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Guinea pig

The house was empty, my parents went out to work, they were always gone for several days, how there's nobody in home, i spent hours enjoying this freedom. Of course, I never had the courage to get close to a real girl, so I just have that, or so I thought ...


PLIN! in front of me there is a text floating in the air:

would be interested in being my guinea pig. 

Don't worry, it's not dangerous and by my research you will love it.

signed: god

Accept /Decline


Everything was badly explained, I think I'm still dreaming, but I think ... eh, it seems a little bit exciting, accepted.


Nothing happens for a few hours, I even forget about it, so I close the curtain in the living room, sit on the couch and put some things on to watch on TV, of course with a bluetooth headset, I don't need neighbors listening to anything. 

While I was "playing" suddenly, a beautiful girl with silver hair and maid clothes appears, coming from under the table, takes my exposed dick, without giving me time or chance for resistance and gives me a blowjob, so intense and good, that i…

-    Cuming!! 

I feel excited and I want to go on top of it, that must be it, about what happened just now, I will not waste it ... just 2 minutes pass and I am dry.

-    Master, you are very impulsive, but it was good to collect a little of milk - she says as she licks the ridiculous amount of semen I ejaculated.

-    So, what's going on? - I go back to reality and questioned.

-    Now that you ask. OK, I will explain to you, I am your tutor, I will implant the new invention of god in you, but first you have to get knowledge about how to have sex.

-    Wi-will you teach me? - I ask excitedly, after all these 2 minutes were the best experience of my life.

-    No - I get depressed with the answer - sigh! I can have sex with you once more when you recover.

-    Oh really! - today is the best day of my life.

-    Yes, but before... - she kisses me. - You know, I am the personal bitch of God, the one who brings together the greatest sexual experience of all, he sent me here to transfer some of that knowledge… Okay, don't worry, it will immediately appear in your mind when need. Now about the equipment I'm going to install …

She spends hours explaining and installing the equipment to me, but in summary it shows me information about the people, the main 11 parameters are:

  1. Level of lust;
  2. Humor;
  3. Age;
  4. Body measures;
  5. Your body without clothes;
  6. Sexual weaknesses;
  7. Secrets;
  8. Love towards me;
  9. Wealth / luck;
  10. Current wish.
  11. The last one is special
  12. Submission level;


According to the maid, when someone's level of love for me or lust reaches 100, I can submit a person to me, so when I do it, the level of submission will become = 1, whenever I give orders that she hates that number can goes down, if it reaches 0, the person will never speak to me again and as it goes up more, I can ordanete more.

Then I had my sex with the maid, in fact my dick went inside her, left and left everything I had, I was barely able to enjoy it.

-    Shit! I'm precocious by chance- I scream to myself.

-    Don't lose confidence, and naturally you can't stand me, I can have a crowded football stadium alone, just go and get girls. - She consoles me in her own way.

-    Can I have sex with you again someday? - Timidly asked.

-    Who knows ... Don't make that sad face , here I will leave you a present

She takes off her panties and gives it to me, when I unwrap it I find a picture of her naked and a metal ball, there was also a paper with instructions, where it was written: swallow it when you want to conquer a girl right away, it has only one use, so be careful .