns my stomach.” Lilith added.

The girl looked spoiling for a fight and the next words to trail from her cherry lips caught all of us by surprise.

“Come on I’ll take you all on!” The girl licked her lips

“All of us?” Drake scoffed

“I like a challenge so nine on one works for me.” Frill stretched.

“Come on then, let's dance kittens.”