39: Making Connections
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The next day saw us trudging through the wilderness again, but Bassi and I were on high alert now. It was obvious that the goddess’s failing health was allowing the monsters of the dark god to grow more bold. Those rotcrawlers were apparently something that was only rarely sighted even in the wastes.

We had one altercation with a group of goblin looking things towards the end of it, but they lasted no more than a few minutes. We were an entire party of fae, after all. Watching Victoria find an outlet for her anger had been particularly fun. So much fire.

That night, we camped in the smashed remains of a castle. Bassi and I left the group again, but we didn’t go far this time. We had some new magic to figure out.

“This feels dangerous,” my lover murmured as we stood pressed together, forehead to forehead, breast to breast, hip to hip.

“What,” I asked, too overwhelmed by the feeling of her to muster up a cheeky smile. “The magic, or the way we’re standing?”

“Both,” she whispered, and pressed me back into the cold stone wall.

Her lips were soft and insistent on mine, and it was all I could do to keep myself upright. Warm love and electric lust coursed through my body. Bassi’s hands explored my body with urgent desire, while I nestled my fingers in her hair, teasing at the knots I found there.

“Oh, Mist,” she whispered, her lips shifting against mine as she spoke. “My beautiful, caring, incredible Mist. You’ve done so much for me, do you know that?”

Opening my mouth to speak, I shuddered when instead, her tongue dove inside to lap at the roof. The insides of my thighs spasmed with desire. God, the way she used her tongue, it was so fucking hot. She was so fucking hot, and she was all over me, inside my mouth, pressed against me, hands exploring. It was an assault on my senses that I welcomed with open arms.

Her leg found a home between my thighs, pressing in against me to elicit a moan of pure want from me. My legs moved of their own accord, wrapping up and around her, causing most of my weight to fall squarely on that contact between us.

Hands shifting to hold my legs up, she used this new position to move me back and forth. The friction was instantly converted into wet warmth. It drove me crazy, I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything other than let her take me. My mind was fast going blank, my absolute trust in my lover fuelling the complete abandon with which I submitted to her.

This was all part of the plan, too. I’d had an idea. How do you put yourself completely in sync with someone like Bassi? Well, you fuck her, of course. You let her take control of your body and mind, so that she could bring you to an earth shattering climax. Then, in the aftermath, when you’re one with her, staring into her eyes, you tell her what you want, and she’ll have to do it.

Not many vanilla people realise that, about the power exchange between a submissive and a dom. They think, oh, the dom has all the power. It’s wrong, they don’t. The sub is the one that sets the rules, what can happen, what they’re comfortable with, and what gets them off. It’s their imagination that you’re both playing in, they’re the ones that set the rules that the dom has to abide by. They are the game, and the dom is the player. That isn’t to say that the dom isn’t in control, though. They are absolutely in control, but that control is constructed of the rules the sub sets.

As I came, each shudder that passed through me caused more pleasure to lance up my spine, and with that pleasure as a conduit, I funneled my power to Bassi. I could see it collect with her, my magic greeting hers in the same way that her lips had pressed to mine.

They mixed for a moment, before she took control of it, and we both saw how it changed. Shadow and wind, mystery and speed, secrets and grace. Two concepts collided and turned into… time.

It was amazing to see her take that power and hold it in her mind, waiting for me to help her give it meaning.

“The same as before,” I gasped, still struggling with the aftershocks of my orgasm.

A bubble of time extended out around us while Bassi carefully allowed me to touch the ground once more. Her beautiful smile swam in front of my eyes, adoring and warm. “Mist, how can you… how can you trust me so deeply?”

“Because I can,” I told her with a breathless giggle. “That’s not important right now, though. What’s important is that I was right.”

“I’m still not certain we needed to fuck to achieve this,” she chuckled, kissing the tip of my nose.

This time, the cheeky grin came effortlessly. “Oh, I know. I just wanted to come.”

“Brat,” she accused, in a soft, loving whisper.

“We did it, though,” I said, looking around us.

A dead leaf hung in mid air beside us, paused in its windborne journey. Dust caught the light as it sat stationary. It was amazing, and so very powerful. Together, somehow, Basilisk and I could control time.

“How is this possible?” Bassi asked, more to herself than to me.

“I don’t know,” I said, caressing her cheek with my thumb. “We can ask around at the wind court when we get there, though. I’m sure someone will know.”

“I doubt they’ll be interested in helping,” she snorted bitterly.

I sighed, but kissed her to know I was upset with them, not her. “We’ll figure it out, and practice together while we’re at it. Based on the past things that went funny with time, I reckon we can move faster too. Like, skipping through time or something. That’s what we should focus on now, actually, getting control over these powers.”

That seemed to spark in her mind, and her lips twitched into a little smile of excitement. “Yes, that’s… yes, we should definitely learn to control it. This power is dangerous, after all, but we want that danger to be pointed at our enemies.”

“Exactly,” I smiled, kissing her again with the same amount of tender love that I held in my heart. “More importantly, though… it will make you feel better. My beautiful, deadly snake doesn’t like it when she isn’t in control.”

Her cheeks heated with a bashful glow, and she glanced away, staring at a lichen covered stone wall. “Shush, little Mist.”

