Chapter 1: Survive
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I’m pushed back by the impact; I barely have the chance to squeeze my own trigger in a futile attempt at retaliation before slamming onto the floor as my grip on consciousness is pulled out along with the bullet drilling through my head. I feel myself lose consciousness but instantly awaken at the same time, oxygen forcing its way through my nostrils and filling my empty lungs, it hurt and I screamed, shooting up.

I quickly took note of the frightened men standing above me, they wore charred clothes and only one of the two had boots not completely destroyed. They look to one another and then to me. I begin to stand up, trying to call out for their help.

“Help…” the word comes out coarse and groggy, and the loss of air made my lungs render punishment, I winced, holding up my hand to them.

The men flinch back, one damn well near running. I looked about myself, finding nothing baring any familiarity aside from the wet walls that surrounded me. My hand felt heavy, I took a look at it and finally take note of the rather large brown, bound book in my hand.

I look to the men again, offering them a different hand to take and help assuage my pain however they could. But the men simply bolted, they’d been arguing with each other over not killing me properly and I realize I’ve been a victim of a murder, but yet still alive.

Seeing their fleeing figures, I chased after them, not wanting to stay in the surroundings any more than they did, there was a skeleton on the floor next to where I been awakened.

“Help…!” I call out, louder and clearer this time.

The men seem to start running even faster, “Hurry up, he’s about to chant us to smithereens! I told you we shouldn’t have taken this job!”

“Ah, give it a rest, we’re getting a lot more money with the rest of the crew dead anyway, he did us a favour!”

The words they uttered felt…foreign and new, in fact, they were. The two were speaking in an entirely different language than my traditional English, and yet I understood every word.

I chase after them, continuously calling out for help, although in hindsight it didn’t seem like the wisest thing to do. I chased at them until we I could see bright light pierce through the veil of darkness, I felt a smile creep unto my face until the one with boots tossed something at the top of the entrance, which then promptly exploded, tossing me back, leaving me in the dark and closing the only exit I knew of.

Feeling ready to run now I ran toward the pile of rock, intent on kicking in an opening only to fail miserably and hurt my ankle. I fall onto the floor, fatigued all of a sudden. There’s a ringing at the back of my head but I ignore it and fall yet again into unconsciousness.

When I came to, nothing had changed around me, with the exception of a serious neck ache and a growling stomach of course. I get unto my feet, my hands still pushing against the blocked exit, pointlessly trying to push a way free.

Finally, I looked down at myself. My body felt like it was itching everywhere, I take a close look at my fingers; they are longer, slimmer than ever before and I even had long, seemingly sharpened red painted nails. This was unusual for me, my fingers have always been short and fat-like, and I was never brave enough to paint my nails. I continue to explore my body, noticing now that I stood taller, way taller than my usual five feet, and underneath the grey robe and cloak I wore, I had one only underpants and not the modern kind. Was I cosplaying again?

My stomach growls and I remember why I’m up again. I was starving. I pick up my only possession and begin walking back the way I came. I flipped through the contents of the book, I spoke of spells, fires, summoning patron gods and more fire. I must have been cosplaying.

I walk all the way to where I woke up, with the entrance shut off, there wasn’t much light to go by, although there are bits and pieces of these glowing objects on the floor. Thanks to these I got to see that there were at least two skeletons on the damp mossy floor.

I feel my heart beat a lot faster now, but I don’t panic, these skeletons; with hair on their skulls and swords and arrows by them could easily be all part of the cosplay. Although, that left me no explanation for why my body wasn’t my body.

My ears perk up and the hair on my neck stands erect at the sudden roaring from deep within the cave, several chittering follows the loud roar, I see insects and rodents zoom past me and I wonder whether I should be running along with them.

“No, It’s just sound effects. This isn’t a cave, it’s a building shaped like a cave. These aren’t actual skeletons, they’re for immersion purposes. This is my body; I probably just suffer from dissociative personality disorder.”

Granting myself the best of explanations to my situation, I pick up the sword next to the skeleton props and walk forward, chances are the only way out was in.

I cautiously placed one foot in front of the other as I venture deep into the cave, regardless of whatever this was, my body told me to be afraid. Eventually, I left the long narrow path that led back to the entrance and entered a large, structured opening with many routes to take.

The base of this new part of the cave had elevations that easily worked as stairs to the top-where I stood- and to the base, where the largest bear I’d seen was feasting on the carcass of something green and alive…well, perhaps not after that crunch.

I stood there, mystified by the sight, I let out a gasp and shift backwards, an action I soon regret. The giant halts its feast, sniffing the air above it and setting its sights on me. It lets out a powerful roar that reverberates through me, regardless of whatever I think this place is it’s hard to ignore the screaming instinct to turn tail and run.

And so, I did.

I ran back through the path not bothering to look back to see the beast chasing after me as its rapid stomping shook the very ground beneath my feet. For some unfortunate reason, it’s terribly difficult running away from a giant hungry bear in long robes, before I knew it I’d tripped and fallen hard onto the mossy ground.

There’s a bleeping sound and for a moment I think I have my phone again.

You suffered a shallow cut. HP -2

HP? What the hell?

The bear roared again, I turn over my back and face the bear, a wave of relief washes over me as the beast was too large to make it any further through the path. I get off the floor and dust myself off, I’d scrapped my knee in the fall but the blue ethereal box didn’t say that.

I tried tapping on the box only for my hand to pass straight through it. However, it did open up a new, much larger box filled with details about…myself?

Character Information


Job Information


Asher Taserman (Formerly Pluzur the Eternal Flame)



























138 years









Lesser God of Burning (Severed)


























Skill List







Fire Bolt



Fire Ball



Hell Fire Wall



Hell Fire



Hell Fire Rain



Unable to focus on the overwhelming news that I was hitchhiking in a foreign body that was not only resurrected by my soul being falling into it but was apparently a century old. I left the scratching and roaring sights of the bear in the background for a more serene place. Next to the dead. Yes, after almost being mauled by a bear and discovering my ‘stats’ I’d likened myself to the truth that these skeletons were not props after all.

I took a closer look at the screen detailing my abilities. Luckily, I was familiar with the mechanisms of a game world, and if this was truly the type of world I was stuck in and not some fucked up reality TV show, then my next action should have an effect.

“Flames!” I proclaim, my hands outstretched and my eyes closed. Feeling no heat however, I open up my eyes to a new notification.

Action Unavailable.

Please re-select all job classes after ressurection.

Right, I haven’t set my class. How do I do that?

As though reading my thoughts, the box is replaced by an in-dept detailing of my ‘old’ class; Warlock-Pyromancy and the potential new classes I could now choose from.

Ugh, I hate reading.