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The Rank of a Warrior is determined by only one factor;

  • The amount of Qi Force that it can exert.

The Warriors are beings that Cultivate and Refine their bone structure, skin, tendons, muscles, meridians, acupuncture points, organs, viscera; In general, each and every one of the parts of their bodies, trying to break the possible limits at each step, due to this, their Base Force, which refers to the brute force that the body grants without any other factor, will increase exponentially to along of their way.

On the other hand, when a Warrior reaches a certain level of Base Force, he begins to form Qi, which, it could be say, is a type of energy generated from his body strength. Said Qi, is stored in the Dantian and can be combined with the Base Force to amplify the General Force of a Warrior, this combination is given the name of Force Qi.

Although movement techniques and body techniques can raise the level of General Strength of a Warrior, due to the shortage of these in high grades, as well as the lack of Ranked Warriors, only is taken into account the level of Qi Force in kilograms that a Warrior can exert to classify his Rank.




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