“Make me,” I grinned, knowing exactly what kind of reaction I was going to get out of her. I wasn’t disappointed.



The next day as we were walking, Bassi was off scouting ahead with her incredible speed while I was with the group. As much as I wished I could have gone with her, one of us needed to make sure this lot didn’t end up in the belly of some eldritch monstrosity.

Beth was walking with me, since we’d sort of struck up a little friendship. All the guys didn’t really know what to do with me, what with me still being a boy in their memory.

“So, uh… Mist. You and Bassi are very, you know, together, right?” she asked awkwardly, her gaze bouncing around the landscape like my girlfriend when she’d heard something strange.

I gave her a funny look. “What kind of question is that?”

She laughed and cringed simultaneously, then coughed and tried again. “Well, you used to be, you know. Not this,” she said, motioning to my body. “I guess… ah, nevermind.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” I told her encouragingly.

Pushing a stray lock of brown hair out of her eyes, she hesitantly asked, “What’s it like? Compared to before? I mean, we kinda heard you and Bassi last night…”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. “I never used my previous equipment with someone else, so I wouldn’t know. The… uh, the orgasm is different. It’s sort of a whole body ordeal, rather than something that’s more focused. I personally love it way more than how everything worked previously, but that might just be because I have a girlfriend with a tongue that’s a foot long.”

Beside me, Beth chortled in delighted surprise, while ahead of us, Victoria coughed, stumbled, and tripped over her own feet. I was there in an instant, keeping her from face planting with an arm around her waist.

“Careful with that eavesdropping there Vic, you might hurt yourself,” I chuckled, making sure she’d recovered. Her face was a very pretty shade of red, I had to say.

“A foot long?” she squeaked, her usual frosty demeanour gone from her expression.

I gave her a slow nod. “Yup, the other day when she kissed me in front of everyone? She shoved that thing so far down my throat I could feel it tickle my lungs.”

The strangled noise she made was worth any potential embarrassment my words could have put me through.

Letting her go, I moved back into step with Beth and winked. “It’s pretty fucking great, to be honest. She’s a good dom, too. I love her a lot.”

“Wow,” Beth laughed, her cheeks also dusted with pink. “That sounds so fun. I’m jealous.”

“Yup,” I sighed, happy and wistful. My Bassi was so wonderful.

 Kory frowned when he spoke up. “You love her?”

“I do,” I nodded sincerely.

That seemed to upset him for some reason, although he hid it well. On a hunch, I stretched my arms up far above my head. Given how tight my outfit was, the action did some pretty wonderful things to my small breasts. Sure enough, his eyes tracked them as they gently stretched with the movement.

“I’m very glad I’m a lesbian, to be honest,” I said, turning back to Beth, even if I was secretly saying it to Kory. “Or, well, I sort of am. Does it count if I’m only like, half girl?”

“Absolutely,” Beth said quickly. “Non-binary lesbians are super valid. What do you mean by the whole, you’re glad you’re a lesbian, though?”

Non-binary, huh? I’d have to ask her about that later. That sounded exactly like the definition I’d been looking for.

“Because I freakin’ love it?” I giggled, biting my lip as I remembered the last time Bassi had used her tongue on me. “Plus, Bassi actually makes sure I come,” I added, winking at Victoria. “I imagine it’s rather hard to find a guy who remembers to please his partner along with himself.”

“Damn right it is,” the ice queen muttered darkly.

Beth, on the other hand, made a so-so gesture. “Generally true, or so I’ve heard. My personal track record with guys has been pretty great, though. Never tried with a girl, but I know that my friend is sometimes bitching about dates with girls who are just as out for themselves as any stereotypical ‘alpha’ male.”

“Honestly, considering how much you know about, like… gay culture and stuff, I figured you were gay,” I said to Beth, raising an eyebrow.

Biting her lip, my new friend stared down at the dusty road and shrugged. “A lot of my friends are— were gay or trans. I’m straight, though.”

I frowned, not at all convinced, but I let it slide for now. Instead, I turned to Victoria. “Given your uh… attitude towards guys, I’m also surprised you’re not gay.”

“Only someone attracted to men could hate them as much as I do sometimes,” she sighed, her words devoid of any real bite or animosity.

“I’m a guy, though?” Kory mumbled, looking a little like a kicked puppy now. He was switching between looking at me and looking at Victoria. Pretty sure my hunch had been correct. The poor dude had been cultivating a little crush on me.

“You’re a good one, though,” Victoria told him, her expression becoming warm and welcoming. “When me and any other women are bitching about men, we’re talking about the broader culture of men. Do you get what I mean? Toxic masculinity and all that crap.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said quietly. “I’ve never been able to understand that stuff. I like being a guy, but all the posturing and shit is so exhausting.”

“Amen,” I sighed, thinking back on my life with bitter frustration.

“Well, with the four of us here at least, we don’t have to engage in that crap,” Beth smiled, putting an arm around my shoulder. “To new friends, yeah?”

“New friends,” we all agreed. This trip was turning out much better than I’d expected. Hopefully I could have a similar chat with Leon, whenever he got over his awkwardness with me. Soon, fingers crossed.


Just throwing this chapter out there cos like weeeeeeee. Hope you enjoy it!